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119. Thank you! Yes, outpatient
Tue Jun 25, 2024, 09:54 AM
Jun 25

His doctor uses the anterior method, where he goes in from the front, rather than the back. That way, he's not cutting through so much muscle. So, the surgery can be outpatient and the recovery time is minimized.

He had the first hip done that way 4 years ago. Walked out of the surgery center on crutches, experienced little pain and didn't need PT or rehab. We're hoping for the same result this time.

I won't watch it. I don't like debates. Glorfindel Jun 24 #1
Yes. TSExile Jun 24 #2
Why do you care? brooklynite Jun 24 #3
What's wrong with asking about the level of interest (or disgust) on DU? Ocelot II Jun 24 #6
Unscientific sample though... emulatorloo Jun 24 #91
Interesting nevertheless. Ocelot II Jun 24 #92
Maybe. The debate itself will be more interesting though. emulatorloo Jun 24 #94
Like the first debate: sheshe2 Jun 24 #104
An unforgettable magic moment! emulatorloo Jun 24 #107
That magic moment when he looked at all his lies.🤪🤪 sheshe2 Jun 24 #110
brooklynite, why do you insist on criticizing threads that merely reflect people's curiosity re: how other DUers hlthe2b Jun 24 #10
He's been very tetchy today SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #71
Why do you care ? dweller Jun 24 #12
I'm curious if others feel the way I do, whatever that makes me. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #25
If I can watch it with friends I might. Usually I end up turning off debates. They are very frustrating. mucifer Jun 24 #101
And why do you care that they're not watching it? BannonsLiver Jun 24 #53
Your post was uncalled for. chillfactor Jun 24 #78
It's a discussion board. People like to discuss political stuff. Personally, I think mucifer Jun 24 #100
L(L. I plead with my friends not to watch any cable "news" channel for any reason and you want to know why we should msfiddlestix Jun 25 #121
I can't; have to be at a meeting. But I'll catch the clips and discussions later. Ocelot II Jun 24 #4
I can't get much live tv where I live but I will watch every outlet to see how and what is reported. LakeArenal Jun 24 #30
I am going to record it and probably read a real time live blog (maybe Keith Olbermann's) during it... hlthe2b Jun 24 #5
I find reading a live thread/blog much easier yorkster Jun 24 #33
Me too. FalloutShelter Jun 24 #39
Thanks for doing the live blog. yorkster Jun 24 #43
Now THAT....... MyOwnPeace Jun 24 #63
Exactly what I'm doing cally Jun 24 #51
Same! cilla4progress Jun 24 #68
Glad you mentioned this! Thank you! MuseRider Jun 24 #86
Olbermann is apparently going to do a live (youtube) version of Countdown immediately after the speech: hlthe2b Jun 24 #96
That is great! MuseRider Jun 24 #108
It will be too cringe. maxsolomon Jun 24 #7
Ya, sooooooooooo nervous for Joe. a kennedy Jun 24 #83
I don't need to watch MurrayDelph Jun 24 #8
I haven't watched these sham debates in decades -misanthroptimist Jun 24 #9
I probably won't. Elessar Zappa Jun 24 #11
Havn't watched any of them Timewas Jun 24 #13
I am watching. Politics is my hobby and the MOMFUDSKI Jun 24 #14
I'll listen to it on my phone at work Duncanpup Jun 24 #77
somehow, I do not find watching a shit show psychotic billed as a legitimate presidential candidate amusing. msfiddlestix Jun 25 #122
Follow Wonkette's liveblog if you don't want to watch Zorro Jun 24 #15
I'm interested in how Biden comes across. I'm hoping/expecting... LAS14 Jun 24 #16
I'll be watching! Qutzupalotl Jun 24 #17
I'm not. H2O Man Jun 24 #18
I won't watch. I watch no news, either. Or political shows. NewHendoLib Jun 24 #19
I will follow the DU threads about it, but I won't watch it. Croney Jun 24 #20
I won't watch it either,,,, KarenS Jun 24 #26
I just can't angrychair Jun 24 #21
Not me. It's past my bedtime. Besides, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 24 #22
Past my bedtime, too, but I wanna see what new trick he's gonna pull to conceal his total lack of knowledge. CTyankee Jun 24 #28
I don't listen to him at all if i can help, but yes, I will be watching this. themaguffin Jun 24 #23
I really don't want to, but Joe deserves to be listened to. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #24
I'm watching for President Biden only MustLoveBeagles Jun 24 #27
Hadn't thought about it - we haven't had access to much live TV since the analog to digital conversion. Ms. Toad Jun 24 #29
