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9. They're trying to kill us and make things horrible or impossible for women and minorities.
Thu Jun 13, 2024, 08:48 AM
Jun 13

That is a hard pass. All day, everyday. No. Hell fucking no.

Yeah, i'm gonna have to disagree with you on thatat Fullduplexxx Jun 13 #1
You do realize that "cant" without the apostrophe is a separate word with niyad Jun 13 #12
You do realise that in English VMA131Marine Jun 13 #31
Can there be a can there? n/t Harker Jun 13 #34
Ever so many MadLinguist Jun 13 #35
Perhaps more importantly... Harker Jun 13 #37
Enough of your smut there fella,... magicarpet Jun 13 #54
For the benefit of the children, I will not tell any jokes! Harker Jun 13 #55
Do you realize you need to respect your home language? the language of science worldwide? Language is thought. ancianita Jun 13 #81
REALISE is the English spelling Skittles Jun 13 #85
Trying to eliminate apostrophes is like playing Whack-A-Mole. Mister Ed Jun 13 #50
😂 Fullduplexxx Jun 13 #57
That also drives me crazy. niyad Jun 13 #76
Ha! They're everywhere! babylonsister Jun 13 #87
Cant Mblaze Jun 13 #59
Wow bummer ....nt Fullduplexxx Jun 13 #60
I've read this whole section of the thread and I've got one question. Trueblue Texan Jun 14 #97
Are you having difficulty following the discussion? niyad Jun 14 #102
yes nt Trueblue Texan Jun 24 #103
I had a friend who would say "I'll pray for you" whenever we disagreed on these issues. sop Jun 13 #2
Not much of a friend. Baitball Blogger Jun 13 #8
That's the fundie equivalent of "bless your heart" in the South. TwilightZone Jun 13 #13
"I'll pray for you" while you burn at the stake. sop Jun 13 #19
That's when you should reply Xavier Breath Jun 13 #17
Perfect. I gonna use that mountain grammy Jun 13 #24
LOVE this. What a great response! calimary Jun 13 #72
"Yeah...god got with me about that. He said... ret5hd Jun 13 #27
Reminds me of something Oprah said! BlueKota Jun 13 #36
Exactly! Goddessartist Jun 13 #3
I don't just say it to Republicans BlueKota Jun 13 #39
100% Goddessartist Jun 13 #41
Nope IbogaProject Jun 13 #80
I'm with you. Joinfortmill Jun 13 #4
If you vote for Trump and Republicans to end democracy, then no you will not be my friend. Lonestarblue Jun 13 #5
Well,... aren't you just the cantankerous one to deal with. magicarpet Jun 13 #68
I am an old crank 😝, too old to put up with the garbage spouted by the MAGA crowd! LOL Lonestarblue Jun 13 #74
I take this as a sign that some of... Hugin Jun 13 #6
We can disagree and still be family, but we can't be friends. Croney Jun 13 #7
They're trying to kill us and make things horrible or impossible for women and minorities. onecaliberal Jun 13 #9
I'm with you on that. CaptainTruth Jun 13 #38
Apostrophes, and learning how to spell. . "itz". ."letz". .grrrrr. niyad Jun 13 #10
Apparently we were typing our comments at the same time PatSeg Jun 13 #15
Perhaps it is deliberate, to entice slower reading and contemplation. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 13 #75
All it entices me to do is leave. niyad Jun 13 #78
Ha! Ur knot won uv thu target's. :D Hermit-The-Prog Jun 13 #88
You can come out now. I put my ruler away! niyad Jun 13 #91
I agree with the sentiment of the article PatSeg Jun 13 #11
As a former editor, all of that jumped out in flashing red neon, a most niyad Jun 13 #16
Yes and if it is excessive, PatSeg Jun 13 #18
Yes, I stop listening as well. Texting, or social media, or whatever, is niyad Jun 13 #22
I make my share of mistakes, PatSeg Jun 13 #47
He even messed up the title. The period after "friends" belongs inside the quotation mark. n/t thesquanderer Jun 13 #62
