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My bet, he's a no-show. Meadowoak Jun 16 #1
You may be right. kentuck Jun 16 #21
Agree republianmushroom Jun 16 #25
I've been saying this from the start birdographer Jun 16 #43
He's a no show IF he doesn't have this earpiece plan ready to go LiberalLovinLug Jun 16 #65
Or it won't be loud enough for him, and he will rant and rave at the technician and threaten not to pay him Walleye Jun 16 #89
Thoroughly frisk him on stage at the podium. Arne Jun 16 #2
My thought as well. Has anyone given thought to when Trump derails? bucolic_frolic Jun 16 #6
He had a shaky podium that almost toppled him in Minnesota. Arne Jun 16 #13
Not exactly the type of derail I had in mind, but I'll take it! /nt bucolic_frolic Jun 16 #18
Check him for weapons too. Marcuse Jun 16 #60
At our court house they took away my pocket knife. Arne Jun 16 #62
I feel sorry for the guy who has to frisk his diaper Tribetime Jun 16 #77
Brings back memories of Bush debating Kerry PatSeg Jun 16 #3
and medical professionals said MadameButterfly Jun 16 #23
It isn't fresh on my mind now, PatSeg Jun 16 #31
"Let me finish!" Kid Berwyn Jun 16 #58
Yes, apparently there were a couple of moments like that PatSeg Jun 16 #87
Also, he shouted, "Let me finish!" to no observable person. John1956PA Jun 16 #73
Oh, I hadn't thought about his hair PatSeg Jun 16 #88
I'm putting my two dollar bet on the convict showing his contempt for debates... Hugin Jun 16 #4
I expect the same meandering Trump but with themes, and a grand jugular move. bucolic_frolic Jun 16 #5
No, he won't for the reasons I outlined in the LAST thread that suggested this. brooklynite Jun 16 #7
Thank you. I completely missed that entire thread! niyad Jun 16 #28
Yes, he will. Think. Again. Jun 16 #29
Well argued Bucky Jun 16 #80
I try to avoid arguments. Think. Again. Jun 16 #81
you're right.. agingdem Jun 16 #30
A very large brrrain... rubbersole Jun 16 #44
Nailed it Random Boomer Jun 16 #64
Hack the frequency and feed him even more insane shit. NBachers Jun 16 #8
You Win. Arne Jun 16 #14
Keep repeating to him over and over "flap your arms and cluck like a chicken." Uncle Joe Jun 16 #59
My thought exactly elias7 Jun 16 #90
Debate team will jam any frequency. no_hypocrisy Jun 16 #9
I bet they are not stupid but does anyone have information beyond speculation? . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 16 #19
Of course not. We don't live in a world where people need facts before drawing conclusions Bucky Jun 16 #82
I doubt it, for the simple reason that even his handlers know Ocelot II Jun 16 #10
And...Biden will still be able to provoke him... The Unmitigated Gall Jun 16 #53
Nah, he wouldn't listen to it. Even if he did, what he really needs is a hidden mouthpiece. KPN Jun 16 #11
He'll hide the device in his diaper...we'll find out when... MiHale Jun 16 #12
George Bush did that Tickle Jun 16 #15
There was that questionable box-like bulge on his back that no wrinkle in a niyad Jun 16 #33
They would not feed him full sentences... kentuck Jun 16 #16
An earpiece in the hairpiece? WheelWalker Jun 16 #17
I like that the debate will have a mute button. QED Jun 16 #20
Joe still might need to tell him to shut up nikatnyte Jun 16 #56
Dubya had the square doohickey under the MOMFUDSKI Jun 16 #22
It never was determined what that was, but a difference between W and Trump Ocelot II Jun 16 #71
Trump will bullshit his way through the entire debate. sop Jun 16 #24
Joe could have the secret service run a frequency scan and broadcast LuvLoogie Jun 16 #26
I hope they actually do take that precaution. Think. Again. Jun 16 #32
Keep saying "you're a fucking idiot" over and over - he'll think Pooty is talking to him. Talitha Jun 16 #41
Surreptitiously repeating what you hear is probably much more difficult than reading out loud. Towlie Jun 16 #27
They'll rehearse it. Think. Again. Jun 16 #34
It would go like this: ZonkerHarris Jun 16 #35
I can see that happening and Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 16 #50
I was thinking this, too birdographer Jun 16 #45
It won't help much since his advisors are also imbeciles ThoughtCriminal Jun 16 #36
Joe Biden should DEMAND that bluestarone Jun 16 #37
Under oath? It's not a court of law. Who would enforce such a thing? onenote Jun 16 #66
Maybe just to highlight TFG LIES all the time? bluestarone Jun 16 #69
It wouldn't matter. He doesn't listen to goddamn thing. Bristlecone Jun 16 #38
He should be in a cage. twodogsbarking Jun 16 #39
Trump is looking for excuses to bail. I think he may suddenly call in sick with a horrible, temporary illness. keithbvadu2 Jun 16 #40
Is it too late to request Judge Merchan as another Moderator? Talitha Jun 16 #42
Even with an earpiece Bettie Jun 16 #46
I use bone conduction headphones when I swim: Just 2 little speakers that hook onto my goggles strap. AnotherMother4Peace Jun 16 #47
Doesn't need one. He hears voices all the time. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 16 #48
Why would the "MIT connected" man with a "very good brain" need help answering questions? LudwigPastorius Jun 16 #49
TSF's standard answer to every question...."Can I phone a friend"? KS Toronado Jun 16 #51
I doubt Trump would function a whole lot better with an earpiece. He'd have to pay attention and he'd have Martin68 Jun 16 #52
Thats exactly what they accused both Hillary & Biden of having. oldsoftie Jun 16 #54
Since the debate is at 9pm, if he is 'sun downing' it will be on full display Siwsan Jun 16 #55
Hack his frequency... lame54 Jun 16 #57
When was the last time TSF took questions from the press? Sneederbunk Jun 16 #61
You may be right... Mike Nelson Jun 16 #63
It wouldn't matter. Patton French Jun 16 #67
His handlers could be reciting the Declaration of Independence into his ear Xavier Breath Jun 16 #68
Could we plant someone in the audience with a jammer? CanonRay Jun 16 #70
One word: Suppository. A BIG suppository. Buns_of_Fire Jun 16 #72
I don't think that Trump is cognitively competent enough, to repeat DemocraticPatriot Jun 16 #74
What Good Will That Do? ProfessorGAC Jun 16 #75
This kind of speculation is silly and I wish it would just stop. Ocelot II Jun 16 #76
hidden earpieces Cathy Bayer Jun 16 #78
Maybe a robotic clone of Trump that can actually speak and looks 20 years younger? WarGamer Jun 16 #79
How would that be helpful? He does not listen to others. Lettuce Be Jun 16 #83
They will both have earpieces. That's how audio is done on live TV. n/t librechik Jun 16 #84
The signal could be jammed or at least detected. Turbineguy Jun 16 #85
Let him. There's no way he can pull that off. He'll look like he's listening really hard for several seconds after brewens Jun 16 #86
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