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9. Ever seen Scanners?
Tue Feb 12, 2013, 02:20 PM
Feb 2013

The part where the guy's head explodes? The GOP wouldn't be able to reconcile the policy of disagreeing with the president with getting exactly what they want.

Number 3. HappyMe Feb 2013 #1
You can never go wrong with monkey pancakes. Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2013 #2
Oh baby oh! SoapBox Feb 2013 #15
Monkey Pancakes...Yes!! hibbing Feb 2013 #16
Monkey pancakes need to banned ProudToBeBlueInRhody Feb 2013 #18
Really Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2013 #30
I have the old Beatles song with toe jam football in the lyrics running through my head now libtodeath Feb 2013 #3
toe jam football AlbertCat Feb 2013 #8
It was hard to choose between 2 and 3 so I just went with the underdog. n/t A Simple Game Feb 2013 #4
Will the accent tip off the Hispanic communities? Yes! DhhD Feb 2013 #5
Too late AlbertCat Feb 2013 #6
What if Obama gave a speech that includes moving forward w/ everything the GOP wants? What would.... Motley Michelle Feb 2013 #7
Ever seen Scanners? Thav Feb 2013 #9
But I'd so love to mess with their heads. Hopefully they would implode. Motley Michelle Feb 2013 #11
You rang? tclambert Feb 2013 #21
OMG! I have never seen that! Motley Michelle Feb 2013 #29
In terms of fall-down funny ProSense Feb 2013 #10
The teabaggers are now a legitimate party? The republicans are not a majority in Congress!!! liberal N proud Feb 2013 #12
I would switch gears and highlight the Nugent stupidity. Otherwise, I choose #3. eom ChisolmTrailDem Feb 2013 #13
How many dialects ... bayareaboy Feb 2013 #14
You guys are so creative! Thanks... n/t Agschmid Feb 2013 #17
We must not allow a monkey pancake gap! tclambert Feb 2013 #20
I need the reicpe timdog44 Feb 2013 #22
I gave this my all Mira Feb 2013 #23
I had to go with Number 2. Rubio is smart enough to say DevonRex Feb 2013 #24
Just wondering...where did that "monkey pancakes" meme originate? Jamaal510 Feb 2013 #25
I'd watch Rand Paul, only to see if that creature living on his head moves Siwsan Feb 2013 #26
For you and Elad... DevonRex Feb 2013 #27
And Randy will give his response in TeaBagese. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2013 #28
"Monkey pancakes" is beautiful word jazz. I genuinely laugh out loud. :) Fire Walk With Me Feb 2013 #31
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