i will record it and after I hear all the analysis... samnsara Jun 24 #31
I'm With You ProfessorGAC Jun 24 #32
Me. I'm in Ireland. Might be able to see a bit via Wifi. sinkingfeeling Jun 24 #34
So jealous of you being in Ireland. a kennedy Jun 24 #85
I've been here before. Love County Donegal. sinkingfeeling Jun 24 #89
Oh, yes, love it there as well......I always say my family is from Kilkenny..... a kennedy Jun 24 #95
It'll be most helpful to be well informed oasis Jun 24 #35
Watching. I don't want to rely on clips and pundits jalan48 Jun 24 #36
I don't allow ForgedCrank Jun 24 #37
What debate? You can see him setting the stage to bail out. captain queeg Jun 24 #38
Nope leftieNanner Jun 24 #40
The last debate I watched was Nixon vs. JFK, but I may watch this one. FuzzyRabbit Jun 24 #41
I will watch. GoodRaisin Jun 24 #42
Of course I'm watching. BlueTsunami2018 Jun 24 #44
I doubt I'll watch. Different Drummer Jun 24 #45
Same here. SilverDawg Jun 24 #46
I would say there is a 0% chance that I won't watch the debate. Kingofalldems Jun 24 #47
I'm not, but will be here at DU for reaction mvd Jun 24 #48
No, not watching... anciano Jun 24 #49
Not watching Blue Idaho Jun 24 #50
When is it, anyway? n/t DFW Jun 24 #52
I haven't turned my TV on in 2 years Warpy Jun 24 #54
I never watch the debates. They reveal nothing new, and aren't really debates. They are a performance. Martin68 Jun 24 #55
I refuse to watch it because it's being held in early summer. BannonsLiver Jun 24 #56
I won't be watching. Loryn Jun 24 #57
Definitely, I'll be watching. Xavier Breath Jun 24 #58
It's too important not to watch. The public has to witness the debate to see how the right spins it later. ancianita Jun 24 #59
Thankfully I'm in Europe so I'll be in the land of nod. OnDoutside Jun 24 #60
I will not Ferrets are Cool Jun 24 #61
I haven't watched live TV in years & I hate seeing the lying con man. CaptainTruth Jun 24 #62
I'm going to skip it . . . SarcasticSatyr Jun 24 #64
I doubt it Jilly_in_VA Jun 24 #65
I could watch.. or not. slightlv Jun 24 #66
What debate? DoBW Jun 24 #67
With the tv off, I'll put on some music and record the debate while reading the play-by-play here in DU. Talitha Jun 24 #69
Not watching. old guy Jun 24 #70
Won't watch it but will follow live feed and DU comments lotusblossom Jun 24 #72
Me. I will keep up though with DU. Polly Hennessey Jun 24 #73
I have set my DVR to record the MSNBC pre- and post-debate coverage. TSExile Jun 24 #74
I will not be watching. chillfactor Jun 24 #75
I'm not sure my blood pressure can take it. viva la Jun 24 #76
Truth be known, Biden could die on the stage and I would still vote for him over Trump. Dan Jun 24 #79
I plan on watching TexasDem69 Jun 24 #80
I won't. I suffer from chronic anxiety going back to the Bush years. prodigitalson Jun 24 #81
Not gonna watch it. indigoth Jun 24 #82
I can't watch. Weak stomach for stupid. yourout Jun 24 #84
Wouldn't Miss It For the World DET Jun 24 #87
I might watch highlights on YouTube or check out transcripts Rob H. Jun 24 #88
Yes. I watch debates. Joe is a smart and funny debater who doesn't take bullshit from anyone. emulatorloo Jun 24 #90
I'm absolutely watching it. It hits on all my obsessions. nolabear Jun 24 #93
I will be going to see an early showing of the movie avebury Jun 24 #97
me Skittles Jun 24 #98
I'll probably watch but no promises. TheKentuckian Jun 24 #99
What debate? JohnSJ Jun 24 #102
We here at DU know that the fix is in by the media FarPoint Jun 24 #103
Dunno, eventually they won't be able to cover for Trump anymore. More and more obvious Trump has lost it. emulatorloo Jun 24 #106
We will have to endure... FarPoint Jun 24 #109
No I think I will do my blood pressure a favor and not watch the debate. doc03 Jun 24 #105
SO is having a hip replacement that day mcar Jun 24 #111
Good Luck to your SO! ... electric_blue68 Jun 24 #117
Thank you! Yes, outpatient mcar Jun 25 #119
I'll listen to it Marthe48 Jun 24 #112
Not watching it DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 24 #113
The debate will be better than sex Polybius Jun 24 #114
i don't think i can take it. Takket Jun 24 #115
I want to watch him disintegrate into blathering nonsense DemocraticPatriot Jun 24 #116
I rarely watch drumphf. Ick. For this, definetly Yes. Bc... electric_blue68 Jun 24 #118
Not watching an illegitimate circus shit show propped up by a corrupt media enterprise msfiddlestix Jun 25 #120
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