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111. SO is having a hip replacement that day
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 07:29 PM
Jun 24

It's outpatient. We're both hoping we can get home in time to watch.

Biden will rule.

I won't watch it. I don't like debates. Glorfindel Jun 24 #1
Yes. TSExile Jun 24 #2
Why do you care? brooklynite Jun 24 #3
What's wrong with asking about the level of interest (or disgust) on DU? Ocelot II Jun 24 #6
Unscientific sample though... emulatorloo Jun 24 #91
Interesting nevertheless. Ocelot II Jun 24 #92
Maybe. The debate itself will be more interesting though. emulatorloo Jun 24 #94
Like the first debate: sheshe2 Jun 24 #104
An unforgettable magic moment! emulatorloo Jun 24 #107
That magic moment when he looked at all his lies.🤪🤪 sheshe2 Jun 24 #110
brooklynite, why do you insist on criticizing threads that merely reflect people's curiosity re: how other DUers hlthe2b Jun 24 #10
He's been very tetchy today SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #71
Why do you care ? dweller Jun 24 #12
I'm curious if others feel the way I do, whatever that makes me. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #25
If I can watch it with friends I might. Usually I end up turning off debates. They are very frustrating. mucifer Jun 24 #101
And why do you care that they're not watching it? BannonsLiver Jun 24 #53
Your post was uncalled for. chillfactor Jun 24 #78
It's a discussion board. People like to discuss political stuff. Personally, I think mucifer Jun 24 #100
L(L. I plead with my friends not to watch any cable "news" channel for any reason and you want to know why we should msfiddlestix Jun 25 #121
I can't; have to be at a meeting. But I'll catch the clips and discussions later. Ocelot II Jun 24 #4
I can't get much live tv where I live but I will watch every outlet to see how and what is reported. LakeArenal Jun 24 #30
I am going to record it and probably read a real time live blog (maybe Keith Olbermann's) during it... hlthe2b Jun 24 #5
I find reading a live thread/blog much easier yorkster Jun 24 #33
Me too. FalloutShelter Jun 24 #39
Thanks for doing the live blog. yorkster Jun 24 #43
Now THAT....... MyOwnPeace Jun 24 #63
Exactly what I'm doing cally Jun 24 #51
Same! cilla4progress Jun 24 #68
Glad you mentioned this! Thank you! MuseRider Jun 24 #86
Olbermann is apparently going to do a live (youtube) version of Countdown immediately after the speech: hlthe2b Jun 24 #96
That is great! MuseRider Jun 24 #108
It will be too cringe. maxsolomon Jun 24 #7
Ya, sooooooooooo nervous for Joe. a kennedy Jun 24 #83
I don't need to watch MurrayDelph Jun 24 #8
I haven't watched these sham debates in decades -misanthroptimist Jun 24 #9
I probably won't. Elessar Zappa Jun 24 #11
Havn't watched any of them Timewas Jun 24 #13
I am watching. Politics is my hobby and the MOMFUDSKI Jun 24 #14
I'll listen to it on my phone at work Duncanpup Jun 24 #77
somehow, I do not find watching a shit show psychotic billed as a legitimate presidential candidate amusing. msfiddlestix Jun 25 #122
Follow Wonkette's liveblog if you don't want to watch Zorro Jun 24 #15
I'm interested in how Biden comes across. I'm hoping/expecting... LAS14 Jun 24 #16
I'll be watching! Qutzupalotl Jun 24 #17
I'm not. H2O Man Jun 24 #18
I won't watch. I watch no news, either. Or political shows. NewHendoLib Jun 24 #19
I will follow the DU threads about it, but I won't watch it. Croney Jun 24 #20
I won't watch it either,,,, KarenS Jun 24 #26
I just can't angrychair Jun 24 #21
Not me. It's past my bedtime. Besides, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 24 #22
Past my bedtime, too, but I wanna see what new trick he's gonna pull to conceal his total lack of knowledge. CTyankee Jun 24 #28
I don't listen to him at all if i can help, but yes, I will be watching this. themaguffin Jun 24 #23
I really don't want to, but Joe deserves to be listened to. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #24
I'm watching for President Biden only MustLoveBeagles Jun 24 #27
Hadn't thought about it - we haven't had access to much live TV since the analog to digital conversion. Ms. Toad Jun 24 #29
i will record it and after I hear all the analysis... samnsara Jun 24 #31
I'm With You ProfessorGAC Jun 24 #32
Me. I'm in Ireland. Might be able to see a bit via Wifi. sinkingfeeling Jun 24 #34
