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Mon Jun 10, 2024, 03:05 PM Jun 10

Trump Demands Biden Remove Ad of Him Calling Dead Soldiers 'Suckers' and 'Losers' [View all]

Donald Trump on Sunday called for President Joe Biden to take down an attack ad featuring a series of quotes attributed to the Republican in which he mocks dead soldiers.

The former president’s demand came on the same day that Biden honored fallen troops in a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France, the burial ground that Trump chose not to visit in 2018 and was later reported to have done so while describing the site as “filled with losers.” Trump has denied making the remark—and another in which he allegedly called more than 1,800 Marines “suckers” for being killed—ever since The Atlantic first published his purported words in 2020.

Those denials continued Sunday, first at a rally in Las Vegas. “He said I stood over graves of soldiers and I said: ‘These people are suckers and losers, the dead soldiers from World War I,’’ Trump said, referring to Biden. He went on to claim the whole episode was “made up” and, despite the Biden campaign knowing it’s “phony,” they still “took an ad using it—these are sick people.”

Trump appeared to be referring to an attack ad launched by the Biden campaign on Friday during the president’s visit to Normandy for ceremonies commemorating the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The video featured the reported “suckers” and “losers” quotes, along with audio of Trump mocking the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as being thought of as a “war hero” because he was captured during the Vietnam War. “I like people that weren’t captured,” Trump added.


