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Not buying propaganda from either multigraincracker Jun 11 #1
So you equate Hamas with Israel? PCIntern Jun 11 #2
I think neither are telling the full truth in this situation sboatcar Jun 11 #3
Israel is the victim. I'd always take the side of the victim jimfields33 Jun 11 #5
Gaza is also a victim obamanut2012 Jun 11 #7
Exactly. multigraincracker Jun 11 #12
Hamas has victimized the people of Gaza as much as anyone NickB79 Jun 11 #19
Bingo Cosmocat Jun 12 #27
And Israel played into it exactly as they saw sboatcar Jun 12 #32
That's An Odd Statement The Magistrate Jun 12 #36
I agree, and it was a mistake for the people of gaza to elect them in the first place sboatcar Jun 12 #38
We Would Seem In Substantial Agreement, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #42
That's the real tragedy here sboatcar Jun 12 #44
Unfortunately, That Falls Short The Magistrate Jun 12 #46
No one is calling for it to stop though sboatcar Jun 12 #49
The attack started the war. What in the world are you speaking to? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #64
I just wish the leaders in Gaza weren't so keen to sacrifice their people sboatcar Jun 12 #50
Come on. There hasn't been an election inn15 years. The Gazans didn't elect Hamas to attack on Oct. 7 brush Jun 12 #79
Are you actually suggesting that just because there hasn't been an election in 15 years, Gazans don't support Hamas? SunSeeker Jun 13 #87
Like the Gazans have a choice tothrow off Hamas rule. What about Israel, does it have a choice to throw off warmonger... brush Jun 13 #88
Do you really think Gazans don't support Hamas? Do you think the polls are wrong? SunSeeker Jun 13 #91
I think the majority of Gazans just want to live in peace, like the majority of Isrealis. brush Jun 13 #92
Gazans were not asked to protest Hamas, they were anonymously asked if they support Hamas SunSeeker Jun 13 #93
My answer is the same. IMO you put too much faith in easily manipulated polls. brush Jun 13 #94
And yet they're willing to send their boys to die for Hamas and live among Hamas during war. SunSeeker Jun 13 #95
What are you talking about? There are 2.3 million Gazans. Hamas forces are maybe 30k. brush Jun 13 #96
WTF. We're talking about Hamas supporters, not Hamas forces. SunSeeker Jun 13 #98
Well math is certainly not your strong point. Like I said, 30k Hamas forces is maybe 1 percent... brush Jun 13 #101
My math is fine. Making a point is not your strong suit. SunSeeker Jun 13 #103
Stop the hate. Most people want to live in peace...on both sides. Try it yourself. brush Jun 14 #105
"Stop the hate. ... Try it yourself" What hate? betsuni Jun 14 #106
Do you even recognize impartiality when it's right in your face? brush Jun 14 #107
Israel is ForgedCrank Jun 12 #83
So that justifies killing so many civilians? sboatcar Jun 12 #31
There are 30 some thousand dead in Gaza, 1200 in Israel. Way more victims in the collective punishment inGaza. brush Jun 12 #78
I'll tell you something...you're right PCIntern Jun 11 #8
Well, you and I both know, it wouldn't have mattered. Behind the Aegis Jun 12 #22
Horrifyingly true. PCIntern Jun 12 #23
I agree, and that was awful, but how many gazan civilians does that justify killing? sboatcar Jun 12 #33
Hamas uses Palestinians to shield them. jimfields33 Jun 12 #51
US enid602 Jun 12 #77
What kind of shield does Uncle Sam make? Certainly not a human shield. Beastly Boy Jun 12 #84
The best kind of shield enid602 Jun 13 #97
And You Would Be Dead Wrong The Magistrate Jun 13 #100
Do you see no difference between an unwilling human shielding an agressor and a willing ally Beastly Boy Jun 13 #102
'willing ally' enid602 Jun 14 #104
You must be joking. Beastly Boy Jun 14 #108
One word enid602 Jun 14 #110
If this is the punchline, I prefer The Aristocrats jokes Beastly Boy Jun 14 #111
It's A Shame When A Good Python Fan Goes To The Bad, Eh? The Magistrate Jun 14 #112
Albatross enid602 Jun 14 #113
I know what an albatross refers to Beastly Boy Jun 14 #114
Oh, Do, Please, Go On About The U.S. Being Held Captive By Israel The Magistrate Jun 14 #109
So how many gazans does that justify killing? sboatcar Jun 12 #40
