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That might actually be the best proposal yet. Skinner Dec 2012 #1
Yup, everyone should push for this ProSense Dec 2012 #4
So...put something out there that was designed to expose Boehner for the teabagging douchenozzle Fridays Child Dec 2012 #2
that's what I was hoping for lasttrip Dec 2012 #3
This is what should have been done all along frazzled Dec 2012 #5
If he lets it pass on mostly democrat votes, then it is passing against GOP votes. julian09 Dec 2012 #12
I'm just sitting her enjoying the implosion of the conservative movement. jrobbi Dec 2012 #6
Thats what I expected to happen. DCBob Dec 2012 #7
then it will just move the fight to debt extension.... gov't shutdown will be the new hostage.. n/t Mr Peabody Dec 2012 #8
No, it will not. ProSense Dec 2012 #9
he/she is talking about the debt ceiling Enrique Dec 2012 #23
Right, and Republicans will have no leverage ProSense Dec 2012 #24
ha, they'll have no leverage Enrique Dec 2012 #27
Huh? ProSense Dec 2012 #29
Sounds good to me Proud Liberal Dem Dec 2012 #10
kick bigtree Dec 2012 #11
It's a 'band aid" approach, but it's not bad. Lone_Star_Dem Dec 2012 #13
this I can live with magical thyme Dec 2012 #14
This I could go for Liberalynn Dec 2012 #15
Sounds like a damn good idea to me. Autumn Dec 2012 #16
Repubs are rushing to the Greyhound station... kentuck Dec 2012 #17
well that plan favors the rich hfojvt Dec 2012 #18
The plan allows the tax cuts for the rich to expire. ProSense Dec 2012 #19
I suppose the plan woud be to pass with mostly Democratic votes? kentuck Dec 2012 #20
Possibly, but ProSense Dec 2012 #21
I don't see it passing the Republican House. kentuck Dec 2012 #22
Tea Party will own the ultimate destruction of the Republican Party as we know it. Panasonic Dec 2012 #36
no, actually it keeps many of those tax cuts for the rich hfojvt Dec 2012 #26
Please cut the nonsense. ProSense Dec 2012 #30
I'd like to have Obama cut the nonsense hfojvt Dec 2012 #39
You can ProSense Dec 2012 #41
the tax brackets do NOT apply to everyone hfojvt Dec 2012 #45
Don't be absurd! n/t ProSense Dec 2012 #52
Those numbers are OUTRAGEOUS. woo me with science Dec 2012 #34
I've been posting those numbers like a broken record now hfojvt Dec 2012 #40
Everything we get now favors the rich. It's a given now. woo me with science Dec 2012 #25
"We won the election by a landslide" ProSense Dec 2012 #31
No. woo me with science Dec 2012 #32
Your graph doesn't make your point. ProSense Dec 2012 #35
Bullshit, Prosense. woo me with science Dec 2012 #37
Bullshit, woo me with science ProSense Dec 2012 #38
aha, so you admit "nothing" is an alternative hfojvt Dec 2012 #42
Admit? ProSense Dec 2012 #44
but going in the wrong direction is bad hfojvt Dec 2012 #47
Progress isn't the "wrong direction" ProSense Dec 2012 #50
It's like arguing in a funhouse, isn't it. nt woo me with science Dec 2012 #53
P is for propaganda. n/t ProSense Dec 2012 #54
I wish that graph would include the baseline of "going over the clifff" hfojvt Dec 2012 #43
Actually, it's a ProSense Dec 2012 #46
I didn't know that the health care law hfojvt Dec 2012 #49
Regardless! ProSense Dec 2012 #51
It's stunning that they get away with this, and claim to represent us. woo me with science Dec 2012 #55
Yeah, This One AndyTiedye Dec 2012 #28
K & R Scurrilous Dec 2012 #33
Sounds tentatively encouraging. Faryn Balyncd Dec 2012 #48
never seen government so dysfunctional in the good ol usa spanone Dec 2012 #56
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