Oh yes, I missed that one PatSeg Jun 13 #65
yes Skittles Jun 13 #84
It is a shame PatSeg Jun 13 #90
it is a huge pet peeve of mine Skittles Jun 13 #92
Or even "coz"!!! niyad Jun 13 #94
don't get me started on WELP Skittles Jun 14 #98
Agreed. However, "welp" is actually the correct word in some instances, none niyad Jun 14 #100
from google Skittles Jun 14 #101
That is unnerving PatSeg Jun 13 #95
I admit my dad quite the fanatic too Skittles Jun 14 #99
In short: "why should I respect you if you won't respect me" unblock Jun 13 #14
Hard to make nice with people that say "the only good democrat and liberal is a dead democrat and liberal". Hotler Jun 13 #20
Already have n/t gay texan Jun 13 #79
No - it becomes about values and deep belief in lies - so I cannot be friends with repubs. No way. NewHendoLib Jun 13 #21
It's that power bullshit. chouchou Jun 13 #23
Beyond that DownriverDem Jun 13 #25
Have you ever heard Kumbaya? We could all sit in a circle on the floor and hum a few bars. magicarpet Jun 13 #69
I friended some high school pals on FB a few years ago after a reunion. I've unfriended most of them since. CrispyQ Jun 13 #26
I was friended by my HS boyfriend Freddie Jun 13 #30
How depressing! PatSeg Jun 13 #49
Yeah I know what you mean PatSeg Jun 13 #48
OMGs I was just having this 'discussion' with my 'landlord'! OldBaldy1701E Jun 13 #28
I'm no fan of Barry Goldwater, but I agree with this statement and it applies to this post ... aggiesal Jun 13 #29
Nor am I. Harker Jun 13 #56
One is friends SweetT Jun 13 #32
I would say Wow, such a sister. And you're right, you don't put your friends and family in such unnecessary peril, SWBTATTReg Jun 13 #52
I have a high school reunion this year & not going - TBF Jun 13 #33
That's the reason I quit Facebook after January 6th FakeNoose Jun 13 #43
I'm early Gen X - TBF Jun 13 #46
No. No we can't. Paladin Jun 13 #40
Me too, including my idiot brother who went down the hole. 617Blue Jun 13 #45
They think they are guided by their "religion" FakeNoose Jun 13 #42
their "religion" is very selective Skittles Jun 13 #86
There is no equivalency. nt 617Blue Jun 13 #44
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just not their own set of facts. bluesbassman Jun 13 #51
Yeah, I find it a bit hard to be friends with people who would like to shoot me in the street hadEnuf Jun 13 #53
Comments Old Okie Jun 13 #58
Goddess forfend that people comment on things that are important to them, niyad Jun 13 #93
If you support Trump, you don't want me to be your friend. hay rick Jun 13 #61
omg! love your first line: orleans Jun 13 #67
Good rant. Liberal In Texas Jun 13 #63
We probably could...but "they" definitely can't... Wounded Bear Jun 13 #64
Well, they see the word "abortion" as a euphemism for the "m" word Model35mech Jun 13 #66
Once they get their foot in the door and sieze the territory,.. magicarpet Jun 13 #70
Never been able to thread the logic of "agree to disagree." Both options seem absolute. allegorical oracle Jun 13 #71
Totally glossing over the important point (which I agree with), and being a language snob instead... Silent3 Jun 13 #73
Being friends with magats, not a chance. With just plain republicans either for that matter. brush Jun 13 #77
Where I live, if I live by that rule I'll be a very lonely person. oldsoftie Jun 13 #82
No we can't. Righteous Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #83
My ex has family that vote for DT. 58Sunliner Jun 13 #89
It's like a friend telling you,... Trueblue Texan Jun 13 #96
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