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23. Mine is black
Sat Jun 15, 2024, 03:25 PM
Jun 15

it was on the lot and there was a shortage but I also like the look of the basic black. My next one will be a color though if I can.

I am surprised cyclonefence Jun 15 #1
I loved my dark green car in the 90's. I was disappointed when I couldn't get another since. jimfields33 Jun 15 #4
My favorite car cyclonefence Jun 15 #7
Love BRG. My buddy had a MG TD in BRG. A real head turner. I'm partial to Honda ketchup red.. nt mitch96 Jun 15 #49
My first car was an emerald green 1958 Buick Special csziggy Jun 16 #85
When I bought my car Mossfern Jun 15 #2
Had the same issue with my grey Corolla happybird Jun 15 #33
I own a burgundy Honda Civic and have a funny story. llmart Jun 16 #75
I did almost that ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 16 #78
I'm a silver haired Mossfern Jun 16 #81
Was out on an errand with a friend this morning, and we were noticing Ocelot II Jun 15 #3
I feel the same way TexasBushwhacker Jun 15 #16
Also had that Datsun, loved it. Arne Jun 15 #54
This one? Ocelot II Jun 15 #57
That looks earlier. Arne Jun 15 #58
Mine was a '76. First new car I ever had. Ocelot II Jun 15 #60
Mine was a company perk. Arne Jun 15 #61
So a piss yellow Camero is a no go? JanMichael Jun 16 #73
And gray cars are harder to see on cloudy days and in fog. lastlib Jun 15 #5
Interesting data. anciano Jun 15 #6
Quite a few of those colors are no longer used because the pigments are toxic. hunter Jun 16 #87
And that "new" look they've been doing... yagotme Jun 15 #8
Yeah, I call it "Milk Gray", for lack of a better word . . . hatrack Jun 16 #93
I've been seeing are a mid to darkish gray also. yagotme Jun 16 #95
I still drive my yellow '02 T-Bird Ohio Joe Jun 15 #9
nice ZonkerHarris Jun 15 #11
My first car was burgandy senseandsensibility Jun 15 #10
Burgundy. Wednesdays Jun 15 #18
My Soul Red Mazda gets lots of compliments. it's the prettiest spooky3 Jun 15 #12
Same hear. Beautiful red. Also lots of parking lot compliments. Have had the Mazda 6 for 8 years. n/t marked50 Jun 15 #24
Mazda's shade of red is really distinctive. Catches my eye all the time. Pretty. EarnestPutz Jun 15 #30
Agree with y'all True Dough Jun 16 #76
My son has a red Mazda. mnhtnbb Jun 16 #98
That is because gibraltar72 Jun 15 #13
I bought my bright blue minivan brand new in stock off the lot. NY Giants blue. ZonkerHarris Jun 15 #43
And I my Pearl red Traverse. gibraltar72 Jun 16 #71
I first read this as A_Woman_from_MI Jun 15 #14
I read it as cats, too! yardwork Jun 15 #37
Mine was a gold 71 Monte... rogerballard Jun 15 #15
Lovely marked50 Jun 15 #25
I had a 1970 Monte Carlo years ago Bristlecone Jun 15 #48
I've owned two '70 Monte Carlos. I'd give anything to RubyRose Jun 17 #101
Cool. Now do the percentage of cars in 1930 Wednesdays Jun 15 #17
Henry Ford thinks this is okay. ZonkerHarris Jun 15 #44
It's just as bad among motorcycles, too Rob H. Jun 15 #19
I'm a big Honda MC fan. My 2005 ST 1300 was metallic red. The 2004 was dark blue and the 2003 was silver mitch96 Jun 15 #53
We were in Europe twice recently (Germany and Portugal) and it's even more monochromatic..... EarnestPutz Jun 15 #20
i reemember when the cars were all white . we put t shirts on the front seats to show that this car was ours. AllaN01Bear Jun 15 #22
anything but black. AllaN01Bear Jun 15 #21
Mine is black dsc Jun 15 #23
I think they all look alike - SUV or trucks. Nothing more than transportation walkingman Jun 15 #26
There may be another reason for the paucity of color of cars on the road. marked50 Jun 15 #27
I noticed that awhile ago. And body styles don't really vary that much for the mainstream cars. captain queeg Jun 15 #28
used to have a metallic grey Civic and got mixed up in parking lots many times. Ubiquitous. ZonkerHarris Jun 15 #45
