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no Skittles Jan 2013 #1
Barry only if you are a childhood friend. Barack only if you are close friend or family. Obummer... Tom Ripley Jan 2013 #2
Years ago he asked his family not to call him Barry onenote Jan 2013 #22
If you have a PERSONAL relationship (ex: childhood friend) and are having IdaBriggs Jan 2013 #3
What does his sister call him? mykpart Jan 2013 #4
Referring to the president as "Barry" is usually a sign of disrespect. Behind the Aegis Jan 2013 #5
EDITED: Exactly. It OFTEN IS a dog whistle. Heidi Jan 2013 #11
There is no greater supporter of the President than I am, among my peers louis c Jan 2013 #13
I appreciate your support for unions, your ward, and our president. However, Heidi Jan 2013 #14
Thanks louis c Jan 2013 #17
And yet there was a poster today who supported the president and got railed for saying Barry Bucky Jan 2013 #20
WELL said. narnian60 Jan 2013 #27
2nd that. IADEMO2004 Jan 2013 #37
I wasn't one of the DUers who harassed that member. Heidi Jan 2013 #38
I did just that and he doesn't. UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2013 #39
I searched, too. He's a big Feingold fan. Heidi Jan 2013 #45
I can attest to that Mdterp01 Jan 2013 #54
it's ok to disrespect the president Enrique Jan 2013 #28
And it's okay to voice dislike for disrespect of the president Lisa D Jan 2013 #47
And it's okay to dissent from voicing dislike for disrespect of the president Bucky Jan 2013 #60
I know! Lisa D Jan 2013 #72
No one said it wasn't. Behind the Aegis Jan 2013 #64
I just met an old friend and Obama admirer in Hawai'i who called him "Barry" KamaAina Jan 2013 #62
Which is why I used the qualifier "usually." Behind the Aegis Jan 2013 #63
Exactly. No different than "George" or "Shrub" Xithras Jan 2013 #67
anyone who won't call him by the name he's been given and asked people to call him is being an ass CreekDog Jan 2013 #6
Barry is too familiar for most people... AngryOldDem Jan 2013 #7
whenever anyone calls him that, it is usually condescending smear(like when Maureen Dowd does it) graham4anything Jan 2013 #8
How DARE you call him Jimmy. His name is James. Bucky Jan 2013 #23
President Carter called himself Jimmy when inaugurated. graham4anything Jan 2013 #32
President Obama is customary, or even better, quinnox Jan 2013 #9
Oh for pete's sake, he is a president, not a king or emperor. MadHound Jan 2013 #10
Barack is fine. Barry is not his "self admitted" nickname onenote Jan 2013 #24
Do we use the same name all the time, or only while we're diverting our eyes? OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #12
No. And An Additional "Fuck You" To Maureen Dowd For Recently Doing So. (nt) Paladin Jan 2013 #15
Wow, this is bizarre. Sheldon Cooper Jan 2013 #16
No, no "only" used by wing nuts. Bucky Jan 2013 #25
Gotta disagree, Bucky. Sheldon Cooper Jan 2013 #50
Is it OK to refer to Secretary Clinton as HIllary? ananda Jan 2013 #18
Some politicians invite familiarity. Barack is such a formal sounding name. I get the impulse. Bucky Jan 2013 #19
I usually call a president by their last name when speaking. When writing, I use President a lot. nt Comrade_McKenzie Jan 2013 #21
I've only referred to a President by his last name since Nixon, Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #26
yes, and here are some other things that are OK Enrique Jan 2013 #29
Barry is not a King or Emperor or High Holy Man, people...I can call him Barry alcibiades_mystery Jan 2013 #30
in a country with a first amendment that ensures free speech. datasuspect Jan 2013 #31
"Barry" is okay only if the pizza guy is at the door and you need change for a tip. zonkers Jan 2013 #33
"Barry" is the name the wingnuts used in a mocking and derisive manner. MADem Jan 2013 #34
Barry is not a dog-whistle Enrique Jan 2013 #43
Yeah, it is. It's all part of the "He's not American" meme. MADem Jan 2013 #46
Get Real. It Most Certainly IS A Dog Whistle, And An Obvious One, At That. (nt) Paladin Jan 2013 #57
Maybe if... 99Forever Jan 2013 #35
Well it's the internet...rules and etiquette be damned! cherish44 Jan 2013 #36
If you greet him in person, you say "Mr. President" or "Mr. Obama" DinahMoeHum Jan 2013 #40
meh, I bet that is not the case quinnox Jan 2013 #41
Not to his face Orangepeel Jan 2013 #42
also, it's ok to call Bill Clinton "Klintoon" Enrique Jan 2013 #44
The right to call the president names Generic Other Jan 2013 #48
yup quinnox Jan 2013 #49
We all call the President by his last name. Think Bush, Raygun, Clinton are commonly used. Auntie Bush Jan 2013 #51
"Congress shall make no law..abridging the freedom of speech.." Even when it concerns politicians. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2013 #52
No one is restricting anyone's free speech. UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2013 #55
Disrespect? In what sense? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2013 #61
No, but we can call him by his wrestling alter ego. Arkana Jan 2013 #53
I wish that was my name!!!!! Iggo Jan 2013 #59
I will call my president what I want to call him bigwillq Jan 2013 #56
It depends on what you mean by "OK" -- but "barry" is almost always used derisively/dismissively fishwax Jan 2013 #58
On second reference, the NYTimes calls him "Mr. Obama." Sounds okay to me. n/t pnwmom Jan 2013 #65
His friends that grew up with him and called him Barry Rex Jan 2013 #66
Why don't you ask him yourself. Fearless Jan 2013 #68
Hmm...I think Barack is fine, but "Obama" just sounds more natural because that's how he's known NYC Liberal Jan 2013 #69
Barry is commonly used as a pejorative when referring to the president. Lone_Star_Dem Jan 2013 #70
IMHO - Barack Obama, President Obama or Mr. Obama. TeamPooka Jan 2013 #71
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