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What do you mean by "meaningful"? WhiskeyGrinder Jun 14 #1
I mean "delivering a message". sir pball Jun 14 #8
"Disaffected boys doing bad things" is not a message; it's a theme. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 14 #13
Why is Taylor Swift not meaningful? Ohio Joe Jun 14 #2
Because she sings about her loves and breakups. sir pball Jun 14 #4
Ahh... Ohio Joe Jun 14 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Jun 14 #16
Maybe the singles do have an inherent meaning, just not a meaning you care about? Torchlight Jun 15 #22
So, singing about "love" is getting old? Wednesdays Jun 15 #40
That's pop music, so did the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, etc. betsuni Jun 17 #61
This message was self-deleted by its author sir pball Jun 14 #5
Love me some Tay Tay!!! MotownPgh Jun 14 #7
Not everything has to be a public service announcement. Gaugamela Jun 14 #3
yes Skittles Jun 14 #6
I think you get it sir pball Jun 14 #9
I know what you're saying PatSeg Jun 14 #15
Here's a list of the MTV Video of the Year winners. I don't see a steady pattern of "meaningful" videos. onenote Jun 14 #11
Wait, This Notes For You won???? AZSkiffyGeek Jun 15 #33
Remember when MTV showed videos? flvegan Jun 14 #12
Exactly Where I Went ProfessorGAC Jun 15 #23
I heard this claim once, and maybe it's just a myth, but... Dr. Strange Jun 15 #52
You sure you aren't thinking Headbangers ball? tornado34jh Jun 14 #14
Mind mentioning... 2naSalit Jun 15 #17
Never paid attention to MTV that much. But in terms of meaningful songs nothing Tayler Swift has ever Autumn Jun 15 #18
By the way, does anyone remember what the "M" in "MTV" stands for? brooklynite Jun 15 #19
I think it was Music TV. Every generation has their dance..we had ours Deuxcents Jun 15 #26
Not really. yardwork Jun 15 #20
I remember thwm going on air DiverDave Jun 15 #29
The Buggles! DemocraticPatriot Jun 17 #60
DU is pretty up there age wise. Mostly mid to late 70s and up. BannonsLiver Jun 15 #21
Nothing wrong with Taylor Swift. Elessar Zappa Jun 15 #24
yes, Aerosmith is right up there with Dostoevsky and de Balzac in terms of meaning Celerity Jun 15 #25
"I know, nobody knows, the way it comes, the way it goes." John1956PA Jun 15 #27
different strokes and all that Celerity Jun 15 #28
Hi friend! Always good the meet you on the threads. John1956PA Jun 15 #30
same Celerity Jun 15 #34
Great video! Thanks for sharing! John1956PA Jun 15 #37
Agreed, that's a much better video than Cryin' sir pball Jun 15 #47
What does Aerosmith have to do with this? sir pball Jun 15 #46
my reply was sarcasm (Aerosmith won the year after Pearl Jam) Celerity Jun 15 #48
You're right, it doesn't sir pball Jun 15 #49
I do not like Imagine, deffo not my cuppa, just to go on the record (no pun intended). Celerity Jun 15 #50
Cheers! Here's something that's my jam, as reinterpreted on drums (quite well) by a very talented young lady: sir pball Jun 16 #58
Keep on yelling at that cloud and you'll chase those kids off of your lawn Orrex Jun 15 #31
MTV plays music videos ? JI7 Jun 15 #32
What nonsense. Swift has plenty of meaningful songs on lots of topics. See whiskygrinder's post. emulatorloo Jun 15 #35
Walked into the Luxor Hotel and Casino yesterday to make a delivery. pecosbob Jun 15 #36
Don't knock Tay Tay...She's shaping up to be our nominee for President in 2040. PeaceWave Jun 15 #38
She could run in 2028. LuvLoogie Jun 15 #41
Well, I do remember in the 60's when "Underground" FM radio stations played songs that couldn't get played on AM radio. jalan48 Jun 15 #39
So many you mad at how good TS is. LuvLoogie Jun 15 #42
DU: 'I've never heard any of her songs, but I know that I hate them.' emulatorloo Jun 15 #43
I'm not mad at all. I respect her talent and drive, I just don't find her terribly deep or meaningful. sir pball Jun 15 #45
Google tells me that 45% of her fans MotownPgh Jun 15 #55
Very little popular music in the past half century or so has been "deep or meaningful" Orrex Jun 16 #57
Grandpa, is that you? NT GenThePerservering Jun 15 #44
Dammit, I want to see more Guy Lombardo! Buns_of_Fire Jun 15 #51
Was anybody forcing you to listen? niyad Jun 15 #53
Meh, Nirvana was better Polybius Jun 15 #54
Give me Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa all day long. ZonkerHarris Jun 16 #56
Answer: No. MTV video awards have never been meaningful... brooklynite Jun 16 #59
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