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Wed Jan 9, 2013, 04:59 PM Jan 2013

Scathing Condemnation of George W Bush- How George W. Bush Helped Osama Bin Laden Win His War [View all]


For America, the 2000 Presidential election was a beginning of the end of the United States of America. Action by the Supreme Court gave George W. Bush the Presidency. Al Gore, who had won the popular vote by over a half a million votes, was denied an accurate re-count in Florida, and consequently lost the electoral vote.

Today, from his watery grave, Osama Bin Laden is giving thanks to Bush. His real goal was to destroy the United States, to punish it for occupying Arabic land and debasing the religion of Islam. Bush guaranteed his success.

This all continues today. Republicans continue to refuse to blame Bush for where we are today economically. They love to blame a President who inherited the worst economic situation since the great depression. De-regulation of the banking industry, and Wall Street, allowed greed to place working class Americans in desperation. Those who caused the problem experienced no change in their lifestyle, and no banking executive has ever been prosecuted for their criminal acts.

I don’t believe Bin Laden could have ever dreamed that his cowardly attack on innocent people, simply doing their jobs, would result in such a success. All he needed was one ignorant man, who should never been in a position to lead a country, to take action to help him win his war.

Bush doesn’t deserve all the blame. The red states elected him and gave him power. The plight of America is on their hands as well.
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First REC Coyotl Jan 2013 #1
<---REC 168! JaneyVee Jan 2013 #76
. JI7 Jan 2013 #2
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for that graphic malaise Jan 2013 #3
OH My Canoe52 Jan 2013 #11
Stealing that for posterity.... lastlib Jan 2013 #13
Dynasties work in harmony 7wo7rees Jan 2013 #21
Oh my... Berlum Jan 2013 #38
Great! maddiemom Jan 2013 #45
LOL!!!11 jpak Jan 2013 #49
Wow that's excellent!!! dwigthreeD Jan 2013 #50
R#10 & K for, my assessment of him started before, like when he became Weak Governor n/t UTUSN Jan 2013 #4
"Bush doesn’t deserve all the blame...." progressoid Jan 2013 #5
puppet bush and a bunch of blood/oil thirsty pnacers. Cha Jan 2013 #6
The Filthy Five were the main culprits. HughBeaumont Jan 2013 #7
Nixon-Ford-Raygun-Boosh1-Boosh2 BlueNoteSpecial Jan 2013 #8
Our Media is also to blame. n/t Duval Jan 2013 #9
Not one "crack investigative journalist" has asked Bush... KansDem Jan 2013 #12
Sometimes RedstDem Jan 2013 #15
Playing the dumb? Unknown Beatle Jan 2013 #83
You wont get any argument from me. RedstDem Jan 2013 #93
kick samsingh Jan 2013 #10
The Supreme Court stole it for him malaise Jan 2013 #14
Truer words were never spoken! Little Star Jan 2013 #16
agreed samsingh Jan 2013 #25
Scalia and Thomas should have recused The Wizard Jan 2013 #64
The OP mischaracterizes what took us to war in Iraq Martin Eden Jan 2013 #17
Valid point re the neo-cons although it could be both n/t malaise Jan 2013 #19
There were a number of posts on DU Danascot Jan 2013 #22
Agreed. See #27 patrice Jan 2013 #28
Agreed. It's must more sinister than revenge. Drunken Irishman Jan 2013 #29
Yeah, let's not forget to put PNAC in the list of blamed tavalon Jan 2013 #31
PNAC Berlum Jan 2013 #39
and then some malaise Jan 2013 #73
The only problem... BetterThanNoSN Jan 2013 #81
Post removed Post removed Jan 2013 #18
I suggest you read Spitzer's Valentine's Day Op Ed malaise Jan 2013 #20
