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That is so funny Srkdqltr Jun 20 #1
Family Values Party. Plus, they believe in States Rights, unless they hold the power in Washington, DC OAITW r.2.0 Jun 20 #2
"exercising his Second Amendment right" dgauss Jun 20 #3
I feel bad that line made me laugh out loud, but my gods what an idiot for saying it! Hekate Jun 20 #22
The right to chase a stripper while armed shall not be infringed. yellowcanine Jun 21 #45
Maybe she somehow got close enough to him to steal his wallet. Jim__ Jun 20 #4
If that was the case, he should have contacted law enforcement, DemocraticPatriot Jun 20 #9
I totally agree. Mr. Evil Jun 20 #20
Or maybe she refused to go "get a nightcap with him" and his delicate ego calimary Jun 20 #31
This family man should have been home with his family at 2:45 AM but instead he's Deuxcents Jun 20 #5
I want to hear his wife's and preacher's sides. czarjak Jun 20 #15
Ahem. I am fairly sure that according to them, Jesus will forgive him Hekate Jun 20 #23
Took a while to find out... Grins Jun 20 #30
I don't recall as the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to DemocraticPatriot Jun 20 #6
Hey... he was there for the sdfernando Jun 20 #7
Among Republicans, this will just give him street cred. PeaceWave Jun 20 #8
this one is pretty entertaining, but NJCher Jun 20 #10
Sen. David Vitter? Pinback Jun 20 #18
That was unforgettable -- and extremely cringe-inducing. For comedy I preferred Fanne Foxe... Hekate Jun 20 #25
I remember that one, too NJCher Jun 21 #40
That's it!! NJCher Jun 21 #38
They're all the same; lying hypocrites. Joinfortmill Jun 20 #11
Faith and family my ass. 3catwoman3 Jun 20 #12
Shouldn't this be posted in the "Guns, Hookers, and Blow" Forum? NBachers Jun 20 #13
I need to post there, but I've been looking for it all day... rubbersole Jun 20 #27
Who here knew that traditional conservative values include LisaL Jun 20 #14
Like it's the first time too? czarjak Jun 20 #16
Even Trump didn't shoot Stormy Daniels. Liberty Belle Jun 20 #19
Stormy! NJCher Jun 21 #39
The Daily Mail? Really? SouthBayDem Jun 20 #17
The Detroit Free Press may have left out part of the story. hunter Jun 21 #35
News oulets shouldn't publish salacious claims willy nilly. nt SouthBayDem Jun 21 #36
In his defense, he thought she really loved him. Marcuse Jun 20 #21
Friske is as frisky does. N/T dobleremolque Jun 20 #24
was just going to say NJCher Jun 21 #41
After Stormy Daniels, you'd think they'd learn. Silent Type Jun 20 #26
Pleeeezze! rubbersole Jun 20 #29
Learn what ? That the cult will continue supporting them ? JI7 Jun 21 #37
The Daily Mail UK? SleeplessinSoCal Jun 20 #28
Was the stripper's name "Happiness"? Maybe this was the fucking pursuit of Happiness? SoFlaBro Jun 20 #32
"Faith and family" guy looks like a dangerous, deranged sociopath. 58Sunliner Jun 21 #33
Huh ... who woulda thought. Just exercising his 2nd Amendment right to KPN Jun 21 #34
"Always" exercising his second amendment right. GoodRaisin Jun 21 #42
He was lucky she didn't steal his gun. nt leftyladyfrommo Jun 21 #43
Update - This creep is being charged with weapons charges AND sexual assault... PeaceWave Jun 21 #44
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