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118. I agree with this, except, if PO & they had let it all go, could we expect whatever came out of
Sun Jan 6, 2013, 02:12 PM
Jan 2013

that situation would have been necessarily more to our benefit than what could happen if we put ourselves together well enough NOW? I am suggesting that we may have bought ourselves some time that the people NEED, before oppressors of another order rob a bunch of us of potentials that we have not discovered/developed yet, potentials that may be crucial to the prospects of the whole thing no matter which political direction the trajectory takes.

And, yes, probably unlike some of the strong cohorts involved in this, I do think TIME is a crucial criteria here, not only for at risk populations at different ends of the generational spectrum, but also for Earth.

I don't know; if things had not gone the way that they did, and all of it did "crash" more than it has, whether we'd be talking about decades before significant progress on social and economic justice and environmental/energy issues, but I do want us to at least ask that question of ourselves. Would it have been decades after a more extensive crash, before we actually got on our feet? Or has, even given some of the mis-steps in what actually happened, has the way things actually did go down allowed more opportunities to involve more of the more fundamentally affected cohorts to educate themselves more validly and become more active in ways that more effectively address their own issues themselves, rather than allowing power-enclaves, "Left", "Right", and "Center" or "All", to turn the course of things in ways that would ultimately result in being less demographically inclusive? And that's "less inclusive" not so much in terms of outcomes, because I think we're still at least 2 years away from a true bench-mark there (November 2014), and longer than that REALLY, but also more inclusive in terms of the MANY and VARIOUS processes at work here.

Perhaps you recognize my skepticism about the, TTE, "Let it all crash and burn, so we can start over" cohort. Who, exactly comprises that point-of-view and how authentically do they indeed hold that position? AND - very importantly given my own impulse in that direction - are they recognizing that such a scenario WILL indeed generate its own emergent oppressors, to which MUCH will be lost and I just really don't think that we can write off the VALUE of what will be lost, as that all plays itself out over how many (?) decades, as stuff that, TTE, "we don't need anyway." Ought we not to at least try to make critical decisions about what will and what will not be lost, or should we just leave that up to WHATEVER power enclaves emerge out of such a situation? Yes, such a crash would be cleansing, lots of bullshit would go away, but that's not all that will happen and we shouldn't pretend that we won't lose value that future generations will need in order to survive AND that we haven't even asked ourselves about whether that's a factor or not, much less have we made somekind of at least hypothetical effort to identify what those values might be.

These are the reasons why I think Labor is the real decision point here, not D.C.