Good response, and here's the link to it: dreamnightwind Jan 2013 #67
Thanks - I have that saved malaise Jan 2013 #71
Absolutely dreamnightwind Jan 2013 #74
What Spitzer exposed has never been discussed malaise Jan 2013 #79
Indeed BetterThanNoSN Jan 2013 #84
It is true that Deregulation starting with the removal of malaise Jan 2013 #86
I regret that I have but one rec for this post! jimlup Jan 2013 #23
k&r #83! nt wildbilln864 Jan 2013 #24
A Disastrous Eight years Enabled By A Stolen Election in 2000 colsohlibgal Jan 2013 #26
Don't forget 100K Evangelical End Timer phone calls pressuring GW to protect Israel patrice Jan 2013 #27
Add them to the list malaise Jan 2013 #34
Ah yes, the cover story. Bin Laden had nothing to do with this. MrSlayer Jan 2013 #30
In other words, a "CONSPIRACY" uballing Jan 2013 #32
Welcome to DU! lunatica Jan 2013 #41
I have long had my doubts about the meme malaise Jan 2013 #33
Someday gasser85 Jan 2013 #48
Don't hold yer breath... BetterThanNoSN Jan 2013 #85
Osama won when the Patriot Act was signed into law. Destruction of the Bill of Rights was key. Selatius Jan 2013 #35
Excellent post malaise Jan 2013 #36
+1 leftstreet Jan 2013 #51
Somebody won whatchamacallit Jan 2013 #77
and it was already written and ready to go on 911! nt wildbilln864 Jan 2013 #95
Kick. nt MaeScott Jan 2013 #37
Bush was a nightmare amuse bouche Jan 2013 #40
Don't forget the Dick Cheney lunatica Jan 2013 #42
he must really be very ill malaise Jan 2013 #43
But we keep promoting all the Senators who voted for the war, and dumping on those who voted no. Bluenorthwest Jan 2013 #44
Interesting post malaise Jan 2013 #47
Looking ahead a few years, I can't help but think that mike dub Jan 2013 #55
Contrary to their sense of self importance malaise Jan 2013 #92
It really all started during his father's administration.... George II Jan 2013 #46
You're right. Rozlee Jan 2013 #60
Interesting story dreamnightwind Jan 2013 #72
"What if Kuwait's main product had been broccoli?" Rozlee Jan 2013 #80
Agreed dreamnightwind Jan 2013 #87
Yep malaise Jan 2013 #75
This line was the best... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2013 #52
A more desperate Rove is still spewing his poison malaise Jan 2013 #90
The difference now is that people are getting wise to these guys. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2013 #94
The traitor should be prosecuted. Octafish Jan 2013 #53
He and Gunga Dick just plain disappeared. HughBeaumont Jan 2013 #57
Amazing act, theirs. Octafish Jan 2013 #59
That Armageddon Plan's an eye-opener. HughBeaumont Jan 2013 #70
I've never forgotten that amazing child. She'd be 41 or so, today. Octafish Jan 2013 #78
I wonder regularly malaise Jan 2013 #96
Neo cons 4Q2u2 Jan 2013 #54
As much as I despise Republicans, especially Bush-the-Lesser, bvar22 Jan 2013 #56
I agree, but I don't think your banking industry example is all that good. hughee99 Jan 2013 #58
So.... Kall Jan 2013 #61
GE Profit 4Q2u2 Jan 2013 #69
K & R Scurrilous Jan 2013 #62
A more likely watershed event was JFK's murder... VOX Jan 2013 #63
Bush removed the assault weapons ban, also. He helps Americans kill Americans. Is he too stupid, judesedit Jan 2013 #65
GW Bush fulfilled Bin Ladens fatwa when he invaded Iraq AgingAmerican Jan 2013 #66
funny how the american media hasn't gone near this topic.... spanone Jan 2013 #68
recommend samsingh Jan 2013 #82
History is going to Lamblast the Bush dynasty lovuian Jan 2013 #88
K&R G_j Jan 2013 #89
Disagree somewhat. lark Jan 2013 #91
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