Truth hurts.
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I'm looking forward to the ad of trump demanding Biden remove the ad ColinC Jun 10 #1
Can anyone here believe Lindsey Graham calling D-Day a failure? I am truly sickened by these folks. Demsrule86 Jun 10 #6
Graham served in the Navy. viva la Jun 11 #79
I hate to defend Graham because he's a POS, but he was saying there was a failure to stop Hitler NYC Liberal Jun 11 #86
Fat whinny boy is mad because Pres. Biden is mocking him, calling our brave solders losers and such. SWBTATTReg Jun 10 #2
Biden Rebl2 Jun 11 #78
Sorry, Mr. trump, I like presidents that aren't convicted felons. Torchlight Jun 10 #3
I also like presidents who aren't RAPISTS. TSExile Jun 10 #7
"I did not have Potty Mouth with those corpses, dead soldiers." - GOP' Greatest Felon BoRaGard Jun 10 #22
I like presidents who are not evil Pieces Of $hit. AntiChrist evil. Crook, rapist, traitor Trueblue1968 Jun 11 #89
So what is Trump going to do to Biden if Biden says NO? rurallib Jun 10 #4
I understand legal genius Alina Habba is available to represent you... agingdem Jun 10 #46
That is the Trump way PatSeg Jun 10 #64
Treat TSF the way he treats others NanaCat Jun 10 #5
YES!! This is not the time to go high when they go low. TSExile Jun 10 #33
Yup. I was bullied and it maybe a bit petty of me, BlueKota Jun 10 #60
Same here...and I agree. TSExile Jun 11 #85
The ones who have actual authority are the worst. BlueKota Jun 11 #91
You had me at "beaten"... ECL213 Jun 11 #87
And they don't even have truth on their side, or evidence. We do. soldierant Jun 10 #59
Heck they even have the audio of what he said BlueKota Jun 10 #62
Double The Budget For This One, Sir The Magistrate Jun 10 #8
A sick dog whines. speak easy Jun 11 #90
His own chief of staff confirmed the statement Johonny Jun 10 #9
He also told John Kelly Hitler "did some good things"... agingdem Jun 10 #42
If The Atlantic didn't why should Joe? LiberalFighter Jun 10 #10
Trump claims only a "psycho" or a "very stupid person" would've made such statements. surfered Jun 10 #11
Trump is both. onecaliberal Jun 10 #16
"These people are suckers and losers, the dead soldiers from World War I,'' MagickMuffin Jun 10 #12
Sue if you can disprove it TSF IbogaProject Jun 10 #13
Ad makes Biden look strong and the response by tRump is weak and whiny. texasfiddler Jun 10 #14
He's been forced to play defense. Never good in a political campaign. tinrobot Jun 10 #15
Good. "Only a hit dog hollers." Double down on that ad, Joe! SunSeeker Jun 10 #17
Since Sir Francis Bacon "Slander boldly, something always sticks" markodochartaigh Jun 10 #18
Like LBJ and calling his opponent a Goat-F'er NanaCat Jun 11 #69
The draft-dodging republican felon wants what? BoRaGard Jun 10 #19
Love seeing him on the defensive ismnotwasm Jun 10 #20
sure does . r u ready donald for the debates. AllaN01Bear Jun 10 #21
He demands?...Bwahahahahahahahaaaa spanone Jun 10 #23
Pfft. GB_RN Jun 10 #24
Wow, that's a new name, and it's so perfect!! lark Jun 11 #68
Have At It! GB_RN Jun 11 #71
Thanks! lark Jun 11 #75
shithole said it..................... Lovie777 Jun 10 #25
Just as soon as you drop out of the race and report Emile Jun 10 #26
Trump loves to slander and defame others. Irish_Dem Jun 10 #27
Trump never retracted all those full-page ads demanding the death penalty for the Central Park Five. sop Jun 10 #53
Trump has never retracted one damn thing as I recall. Irish_Dem Jun 10 #55
He not only refused to retract it NanaCat Jun 11 #70
His Feelings EddieOnTheMesa Jun 10 #28
He's very demanding lately. Think. Again. Jun 10 #29
You know he said it when he denies saying it. He has a history of that. twodogsbarking Jun 10 #30
Dear Donnie, demand in one hand and shit in the other. Let us know which hand fills up first. 11 Bravo Jun 10 #31
OK, so someone else besides me BaronChocula Jun 10 #48
Happy Birthday! 11 Bravo Jun 10 #49
Thank you! BaronChocula Jun 10 #50
A belated Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful day. niyad Jun 11 #77
Well, BaronChocula Jun 11 #84
My parents used to use that phrase a lot. 🤣 BlueKota Jun 10 #63
My grand-da used to say that all the time NanaCat Jun 11 #73
Obviously, this is what Biden ads need to repeat over and over. CoopersDad Jun 10 #32
Nah, fuck you, Trump. Initech Jun 10 #34
Felonious D said it. The Unmitigated Gall Jun 10 #35
Dotard breaks out in hives when he hears the truth about himself! PortTack Jun 10 #36
The RTumpster's own words will be his downfall... TIA... ultralite001 Jun 10 #37
Aren't you late for jail? Emile Jun 10 #38
Fuck your feelings tRump you're an anti-American snowflake. texasfiddler Jun 10 #39
Convict said what? orangecrush Jun 10 #40
Biden campaign to TCF: "Do the letters F O mean anything to you?" nt Buns_of_Fire Jun 10 #41
If he has a problem with the "losers" & "suckers" quotes, he needs to take it up with the Atlantic for publishing them. ShazzieB Jun 10 #43
Increase the ad budget and extend it's run. Bristlecone Jun 10 #44
Trump should reciprocate in countless ways. lpbk2713 Jun 10 #45
According to Mary Trump's book, at one point Junior announced that he was considering joining the military Rhiannon12866 Jun 10 #47
trump demands... Wounded Bear Jun 10 #51
Stay on the attack. Scruffy1 Jun 10 #52
The sick fuck can demand all he wants ProudMNDemocrat Jun 10 #54
How about fuck you, Motherfucker? Aviation Pro Jun 10 #56
Eat shit and die, motherfucker! Blue Owl Jun 10 #57
What is funny here edhopper Jun 10 #58
What's that, Donny? Emrys Jun 10 #61
Good ad. Liberal In Texas Jun 10 #65
How about never, Donald? Does never work for you? nt TBF Jun 10 #66
No one is claiming Trump "stood over the graves of soldiers" whopis01 Jun 11 #67
Trump can sure bet DENVERPOPS Jun 11 #72
Yeah, we are accusing him of doing it over their graves NanaCat Jun 11 #74
Let me guess... Mike Nelson Jun 11 #76
LOL! Trump is whining that Biden is telling the truth about him while he lies daily about Biden. Martin68 Jun 11 #80
Well convicted felon ex-president, one actions does have consequences, good or bad. republianmushroom Jun 11 #82
Go ahead... notKeith Jun 11 #83
Mr. President, please repeat this every time you're behind a microphone. spanone Jun 11 #88
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