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14. to a large extent, the public is NOT demanding change
Wed Jan 30, 2013, 02:00 PM
Jan 2013

"the public recognizes the problem (of climate change) and is demanding change, but all that impetus for change has been quelled once the issue of climate change hits DC."

that is only true of a minority of the public.

The majority of the voting public is only demanding - painless answers. Any politician who asks American voters to SACRIFICE because of climate change is gonna be voted out of office and end up sitting at home writing screeds on the internets. At least in about 430 of 435 congressional districts and 96 out of 100 Senate seats.

I have doubts whether a majority of the country is demanding something on gun control.

The other part is apparently the stupidity of the voters. I don't mean that they get duped by the M$M, or the RWNM or the other RWNM (of the DLC) - which is another huge issue. But shortly after the 2000 election there was a poll saying that 60% of the country opposed the Bush tax cuts. Well, if you really oppose the Bush tax cuts, the only way to stop them is for that 60% to vote AGAINST Bush and AGAINST the Republican Congressional candidates. And some of the voters apparently could not figure that out.

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