Matt Taibbi's big con [View all] ProSense Jan 2013 OP
Taibbi is good with rhetoric, but fast and loose with the truth. n/t RomneyLies Jan 2013 #1
Yep! Which would make me believe he has an agenda. nt Kahuna Jan 2013 #2
He has always hated Obama. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #3
He hates most Democrats OKNancy Jan 2013 #5
But he makes low information progressives "feel good" RomneyLies Jan 2013 #7
Yes. On Howard Dean also. Tom Rinaldo Jan 2013 #21
This branding of anyone wo doesn't sing "Happy Days are Here Again" as a GOP stooge is disgusting leveymg Jan 2013 #133
I'm saying Taibbi is dishonest because he makes shit up out of whole cloth. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #134
Links and quotes are your friends if you want to be persuasive. "Making shit up" isn't. leveymg Jan 2013 #135
Apparently, you failed to read the OP RomneyLies Jan 2013 #137
The OP is essentially nonfactual. Hundreds of billions of TARP loans have never been paid back leveymg Jan 2013 #140
TARP was paid back because the Fed loaned to banks against bad assets MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #4
"While Taibbi sometimes stretches a bit..." ProSense Jan 2013 #6
How do you feel about Obama's repeated claims that MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #18
what does that have to do with the OP? RomneyLies Jan 2013 #19
did you read the entire post? Skittles Jan 2013 #153
Yes, I read it. I read Taibbi's original article RomneyLies Jan 2013 #154
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Skittles Jan 2013 #155
Ah, classic RomneyLies Jan 2013 #158
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Skittles Jan 2013 #159
. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #160
Irrelevant to the OP, but ProSense Jan 2013 #20
The opening of the Fed's discount window to more financial firms amandabeech Jan 2013 #75
Well count me in as one of them crackpots then. Tutonic Jan 2013 #8
Duly noted n/t RomneyLies Jan 2013 #9
This isn't ProSense Jan 2013 #11
He is a limited hangout- got everyone riled up about the mortgage fraud, then dropped the subject No Compromise Jan 2013 #10
Taibbi tells the truth re Wall Street. Octafish Jan 2013 #12
. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #13
Did he tell the "truth" about the Republicans saving us from TARP? n/t ProSense Jan 2013 #14
Semantic battle royal: Taibbi mentioned pukes; he never said they ''saved'' us from TARP. Octafish Jan 2013 #25
Isn't if interesting that the folks defending Taibbi use fuller quotes, while MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #28
Fuller quotes? ProSense Jan 2013 #32
Must. Protect. DLC. Revenue. Stream. Octafish Jan 2013 #33
No one is protecting shit! ProSense Jan 2013 #36
Apart Obama from Taibbi, right? Octafish Jan 2013 #46
No witty reply? Rex Jan 2013 #60
Again, ProSense Jan 2013 #63
The post shows, when it comes to the bailout, I pointed out the crooks... Octafish Jan 2013 #73
'America’s Own Kleptocracy' Rex Jan 2013 #97
This should be an OP. nt woo me with science Jan 2013 #151
"the senior economic adviser to President-elect Barack Obama...begged legislators " ProSense Jan 2013 #30
So what? It took a Socialist to get an audit of the Fed tacked onto TARP to give us a true picture. Octafish Jan 2013 #39
"The Fed Audit" was included in Wall Street reform. ProSense Jan 2013 #48
Obtuse much? The point demonstrates the long line of Wall Street-Washington criminality, ProSense. Octafish Jan 2013 #53
You're ProSense Jan 2013 #54
The point of your OP was to destroy Taibbi's credibility. Octafish Jan 2013 #61
It's tough to destroy something that doesn't exist. n/t RomneyLies Jan 2013 #62
Says you, an anonymous poster online. Taibbi signs his name to what he writes. Octafish Jan 2013 #69
HA! RomneyLies Jan 2013 #70
Wow! Going after Greenwald too! Can't stand his attacks on Fox News, eh? grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #108
Greenwald is worse than Limbaugh, IMO RomneyLies Jan 2013 #111
Greenwald wants to prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Octafish Jan 2013 #163
and he has editors datasuspect Jan 2013 #106
And he was for the war before he was against it. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #117
Superb content and links from you in these subthreads, woo me with science Jan 2013 #152
None on that list voted for TARP... n/t Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #109
You guys are joking, right?? LIBertea Jan 2013 #15
No, I'm not friggin "joking," and ProSense Jan 2013 #16
He spews invective, half truths, misinformation, and outright lies. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #17
Way to defend those who got 16 TRILLION From the FED, weird grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #79
I am not defending anybody. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #80
Really? The whole thread is like a FOX news hit piece on Dem values. grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #84
Nah, the people buying into Taibbi's bullshit are like the followers of Fox News RomneyLies Jan 2013 #88
You're right, and he's not the only one. janx Jan 2013 #121
The thing that pisses me off the most about them is... RomneyLies Jan 2013 #122
Well, if people continue to lap it up, they can afford to be lazy and illogical. janx Jan 2013 #125
Precisely n/t RomneyLies Jan 2013 #127
nice to see you are not fooled either, graham Skittles Jan 2013 #161
Welcome to DU! MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #29
He wrote a great piece. Obama's Ardent Supporters are pissed leftstreet Jan 2013 #31
"Obama's Ardent Supporters" don't like hyping Republicans as heroes. ProSense Jan 2013 #34
Why aren't Democrats 'fighting' Wall Street? leftstreet Jan 2013 #38
Wait ProSense Jan 2013 #52
Be aware there are certain right wing think tank elements that patrol these boards, grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #76
Capitalism's Status Quo Defenders aren't right or left leftstreet Jan 2013 #82
notice it is always the same two? Skittles Jan 2013 #156
Great example of Taibbi's quote taken out of context here: MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #22
