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farminator3000, you rock! tblue Dec 2012 #1
thanks! farminator3000 Dec 2012 #2
There are many pistols ComplimentarySwine Dec 2012 #3
why? farminator3000 Dec 2012 #17
Home defense, concealed carry, target shooting ComplimentarySwine Dec 2012 #19
great! farminator3000 Dec 2012 #26
Wow, that's a lot of questions. ComplimentarySwine Dec 2012 #29
thanks for the answers farminator3000 Dec 2012 #30
Better To Just Outlaw All Weapons And Then The Various Scenarios Become Irrelevant cantbeserious Dec 2012 #4
Because if they were outlawed, no one would have them. Kinda like weed. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #32
This may well be the stupidest post on the Internet today. PavePusher Dec 2012 #5
Tell us more Lordquinton Dec 2012 #6
For the life of me, I can't recall ever claiming expertise on the subject. PavePusher Dec 2012 #7
Then could you perhaps address the ideas proposed in the OP? Orrex Dec 2012 #9
Any weapon that can be used in defense can be used in offense, and vice versa. PavePusher Dec 2012 #13
The intent of a weapon is in the design Orrex Dec 2012 #14
and any gun that can commit mass murder in 30 sec or less farminator3000 Dec 2012 #22
no, but you said you were smarter than a post on the internet farminator3000 Dec 2012 #21
Haha, pulled that right out of your ass! xoom Dec 2012 #15
Thank you for warning us what was to come in your post... quakerboy Dec 2012 #10
ha! that's totally aweome! farminator3000 Dec 2012 #23
i doubt it why don't you keep looking farminator3000 Dec 2012 #18
do you expect me to agree with you? farminator3000 Dec 2012 #20
Yeah, there are some guns, JoeyT Dec 2012 #8
"people who aren't fighting a war (the public) don't need to have the same guns as soldiers." beevul Dec 2012 #11
That's a common Libertarian mantra, by the way Orrex Dec 2012 #12
What a great example billh58 Dec 2012 #24
Then by definition, the OP is selling a half truth as well. beevul Dec 2012 #27
The public has access to offensive weapons. Ron Green Dec 2012 #25
i figured it out for myself. try it sometime farminator3000 Dec 2012 #28
Kicking and recommending this because Ron Green Dec 2012 #16
thanks farminator3000 Dec 2012 #31
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