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10. When they are part of your immediate family, it is so much harder.
Fri Jan 18, 2013, 03:55 PM
Jan 2013

I agree with all you say, but how do you defriend, say--your MOM! I am in constant turmoil dreading she will bring "it" up. We have made an agreement not to talk politics, but she manages to subtly start up & it's making me nuts.

I have a hard time with that. I view your politics as who you are. Flashmann Jan 2013 #1
........... Angry Dragon Jan 2013 #2
You don't have to justify it. tblue Jan 2013 #3
Love that, tblue. narnian60 Jan 2013 #11
In today's world Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #4
Defriending doesn't mean just FB. MessiahRp Jan 2013 #6
Well said Flashmann Jan 2013 #7
LOL Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #15
Good name.... daleanime Jan 2013 #34
Most opinions on politics become static very quickly. MessiahRp Jan 2013 #39
Good answer, Messiah. - eom fleur-de-lisa Jan 2013 #23
Lurker, being a Republican these days entails so much more than a mere "difference of opinion" catbyte Jan 2013 #29
Wow Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #32
My mother was like your parents. PADemD Jan 2013 #36
Great Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #46
What? PADemD Jan 2013 #47
So ... Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #49
Whole lot of Republican defending coming from a low post count user MessiahRp Jan 2013 #53
Post removed Post removed Jan 2013 #56
James Carville stabbed John Kerry in the back on Election Night in 2004 MessiahRp Jan 2013 #38
You can sugarcoat Republican ideology all you want Lurker. catbyte Jan 2013 #54
Let's get this list straight Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #58
You don't need to act evil to support it. catbyte Jan 2013 #59
Rant on! truebluegreen Jan 2013 #5
I always thought it was 'unfriending'... Blanks Jan 2013 #8
I've found the opposite. MessiahRp Jan 2013 #37
I found less people liking the persons comments. Blanks Jan 2013 #44
Total Agreement With Your List kairos12 Jan 2013 #9
When they are part of your immediate family, it is so much harder. narnian60 Jan 2013 #10
I have the family dilemma also Gin Jan 2013 #14
Put them on your Restricted List. backscatter712 Jan 2013 #18
I know what you mean - LibertyLover Jan 2013 #20
Used to be that it was possible to remain "friends" with political opponents. People b4 profits Jan 2013 #12
Who do you people know? Lurker Deluxe Jan 2013 #21
I will be saving this post Rider3 Jan 2013 #13
Same here. Ditched them. rightsideout Jan 2013 #16
I'm with you - I'm allergic to assholes! backscatter712 Jan 2013 #17
Same here Vietnameravet Jan 2013 #19
A righteous rant, indeed. 99Forever Jan 2013 #22
I have not time for right-wing nuts myself!! Pakid Jan 2013 #24
Great post and so true K&R kimbutgar Jan 2013 #25
I bet you feel a whole like better about it. The stress is less. southernyankeebelle Jan 2013 #26
It's true I do feel better. MessiahRp Jan 2013 #41
All kidding aside they are nothing but nuts and fruits. Its time to throw them out because they are southernyankeebelle Jan 2013 #43
Very well said, rec'd. just1voice Jan 2013 #27
I didn't defriend right wingers, JoeyT Jan 2013 #28
Well, you better do that. Great Caesars Ghost Jan 2013 #42
A big change has happened since I was young and went to college.... mrsadm Jan 2013 #30
thank you maindawg Jan 2013 #31
I unfriended two on Facebook recently Faygo Kid Jan 2013 #33
spot on roosterpack Jan 2013 #35
+10000000000000000000000000000012 Great Caesars Ghost Jan 2013 #40
I completely agree in principle, I would state some things differently. I have learned to bluestate10 Jan 2013 #45
I am not sure how many people you would be friends with still after your criteria for interaction. Socal31 Jan 2013 #48
The Prop H8 voters voted for hate, for right wing bigotry. They are not 'generally good' Bluenorthwest Jan 2013 #57
On the one hand DonCoquixote Jan 2013 #50
I've defriended one person and been defriended by two others over politics sweetloukillbot Jan 2013 #51
I do not do anything like FB but I justed wanted to say that by cleaning out all the trash lunasun Jan 2013 #52
I never even try to engage those people, it is impossible CanonRay Jan 2013 #55
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