Your question is a logical fallacy. Mosby Jun 12 #70
Interesting... Mike Nelson Jun 11 #4
The 36,000 civilian deaths reported by Hamas health agency will come back to bite Sinwar in the ass. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #6
They probably won't. maxsolomon Jun 11 #10
I am OK with posthumous condemnation. The sooner the better. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #11
On the contrary FBaggins Jun 12 #26
I am talking about international courts holding him responsible for the crime of genocide Beastly Boy Jun 12 #29
Right? Who's more in the wrong here? sboatcar Jun 12 #34
If I'm not mistaken, Sinwar isn't the one killing thousands of civilians sboatcar Jun 12 #43
Sinwar confessed to his intent to cause all the civilian deaths and to cause them. Beastly Boy Jun 12 #47
Gotcha, if you ask someone to commit a crime, then the person who actually commits it isn't guilty? sboatcar Jun 12 #48
No, you didn't get me. Beastly Boy Jun 12 #55
I'm still not sure that killing civilians is justifiable homicide sboatcar Jun 12 #57
Depends on the circumstances and the law, doesn't it? Beastly Boy Jun 12 #58
Hamas has committed more than "the initial act". RandomNumbers Jun 12 #75
Your premise is an insane demand for impunity for TheKentuckian Jun 12 #76
Wow!!!!! MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #80
Thank you. madaboutharry Jun 12 #86
Hear Hear, Sir The Magistrate Jun 13 #89
The Palestinians who agreed to coexist with Jewish people live in Israel. yardwork Jun 11 #9
Not so. They were expelled and "cleansed" or fled. AloeVera Jun 11 #13
Your source itself notes that there is disagreement about this. yardwork Jun 11 #15
It's not that complex. AloeVera Jun 11 #20
Tl;dr. You lost me at "natives of the region." Judaism predates Islam. yardwork Jun 12 #54
You see I knew that word might trigger you in that direction AloeVera Jun 12 #59
What part of "there were lots of Jewish people born in Palestine in 1948" dint you understand? yardwork Jun 12 #61
Where did you say that? You did not. AloeVera Jun 12 #62
Why do you think 500,000 Jews felt an urgency to leave Europe between 1930-1948? yardwork Jun 12 #63
Immigration? GOOD! Behind the Aegis Jun 12 #65
Exactly. AloeVera Jun 12 #66
Selective quotes from an early leader proves nothing. Mosby Jun 12 #72
It's not the whole quote. lapucelle Jun 12 #82
That's not the whole quote, is it? lapucelle Jun 12 #74
And approximately 600,000 Jews edhopper Jun 11 #16
Interesting you mention that. AloeVera Jun 11 #21
Thank you for this Goddessartist Jun 12 #28
You're welcome! AloeVera Jun 12 #30
I'll take things that never happened for $500, Alex BannonsLiver Jun 12 #35
It's real. AloeVera Jun 12 #39
The post is still up. AloeVera Jun 12 #45
Anyone Goddessartist Jun 12 #37
Every time? BannonsLiver Jun 12 #41
Here is your long awaited response: Beastly Boy Jun 12 #69
What in the world is your point? They were EXPELLED, for gawd's sake! Beastly Boy Jun 12 #68
The even by your own definition Jews in the middle east is TheKentuckian Jun 12 #81
One thing we agree on. AloeVera Jun 13 #90
I am assuming the "not so" doesn't refer to "The Palestinians who agreed to coexist with Jewish people live in Israel." Beastly Boy Jun 11 #17
There are 2,100,000 Arab citizens of Israel. They make up more than 20% of the Israeli population. lapucelle Jun 11 #18
+1 betsuni Jun 12 #24
These facts simply don't compute for people who believe lies. yardwork Jun 12 #56
Avi Shlaim is the most biased of the "new historians" Mosby Jun 12 #73
The most respected from the left is Ilan Pappe. AloeVera Jun 12 #85
The Wall Street Urinal is not to be believed. spanone Jun 11 #14
Are the quotes fake? betsuni Jun 12 #25
Good question .. Cha Jun 12 #71
And Netanyahu says the same thing regarding Hamas. Shame on both of them for their murdering goals. marble falls Jun 12 #52
Hamas long game, is a stupid game. Omnipresent Jun 12 #53
Those of Us Who Said that Hamas Doesn't Give A Hoot Deep State Witch Jun 12 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author AloeVera Jun 12 #67
Ah! The old "I meant to keep hitting myself" strategy Generic Brad Jun 13 #99
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