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22. It is members like you that make us newbies hesitant to post.
Tue Jan 8, 2013, 11:21 AM
Jan 2013

Just because we don't know all the ins & outs of the "correct" ways to use this site does not give you the right to blast away at our posts. My very 1st post to DU was pretty naive in retrospect, but it didn't deserve the nasty first response I got. Thankfully, the next couple of posters made up for it. Lighten up, please!

Is that what his employer told her? ehrnst Jan 2013 #1
She hates Obama. I think she made that up Welcome_hubby Jan 2013 #3
she probably got it from faux news or rush. nt Javaman Jan 2013 #9
The Heritage Foundation is pushing this misconception. Lasher Jan 2013 #25
Ah. I love to ask conservative family members where they heard their "infomation" on Obama. ehrnst Jan 2013 #15
As a matter of principle and to teach her a lesson about liberterainism Panasonic Jan 2013 #24
... Fumesucker Jan 2013 #2
Yeah, just throwin' that out there huh? ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2013 #4
Uh oh, here come the paranoids. Welcome_hubby Jan 2013 #5
I'm glad you debunked the story ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2013 #7
No. I don't know that there are a dozen such posts? Welcome_hubby Jan 2013 #10
"Don't you know" is rhetorical ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2013 #14
So I happened to the the first repeater whom you scolded ? Welcome_hubby Jan 2013 #16
It is members like you that make us newbies hesitant to post. narnian60 Jan 2013 #22
Hear, Hear!! dorkzilla Jan 2013 #27
Some of them even make the old timers hesitate to post Fumesucker Jan 2013 #29
Never be hesitant to post leftynyc Jan 2013 #35
Thanks to you all for your support! narnian60 Jan 2013 #44
ROFL alcibiades_mystery Jan 2013 #12
These Repug lies are going to backfire when we explain the truth to people. reformist2 Jan 2013 #6
Just modified the title Welcome_hubby Jan 2013 #8
Does your neighbor understand she just told your wife her salary? HubertHeaver Jan 2013 #11
My wife has known her salary for a long time Welcome_hubby Jan 2013 #13
Usually people are rather protective of salary information. HubertHeaver Jan 2013 #19
Move Capt. Obvious Jan 2013 #17
buy your own shovel and coffee and tell her the truth leftyohiolib Jan 2013 #18
we have a winner CatWoman Jan 2013 #20
Do you have an ignorant neighbor like that? Flashmann Jan 2013 #21
I think you should find out who the manager's manager is and complain to them... Moonwalk Jan 2013 #28
complain to them Flashmann Jan 2013 #42
another lie that I have heard maryellen99 Jan 2013 #23
Wow. The price of going to Hawaii has certainly gone up... Moonwalk Jan 2013 #26
Hawaii is on the Moon. You should know that. Ikonoklast Jan 2013 #34
Surely not! Virgin Galactic is only charging $200,000 for a sub-orbital trip.... Moonwalk Jan 2013 #45
The ACA did add to the medicare tax for high income earners dkf Jan 2013 #30
maybe the neighbors will be right dbennett Jan 2013 #31
this has nothing to do with the lapsing of the Social Security holiday OKNancy Jan 2013 #32
agreed dbennett Jan 2013 #33
NOthing to do with the President leftynyc Jan 2013 #36
You have disrupted, poorly. nt stevenleser Jan 2013 #43
Post removed Post removed Jan 2013 #37
It's not an increase. It's the expiration of a tax holiday. cyberswede Jan 2013 #38
somebody took a wrong turn, it appears CatWoman Jan 2013 #39
Yeah - letting their low-information flag fly! cyberswede Jan 2013 #41
Post removed Post removed Jan 2013 #40
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