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15. It's human sacrifice that validates the sacred importance
Fri Jun 14, 2024, 08:26 PM
Jun 14

of their guns freedom. They might as well be throwing virgins into a volcano, but of course they’re “christians”.

The gun deaths IS THE POINT [View all] Bluesaph Jun 14 OP
I think it's worse than that. SarahD Jun 14 #1
Hmm, I don't remember seeing this in the decision: yagotme Jun 14 #3
It's my own conclusion. SarahD Jun 14 #4
Are you sure? yagotme Jun 14 #6
that's because some tend to ignore any and all facts that don't support the fairy tales they're pushing. canuckledragger Jun 14 #16
So, since you are the keeper of the facts, lay some on me. yagotme Jun 14 #19
yes, it's certainly obvious that someone is trying to derail a meaningfull discussion here. canuckledragger Jun 14 #21
Why does there need to be more than one? EarlG Jun 15 #74
If we banned an item every time it was used in a mass killing, we would have nothing. yagotme Jun 15 #75
Thought experiment for you, on gun ownership in general EarlG Jun 15 #82
As a thought experiment, (as both things are impossible), here's my take: yagotme Jun 15 #85
Thanks for the reply EarlG Jun 15 #97
You're welcome. Nice to have a normal discourse for once. yagotme Jun 15 #100
Pretty sure. SarahD Jun 14 #18
Bump stocks are the issue of the day. yagotme Jun 14 #23
According to that logic SarahD Jun 14 #27
The flaw in that logic is, the installation of a full auto switch in a Glock, yagotme Jun 14 #38
If the conversion device was made before 1986 and you could thatdemguy Jun 14 #40
The law in question does not allow that Zeitghost Jun 14 #47
The 2nd is not above the 1st! Bluesaph Jun 15 #66
Your title and your first sentence don't jibe. yagotme Jun 15 #72
This seems to not recognize the future oldmanlynn Jun 14 #24
Magazines aren't covered, right? Ban all magazines? They're not firearms, after all... yagotme Jun 14 #29
Semantics much? Bluesaph Jun 15 #67
"Explain yourself" yagotme Jun 15 #73
So ... as it's NOT a gun ... Bluesaph Jun 15 #78
Deer hunters are limited, by law, as to how many rounds they can carry in the weapon. yagotme Jun 15 #89
It will be used to kill. That's its purpose. It's not a toy. Bluesaph Jun 15 #99
Thousands were made. Some 3-D printed. yagotme Jun 15 #101
You need some better arguments. Bluesaph Jun 16 #102
I agree. yagotme Jun 16 #103
They were outlawed after that once incidence. Bluesaph Jun 16 #104
The ATF looked at them more than once before Vegas, and declared them legal. yagotme Jun 16 #105
Now you're changing the argument. Bluesaph Jun 16 #106
No, I'm stating factual history. yagotme Jun 16 #107
I'm all for personal liberty too. But not on stupid toys. Bluesaph Jun 16 #108
Bump stocks are NOT weapons. It's the weapon that fires. yagotme Jun 16 #109
Good news. SarahD Jun 14 #50
Yes, as I understand the SC ruling, if Congress passes legislation banning them it would. MichMan Jun 15 #51
Bump stocks are for target practice and wasting ammo Melon Jun 15 #58
Don't you think that once in Las Vegas was enough? LuckyCharms Jun 15 #79
One incident. yagotme Jun 15 #86
You are very hard over on this issue. LuckyCharms Jun 15 #88
USSC made a ruling. I looked at the law, have knowledge about how bump stocks work, yagotme Jun 15 #91
That's nice. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 15 #92
Thank you. yagotme Jun 15 #93
You wouldn't be happy if you knew what I am thinking. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 15 #94
Now, now, let's be nice. yagotme Jun 15 #95
Of course. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 15 #96
Umm, it's a consequence of the decision Dave says Jun 14 #11
She said that? Really? I'd like to read that... nt yagotme Jun 14 #12
Disrespect. Kingofalldems Jun 14 #13
Who? What? Where? yagotme Jun 14 #14
You gave a smart aleck answer to the poster. Kingofalldems Jun 14 #17
Stated I hadn't viewed the statement in question. yagotme Jun 14 #20
someone obviously CAN'T handle having their derailment attempts questioned! canuckledragger Jun 14 #22