So jealous of you being in Ireland. a kennedy Jun 24 #85
I've been here before. Love County Donegal. sinkingfeeling Jun 24 #89
Oh, yes, love it there as well......I always say my family is from Kilkenny..... a kennedy Jun 24 #95
It'll be most helpful to be well informed oasis Jun 24 #35
Watching. I don't want to rely on clips and pundits jalan48 Jun 24 #36
I don't allow ForgedCrank Jun 24 #37
What debate? You can see him setting the stage to bail out. captain queeg Jun 24 #38
Nope leftieNanner Jun 24 #40
The last debate I watched was Nixon vs. JFK, but I may watch this one. FuzzyRabbit Jun 24 #41
I will watch. GoodRaisin Jun 24 #42
Of course I'm watching. BlueTsunami2018 Jun 24 #44
I doubt I'll watch. Different Drummer Jun 24 #45
Same here. SilverDawg Jun 24 #46
I would say there is a 0% chance that I won't watch the debate. Kingofalldems Jun 24 #47
I'm not, but will be here at DU for reaction mvd Jun 24 #48
No, not watching... anciano Jun 24 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author Blue Idaho Jun 24 #50
When is it, anyway? n/t DFW Jun 24 #52
I haven't turned my TV on in 2 years Warpy Jun 24 #54
I never watch the debates. They reveal nothing new, and aren't really debates. They are a performance. Martin68 Jun 24 #55
I refuse to watch it because it's being held in early summer. BannonsLiver Jun 24 #56
I won't be watching. Loryn Jun 24 #57
Definitely, I'll be watching. Xavier Breath Jun 24 #58
It's too important not to watch. The public has to witness the debate to see how the right spins it later. ancianita Jun 24 #59
Thankfully I'm in Europe so I'll be in the land of nod. OnDoutside Jun 24 #60
I will not Ferrets are Cool Jun 24 #61
I haven't watched live TV in years & I hate seeing the lying con man. CaptainTruth Jun 24 #62
I'm going to skip it . . . SarcasticSatyr Jun 24 #64
I doubt it Jilly_in_VA Jun 24 #65
I could watch.. or not. slightlv Jun 24 #66
What debate? DoBW Jun 24 #67
With the tv off, I'll put on some music and record the debate while reading the play-by-play here in DU. Talitha Jun 24 #69
Not watching. old guy Jun 24 #70
Won't watch it but will follow live feed and DU comments lotusblossom Jun 24 #72
Me. I will keep up though with DU. Polly Hennessey Jun 24 #73
I have set my DVR to record the MSNBC pre- and post-debate coverage. TSExile Jun 24 #74
I will not be watching. chillfactor Jun 24 #75
I'm not sure my blood pressure can take it. viva la Jun 24 #76
Truth be known, Biden could die on the stage and I would still vote for him over Trump. Dan Jun 24 #79
I plan on watching TexasDem69 Jun 24 #80
I won't. I suffer from chronic anxiety going back to the Bush years. prodigitalson Jun 24 #81
Not gonna watch it. indigoth Jun 24 #82
I can't watch. Weak stomach for stupid. yourout Jun 24 #84
Wouldn't Miss It For the World DET Jun 24 #87
I might watch highlights on YouTube or check out transcripts Rob H. Jun 24 #88
Yes. I watch debates. Joe is a smart and funny debater who doesn't take bullshit from anyone. emulatorloo Jun 24 #90
I'm absolutely watching it. It hits on all my obsessions. nolabear Jun 24 #93
I will be going to see an early showing of the movie avebury Jun 24 #97
me Skittles Jun 24 #98
I'll probably watch but no promises. TheKentuckian Jun 24 #99
What debate? JohnSJ Jun 24 #102
We here at DU know that the fix is in by the media FarPoint Jun 24 #103
Dunno, eventually they won't be able to cover for Trump anymore. More and more obvious Trump has lost it. emulatorloo Jun 24 #106
We will have to endure... FarPoint Jun 24 #109
No I think I will do my blood pressure a favor and not watch the debate. doc03 Jun 24 #105
SO is having a hip replacement that day mcar Jun 24 #111
Good Luck to your SO! ... electric_blue68 Jun 24 #117
Thank you! Yes, outpatient mcar Jun 25 #119
I'll listen to it Marthe48 Jun 24 #112
Not watching it DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 24 #113
The debate will be better than sex Polybius Jun 24 #114
i don't think i can take it. Takket Jun 24 #115
I want to watch him disintegrate into blathering nonsense DemocraticPatriot Jun 24 #116
I rarely watch drumphf. Ick. For this, definetly Yes. Bc... electric_blue68 Jun 24 #118
Not watching an illegitimate circus shit show propped up by a corrupt media enterprise msfiddlestix Jun 25 #120
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