Bullshit ProSense Jan 2013 #23
Taibbi's point is that both parties were disgusted MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #24
Nonsense. ProSense Jan 2013 #26
Well, we can agree MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #27
Glad you agree RomneyLies Jan 2013 #58
He was not writing an expose of David Vitter. Marr Jan 2013 #37
There is no way to defend putting those bullshit claims in the piece. n/t ProSense Jan 2013 #41
Are you kidding me? Marr Jan 2013 #43
No, and bye. n/t ProSense Jan 2013 #50
It fit in the story line of the pre-conceived invective RomneyLies Jan 2013 #59
People like Taibbi are always attacked by establishment-sorts and their apologists. Marr Jan 2013 #35
I see, ProSense Jan 2013 #40
You keep shaking that one phrase, Fido! Marr Jan 2013 #44
Typical RW bullshit. n/t ProSense Jan 2013 #51
The bullshit is you spinning one sentence. HiPointDem Jan 2013 #128
Nailed. nt Bonobo Jan 2013 #166
k&R bigtree Jan 2013 #42
*Never mentioned -* as it would defeat the both parties are the same message. freshwest Jan 2013 #45
The portions quoted snot Jan 2013 #47
I'm saying ProSense Jan 2013 #49
I think he's just saying the TARP was so bad that even some Republicans objected. snot Jan 2013 #162
Nothing Taibbi says JEB Jan 2013 #55
Thanks for an interesting & thought provoking thread, all, & for the review of what happened too. nt patrice Jan 2013 #56
Larry Summers is a dirty thieving bastard, a traitor to this country. He encouraged Clinton jtuck004 Jan 2013 #57
DU rec...nt SidDithers Jan 2013 #64
Taibbi's a hack. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2013 #65
The Thrust Of The Article Is True colsohlibgal Jan 2013 #66
If the polemic is true, why is it supported with falsehoods? n/t RomneyLies Jan 2013 #67
Like Obama's repeated claim that Social Security was not started to help retirees? nt MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #71
WTF does that have to do with Taibbi's piece? RomneyLies Jan 2013 #72
I was addressing the general question being posed. nt MannyGoldstein Jan 2013 #131
The general question being posed is in regards to Taibbi's piece RomneyLies Jan 2013 #132
The fundamental big lie in Taibbi's piece is that it didn't work grantcart Jan 2013 #68
"Worked" to do *what* exactly? It firmed up the status quo in the nation with the worst Romulox Jan 2013 #77
I agree with this, except, if PO & they had let it all go, could we expect whatever came out of patrice Jan 2013 #118
No one needs to be a bankster apologist. They are criminals. The belong in jail. grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #74
who in the fuck is "citizen k" datasuspect Jan 2013 #78
Someone who highlighted Taibbi's absurd claims. ProSense Jan 2013 #81
i dunno datasuspect Jan 2013 #83
He's been on DK since almost the beginning. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #85
and that means what, exactly? datasuspect Jan 2013 #86
bombast and hyperbole? RomneyLies Jan 2013 #89
so your argument degenerates into "that's what you are, what am i"? datasuspect Jan 2013 #91
Actually, that was where you started RomneyLies Jan 2013 #92
fail datasuspect Jan 2013 #94
You're playing the RWNJ game now. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #96
bless your heart datasuspect Jan 2013 #99
. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #107
WTF? ProSense Jan 2013 #87
your argument makes no sense. datasuspect Jan 2013 #90
Dude, the blogger used FACTS RomneyLies Jan 2013 #93
the blogger used OPINION datasuspect Jan 2013 #95
There is no journalist involved here RomneyLies Jan 2013 #98
bless your heart datasuspect Jan 2013 #100
. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #101
bless your heart datasuspect Jan 2013 #102
. RomneyLies Jan 2013 #103
Agreed. I can't believe the bankster apologists aren't funded by Koch money or the like. grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #104
and they are tenacious datasuspect Jan 2013 #105
Nobody is doing that on this thread RomneyLies Jan 2013 #110
i don't have that much invested in this datasuspect Jan 2013 #112
HA RomneyLies Jan 2013 #114
It's unbelievable. I can't believe they aren't part of a thoughtlessness tank grahamhgreen Jan 2013 #115
it's just fucking silly datasuspect Jan 2013 #116
I think you are talking partisan politics Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #113
Any action Republicans took a week before ProSense Jan 2013 #120
Are you surprised? Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #130
No, I'm not surprised. ProSense Jan 2013 #136
Warren was not particularly happy with the outcome. Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #139
No, she wasn't ProSense Jan 2013 #142
I think, and this is just my opinion from reading quite a few books on the bailout, Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #143
Load of disingenuous nonsense LittleBlue Jan 2013 #119
Of course ProSense Jan 2013 #123
Who has mentioned a postal bank? LittleBlue Jan 2013 #138
"Actually, the government never committed more than $450billion" = semantic bullshit. HiPointDem Jan 2013 #124
Did you even read the original article? Nevernose Jan 2013 #126
Yes, and the claims are still bullshit. n/t ProSense Jan 2013 #129
congress authorized $700 billion in spending. that's a fact. HiPointDem Jan 2013 #147
or they should have a grown up read it to them datasuspect Jan 2013 #146
Psst. "Blue links" don't have to actually PROVE anything woo me with science Jan 2013 #157
Spin doctor. What a bloated conflation of bullshit. HiPointDem Jan 2013 #141
How typical of the damage control brigade. The Kos piece is an undocumented opinion written Egalitarian Thug Jan 2013 #144
Taibbi is a very hard working writer. gulliver Jan 2013 #145
K & R Scurrilous Jan 2013 #148
This is why America is so screwed. Cynicus Emeritus Jan 2013 #149
I am so mad at myself for missing Matt Taibbi day at DU! banned from Kos Jan 2013 #150
Yeah right. donheld Jan 2013 #164
They paid the money back but... Bonobo Jan 2013 #165
Not the first time Taibbi's been called out One of the 99 Jan 2013 #167
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