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10. I'd like to see generous public works, education, welfare and retirement programs...
Wed Feb 27, 2013, 09:45 PM
Feb 2013

... compete directly with crappy jobs.

Create good government jobs, pay people to go to college or trade schools in fields where there are worker shortages, pay parents to stay at home with small children, make it easy to obtain welfare benefits for any kind of disability or involuntary unemployment, encourage early retirement with generous pensions, and fund it all by reducing military spending and imposing increasingly progressive taxes on anyone who makes more than eight times the minimum wage, or who is eight times wealthier than the average citizen.

Throw in a single payer health plan too.

The effect would be anyone could quit a crappy job without fear of dire consequences like homelessness, hunger, or untreated medical problems. Maybe an underpaid overworked and abused factory farm worker decides to go back to school, retire, or find a better job if the working conditions and pay don't improve.

Taxes for people making minimum wage to eight times the minimum wage would be a flat rate on everything they earn above the minimum wage. In other words, people making the minimum wage would pay nothing, and maybe people who make up to eight times that would pay, let's say, 30%. In smaller businesses, where the bosses and owners are making no more than eight times the minimum wage everyone is feeling like they get a fair shake. Maybe the boss lives in a larger house, and the lowest paid worker an apartment, but it's the same neighborhood. If bosses and owners start to pay themselves more than eight times the minimum wage, or begin to accumulate vast wealth, then they start to see some very progressive taxes, 40, 60, even 80% or more. The explicit purpose of this taxation would be to keep political power and wealth well distributed within the general population. In effect, everyone would own a piece of the national economy large enough to support them in some comfort, without any fear of homelessness, hunger, or lack of appropriate medical care no matter where life's adventures take them.

Set the minimum wage [View all] PETRUS Feb 2013 OP
At LEAST $12/hr. Preferably $15/hr. JaneyVee Feb 2013 #1
I'd also like to set a maximum wage Cal Carpenter Feb 2013 #2
Careful what you ask for nadinbrzezinski Feb 2013 #3
That could still be an astoundingly high wage. OceanEcosystem Feb 2013 #5
Had to vote 15-20 sarisataka Feb 2013 #4
$25 or so, phased in over 2 years Recursion Feb 2013 #6
Kicking, please vote! (nt) PETRUS Feb 2013 #7
Why not raise it to $100 per hour? progressiveinaction Feb 2013 #8
Because that's more than needed for lots of us Ter Feb 2013 #9
I'd like to see generous public works, education, welfare and retirement programs... hunter Feb 2013 #10
Anyone else? (nt) PETRUS Feb 2013 #11
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