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woo me with science

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5. We are getting an extreme corporatist agenda.
Mon Feb 25, 2013, 12:17 PM
Feb 2013

Put as much lipstick on it as you like. The argument that it is less horrible than what Republicans would do is getting very, very old.

Indefinite detention, "kill lists" and drone wars, pre-emptive war as administration doctrine, spy centers for mining or surveillance of all phone calls and email without a warrant, invasive, internet-censoring and "cybersecurity" measures like ACTA and CISPA, military drones in American skies, coordinated violent crackdowns against peaceful protesters, bailouts and settlements for corrupt banks, new pipelines and drilling and selling off the Gulf of Mexico, corporatization of our schools, escalation of the war on marijuana while bankers walk free, growth of prisons-for-profit, installation of corporate agriculture into our FDA, making permanent tax breaks for millionaires, and austerity budgets in an economy that has already impoverished its middle class.....These are not moderate or centrist positions. Not by a long shot.

These are extreme corporatist, neocon, and police state policies, not "centrist" or moderate at all. And they are coming from corporatists in both parties.

The list of new appointees from our Democratic President is a Who's Who of corporatists and neocons. From a defender of corrupt banks at SEC; to a supporter of "Kill Lists," torture, and telecom immunity at the CIA; to a Monsanto VP at the FDA...We are moving into very dark times in a wholly bipartisan fashion.

And now we are looking forward to an unprecedented, life-altering assault on our fundamental safety nets. Have you seen this new incarnation of the BIPARTISAN Simpson-Bowles? Because this is about as ugly as it gets (link to article in post):


People need to get their damned heads out of the sand and quit denying what has happened to our government, in both parties. We have a SYSTEMIC problem of corporate money driving policy. And it's not going to change until we acknowledge that and decide to force it to change.

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