Talking about OP subject equals derailment. yagotme Jun 14 #25
no, pushing propaganda, hyperbole and lies equals derailment. canuckledragger Jun 14 #30
I'll have to remember that when someone posts something not factual here. yagotme Jun 14 #41
then try to remeber it for your next post if you don't want to look silly. canuckledragger Jun 14 #42
Yes, when I reply to a silly post from now on, I'll try not to look silly. yagotme Jun 14 #44
then try telling the truth. canuckledragger Jun 14 #45
I'd ask to cite where I lied, but I already know what you're going to say... nt yagotme Jun 14 #49
And we know that someone will gaslight and lie regardless. canuckledragger Jun 15 #56
Well spotted, canuckledragger Hekate Jun 15 #59
Yes, someone has been busy following me around the board. yagotme Jun 15 #71
Yes, someone has been running wild pushing a lot of propaganda and bad-faith arguments. canuckledragger Jun 15 #81
Yup, and I counter that propaganda as best I can. yagotme Jun 15 #84
and when questioned, some just double down on the lies and propaganda. canuckledragger Jun 15 #87
I know what you mean. I've seen that a lot lately. yagotme Jun 15 #90
2d time you've called me a liar. yagotme Jun 15 #70
Someone thinks it's all about them. canuckledragger Jun 15 #80
When you are replying to me, and infer/directly say I'm lying, well, I guess that DOES make it about me. yagotme Jun 15 #83
How about this: Gun violence is the leading cause of death for American children. Irish_Dem Jun 14 #28
You say this every time the Supreme Court issues a decision TexasDem69 Jun 14 #32
How many children are killed by bump stocks yearly? Is there even a number, other that Las Vegas? yagotme Jun 14 #39
gun violence apologists are pathetic. canuckledragger Jun 14 #43
Name calling now. You're really sinking low. yagotme Jun 14 #46
boy, gun violence apologists get angry when their propaganda and gaslighting are called out! canuckledragger Jun 15 #55
They are very sensitive people, after all Hekate Jun 15 #61
yes, some tend to alert on others here when their comments are disputed. canuckledragger Jun 15 #65
I have NEVER alerted on a post here. I have been tempted, though. yagotme Jun 15 #68
It's my understanding that this is a civil discussion board. yagotme Jun 15 #69
It's not the job of the courts Zeitghost Jun 14 #48
gun humpers seem to love calling themselves PRO-LIFE Skittles Jun 14 #2
I'm having a flashback... Hekate Jun 15 #63
There are a lot of psychopaths I_UndergroundPanther Jun 14 #5
And the gunners are out trolling all over GD Kingofalldems Jun 14 #7
well of course Skittles Jun 14 #8
Where has anyone said it was a "great" decision? TexasDem69 Jun 14 #33
Don't have to say it Kingofalldems Jun 14 #35
So zero evidence to support your argument TexasDem69 Jun 14 #36
Why Putin subverted the NRA usonian Jun 14 #9
Yup. If we can. onecaliberal Jun 14 #10
It's human sacrifice that validates the sacred importance Gaugamela Jun 14 #15
The US regularly kills its citizens to appease the gun gods. Irish_Dem Jun 14 #26
Gun deaths happen because the GOP and Movement applegrove Jun 14 #31
Do you really believe this? TexasDem69 Jun 14 #34
I'm talking about the people behind the people who don't want reasonable gun regulation. applegrove Jun 14 #37
And the vast majority of gun deaths are caused by handguns MichMan Jun 15 #52
But it would stop an event, where 60 people died, 500 injured, applegrove Jun 15 #53
Most likely it wouldn't have stopped the event Kaleva Jun 15 #54
But the rate of fire during the Vegas shooting was much greater than applegrove Jun 15 #57
Again, only a miniscule percentage of gun deaths can be attributed to either AR15 or bump stops MichMan Jun 15 #64
I guess we are just helpless beings and there is nothing that can be done Hekate Jun 15 #62
Sure. Lock up lawbreakers. yagotme Jun 15 #77
Our national gun fetish is a self-inflicted form of domestic terrorism Hekate Jun 15 #60
They can't win on the strength of their ideas C_U_L8R Jun 15 #76
Yep, we're violent, with our black clothes and our grey cars. Iggo Jun 15 #98
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