On my 3rd blue Vette in a row! A HERETIC I AM Jun 15 #29
very cool ZonkerHarris Jun 15 #46
""Riptide Blue Metallic"" Now THAT is a beautiful car...Puts Ferrari to shame.. Love it in Red also...nt mitch96 Jun 15 #55
People are only 10% as colorful as they were 50 years, marybourg Jun 15 #31
Which is why my parents went for a color car sakabatou Jun 15 #32
In Las Vegas all paint colors burn out in a matter of years...only white survives. pecosbob Jun 15 #34
I loved the cars of the 50s and 60s. Yellow, turquoise, blue, and green. sinkingfeeling Jun 15 #35
My '97 dually truck is teal colored Bayard Jun 15 #36
Another paint trend I've noticed recently Brother Buzz Jun 15 #38
Like putty? blogslug Jun 16 #67
They look like some home decor Lars39 Jun 16 #70
A coat of paint can turn a vehicle into a subliminal chick car? Brother Buzz Jun 16 #89
Hope yet for the Pacer! Lars39 Jun 16 #90
Champagne /gold hides dirt best Captain Zero Jun 17 #103
Guilty. My current car is "Sonic Silver." rsdsharp Jun 15 #39
They are the cheapest colors to make, they charge several hundred dollars doc03 Jun 15 #40
When did two-tone vehicles become unpopular? Emile Jun 15 #41
My 65 Chevy was Evening Orchid CanonRay Jun 15 #42
When you spend a ton of money on a car you don't want to get sick of some bright yellow or neon orange or Liberal In Texas Jun 15 #47
True PatSeg Jun 16 #83
I'm so happy my white SUV has black door knobs and mirrors or I would never a kennedy Jun 15 #50
I saw a beautiful brown car today..brand new range rover? Demovictory9 Jun 15 #51
I keep reading that as GenThePerservering Jun 15 #52
The last time I bought a new car (2019), I was disappointed in the limited range of colors available Silent3 Jun 15 #56
I like your thinking there ZonkerHarris Jun 16 #86
love this colourway Celerity Jun 15 #59
I had been noticing more blue cars over the past few years yellowdogintexas Jun 15 #62
I'm going to buck the trend and state that I intentionally bought my '24 Corolla in the most blend-in grey I could find. NBachers Jun 15 #63
Ah the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Captain Zero Jun 17 #104
We need to go back to early days when Henry Ford reportedly said that you could have any color as long as it is black Wonder Why Jun 15 #64
i love color. ZonkerHarris Jun 16 #66
Here's mine Polybius Jun 15 #65
My first Prius was British Racing Green MurrayDelph Jun 16 #68
When I bought mine in 2020... jmowreader Jun 16 #69
Noticed this when we were recently car shopping maxrandb Jun 16 #72
My cars are both base models. MineralMan Jun 16 #74
It's probably the same philosophy as neutral interior paint colors on houses Shermann Jun 16 #77
I loved my yellow Ford Escape.. I could always find it samnsara Jun 16 #79
I've got to remind us all that owning and driving a car is one of the worst things we can do. Ron Green Jun 16 #80
A carton of spray paint, a few rolls of masking tape, you can have any colors you like. hunter Jun 16 #82
Was doing a test drive at Porsche two weeks ago. usedtobedemgurl Jun 16 #84
people like variety ZonkerHarris Jun 16 #88
Yes, they do. NT usedtobedemgurl Jun 16 #91
Yeah I fell in line hurl Jun 16 #92
I had a blue Olds in '89 that I still love so much. Miss that car. ZonkerHarris Jun 16 #94
and twice as expensive. WarGamer Jun 16 #96
I have been driving red cars mnhtnbb Jun 16 #97
The newer gray is the color of many roads. Without daytime pwb Jun 16 #99
Look at movies from the '60s and '70s. Parking lots are as colorful as a box of crayons. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 17 #100
true ZonkerHarris Jun 17 #105
Green was bad for resale/trade value Captain Zero Jun 17 #102
I had a forest green Chevy Blazer for many years. loved that color. ZonkerHarris Jun 19 #106
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