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31. I adore Charles Eisenstein. Question for those who click on this post....
Tue Jan 1, 2013, 04:31 PM
Jan 2013

(Thanks in advance to xchrom for permitting me to post this in response to his OP)

Below I'm pasting something I wrote in a separate DU group earlier today. For those who resonate with xchrom's post here, perhaps you'd be interested as well. Reading Eisenstein's latest made me focus on this even more and put it "out there."

Visionary storytelling has been in my awareness for several years. There are so many creative people on DU, people who share a similar worldview, that I've always felt this group -- anyone who stumbles upon this post and resonates -- is where the storytelling can begin.

Lately, however, what I can't get out of my head is TRANSFORMATIVE STORYTELLING.

The Charles Eisenstein blog post reminded me of this, and I was hoping to engage some of you in fleshing this out further.

Regarding my desire to engage in visionary storytelling, this excerpt of the Eisenstein piece speaks to that:

What about a world where we know that our daily activities contribute to the healing of the biosphere and the well-being of other people? We need a Story of the People that includes all of those things – and that doesn’t feel like a fantasy.

Yes, that's precisely what I've said previously myself in trying to engage others to tell such stories, stories which can provide a blueprint for our future. Such content is what xchrom, marmar and others often post about, which I appreciate tremendously.

However, it now makes sense that visionary storytelling must wait until the transformative stories can be shared. We can't see the "how's" of moving forward...not in a clear, unified, PRACTICAL way which inspires us to join together en masse. We're in between stories, as Charles wrote.

To me, TRANSFORMATIVE storytelling can open hearts and minds, and provide a way to connect in a profound, human/humane way. As collective transformation takes hold, we can then begin to envision the future and our way forward -- as individuals and as a society -- more clearly.

I feel compelled to make Transformative Stories part of Wishadoo in 2013. I've never interviewed people before and don't know that I have the skills to do that effectively, but I'm thinking one way to move forward with this is to interview people around the world about their transformative stories...people who were profoundly changed by something or someone in a positive way, and their story can contribute to the collective opening of hearts and minds.

I'm not sure that I actually have a transformative story, per se. Well, that's not true, now that I think about it.

I've always been empathetic and acutely aware of others' suffering, so unlike Mr. Eisenstein, who said he felt the world was fine and would be fine during his childhood, I was aware of the suffering and disconnect all around as early as I can remember, which was a VERY early age.

There was one pivotal moment in the 4th grade, involving racism and degradation of another child, which I witnessed up close and personal. That singular event kicked my desire to have others wake up to have more respect for human beings and life in general into high gear.

Maybe I should write about that as my first transformative story?

Maybe that is how I should frame this Transformative Storytelling Project:

What stories do you have to share which opened your heart and mind, and could help others do the same?

Do you have any thoughts? Is this something you'd like to be a part of, creating blog posts at Wishadoo to share your stories?

I'm thinking stories which accompany Wishlist posts would help that tool gain momentum and humanize the various needs, wishes, hopes and dreams shared there.

I've always known that people need to open their hearts and minds before the practical tools offered at Wishadoo can be appreciated.

It seems Occupy stories are part of this as well...that I should reach out to the various Occupy networks regarding this project. Speaking of which, check out www.occupycompassion.com

Sharing any thoughts that come to mind as you read this would be most appreciated.

Thanks much.

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