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41. The hosts wiped the floor with him
Tue Jun 25, 2024, 10:00 AM
Jun 25

including refuting him with quotes from his own website. It showed exactly the way we need to handle these people.

Don't think he came out a winner. Some people need to see this crud 24/7 until the election. Silent Type Jun 24 #1
As the saying goes angrychair Jun 24 #3
"That message don't hunt." Silent Type Jun 24 #6
With Democrats, no it doesnt angrychair Jun 24 #10
I agree with poster that said "they exposed that junk." No truly undecided voter will change their mind Silent Type Jun 24 #12
This is what I'm am asking for angrychair Jun 25 #47
They are not giving him a platform, they are exposing him. They did not just sit their at let him spew his bullshit, JohnSJ Jun 24 #2
There was no pushback there angrychair Jun 24 #5
It was a 12 second clip, for all we know she punched him out later and Steele cheered her on. Silent Type Jun 24 #8
Here is the link angrychair Jun 25 #18
Thanks. She's all over the MFer and Steele is about to punch him out. Silent Type Jun 25 #42
Punching him is not her job, Her job is to ask the follow up question Iris Jun 25 #38
Your Threads link is literally from the official Biden/Harris campaign. They are exposing the RW, not platforming them Celerity Jun 25 #34
Aren't you also giving it a platform here? gab13by13 Jun 24 #4
I'm pointing out angrychair Jun 24 #7
I think it's important to expose what these extreme people are doing. They usually Deuxcents Jun 24 #9
Please, learn the difference between "giving a platform" and "exposing the lies". OAITW r.2.0 Jun 24 #11
Not when it's done poorly angrychair Jun 25 #31
MSNBC exists to sell advertising space to businesses. DJ Synikus Makisimus Jun 24 #13
Sunlight is the best disinfectant Fiendish Thingy Jun 24 #14
Much better to ignore it? brooklynite Jun 24 #15
Better to say nothing angrychair Jun 25 #30
We need to know these things. We need to hear for ourselves. nolabear Jun 24 #16
You missed the full segment, posted here on Saturday, they Exposed his crazy views ... cliffside Jun 25 #17
Thank you, cliffside Hekate Jun 25 #20
And thank you :) although I hate to kick this. nt cliffside Jun 25 #21
I watched the whole thing angrychair Jun 25 #23
We'll disagree about whether or not there were challenges. People need to hear the crazy shit from him. nt cliffside Jun 25 #24
I disagree angrychair Jun 25 #28
I think her response was more condescending. His comment was ridiculous. Killing a baby 3 days after birth tulipsandroses Jun 25 #27
My OP has the link angrychair Jun 25 #29
"Platform"? He got plenty of pushback in the bit that I saw. Would you rather people didn't know he existed? Hekate Jun 25 #19
Then we watched a different interview angrychair Jun 25 #25
Expose The Dopes czarjak Jun 25 #22
I don't think they were giving him a platform tulipsandroses Jun 25 #26
It's essential. We must know the threat environment Model35mech Jun 25 #35
I.watched this real time JustAnotherGen Jun 25 #32
Clearly what is needed here is an officially approved list of DU media sources, elocs Jun 25 #33
A lot of people here are of the mind that the media is public enemy number 1. Lancero Jun 25 #36
Not public enemy angrychair Jun 25 #40
They destroyed him. Made him look like the idiot he is. spanone Jun 25 #37
We watched very different angrychair Jun 25 #39
The hosts wiped the floor with him mcar Jun 25 #41
Have to disagree angrychair Jun 25 #43
You don't identify which segment on MSNBC LiberalFighter Jun 25 #44
As much as I like angrychair Jun 25 #45
You still didn't identify which segment. LiberalFighter Jun 25 #46
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