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18. I lost a son, Joshua, at age 3 1/2. I was a total basket case for 2 years. There was no joy in
Sat Dec 15, 2012, 11:59 AM
Dec 2012

anything. To this day, the hardest thing was telling my other 2 children that their little brother was about to die (we had to unplug him from life support). I, unfortunately, can imagine what the families were going through, pure, unadulterated, grief and anger so deep that they feel they will never be able to go on. Hey NRA members, is this what you want? Unfortunately, they do not recognize, or refuse to recognize, the truth! They make excuses, blame others, but refuse to look in the mirror. I wonder if their were any NRA die hard members who's children were killed? I bet they get it now. It seems it has to happen to them before they see the other side of this issue. What a shame!

These babes probably had their school pics taken in November. boston bean Dec 2012 #1
Australians (I know a few) say they just do not marions ghost Dec 2012 #3
Dunblane, Scotland, 1996: jsr Dec 2012 #2
Wow, you had to go all the way back to 1996 to find a similar event outside of the US. A Simple Game Dec 2012 #17
Never. 1-Old-Man Dec 2012 #4
I like this post and this thread. Loudly Dec 2012 #5
At which point Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #6
They should release photos of the corpses LiberalEsto Dec 2012 #7
Connecticut state police would never do that. Jennicut Dec 2012 #13
Obviously not. I know that. LiberalEsto Dec 2012 #14
I think the president of the NRA should be given a mop and bottle of clorox and be filmed JanMichael Dec 2012 #15
I absolutely agree with you. llmart Dec 2012 #24
I could only picture my daughter when hearing about the news Capt. Obvious Dec 2012 #8
Newtown now has a historical dividing day lunatica Dec 2012 #9
I hope they don't. There is no good reason for that. slackmaster Dec 2012 #10
Imagine My Surprise At Your Opinion. (nt) Paladin Dec 2012 #11
I think she meant photos of them when they were alive, not sammytko Dec 2012 #12
Sadly nothing will change :( Heather MC Dec 2012 #16
I lost a son, Joshua, at age 3 1/2. I was a total basket case for 2 years. There was no joy in Dustlawyer Dec 2012 #18
So sorry for your loss...... nt Are_grits_groceries Dec 2012 #20
Thank you! Christmas is fun again for me. I have young grandchildren whose innocent Dustlawyer Dec 2012 #26
all of the world's children are precious tk2kewl Dec 2012 #19
I hope they wait a while before naming them Tsiyu Dec 2012 #21
Each family has a state trooper stationed at their home. Are_grits_groceries Dec 2012 #22
Beautifuland appropriate thoughts and words. Thank you. PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #23
And now those pictures come...... Are_grits_groceries Dec 2012 #25
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