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Sun Jun 9, 2024, 04:10 PM Jun 9

"Contractors do a shitty job" "Jack Smith...dumb, son of a bitch," Turd stays talking shit. Piss on that fucking turd. [View all]

First, he doesn't want to pay the contractors that fucked up his teleprompter speech.

Then he started talking that shit about Jack Smith again.

Fucking Orange Shitface is a potty-mouthed fuckwad.
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Of course, he doesn't pay contractors who do a *good* job, either... nt Buns_of_Fire Jun 9 #1
He claims that he pays them in advance for the work. He's such a filthy fucking liar. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #4
Now it's bullshit about the "J6 warriors". This fucking asshole is equally bad on and off teleprompter. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #2
Here's the fucking part where he lies and says he never called people in the military "suckers and losers". SoFlaBro Jun 9 #5
A General would start a fist fight with his Commander-in-Chief??? KS Toronado Jun 9 #13
He really thinks he paints a moving scene with his bullshit. "That would be the only time I'd be okay with it." SoFlaBro Jun 9 #17
An actual FISTfight would require a fist. So we all know TSF would not be part of it. Traurigkeit Jun 9 #62
It would look like one of those little punching hand puppets. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #64
Who'd say "suckers and losers" oasis Jun 9 #14
"A psycho, a crazy person, or a very stupid person"? This orange motherfucker is all three and then some. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #26
he is an idiot RANDYWILDMAN Jun 9 #24
The cover for the lie is the most shitty, unbelievable story that sounds like something a child made up. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #34
Damn, what a load of crap PatSeg Jun 9 #32
He knows that he said it. No one would make up a story like that. He is the type of asshole to say something like that. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #48
Yes and he knows he can tell his base anything PatSeg Jun 9 #56
Correction, lying mfkr. You don't pay contractors, and B.See Jun 9 #3
Contractors have to sue his fucking ass just to get paid on the smallest amount of contracted work. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #7
All this BS is to cover his tracks because he has seen some of the stuff calling him out like this fabulous malaise Jun 9 #8
That took a lot of work to put all of that together! SoFlaBro Jun 9 #10
It's brilliant malaise Jun 9 #11
That's a lot of faith in so much non-belief. keithbvadu2 Jun 9 #61
It is seriously good malaise Jun 9 #69
Yeah! They did a good job. keithbvadu2 Jun 9 #72
Thanks for the link. Excellent recap of B.See Jun 9 #12
Other DUers posted this yesterday malaise Jun 9 #18
Sighhhhh. There is no such thing as an "underage woman". If a female niyad Jun 9 #79
Are we sure this is a parody? niyad Jun 9 #27
The content he's delivering is factual malaise Jun 9 #68
yes, I've watched that pattern over the last year NJCher Jun 9 #58
Nailed it malaise Jun 9 #71
GOOD KITTEH!!! SMART KITTEH!!! More salmon for you! niyad Jun 9 #41
Will the fangirl on CNN who assured us he just wants to move on from the senseandsensibility Jun 9 #6
They never seem to mine the fool's gold out of these horseshit speeches where he dogfucks himself with contradictions. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #9
So the stable genius needs a teleprompter? KS Toronado Jun 9 #15
I can't tell the difference between prepared bullshit and his ad hoc hokum horseshit. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #21
"Can't read a word." Aviation Pro Jun 9 #16
Imagine the fucking nerve it takes for this manufactured orange asshole to call anyone a "dumb sonofabitch" SoFlaBro Jun 9 #22
He must have heard that from his parents with regularity malaise Jun 9 #73
I'm sure Papa Trump called Mama Trump a few choice words when he wasn't at a klan meeting. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #74
THIS malaise Jun 10 #88
Orange Bastard is the son of a piece of shit klansman. A chip off of the ol' fuckface block. SoFlaBro Jun 10 #93
You'd have to be crazy to do any work for Trump without being paid in advance. sop Jun 9 #19
The stupid bastard would probably try to pay you in "Trump Bucks" or some other fugazi fuckery. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #25
....and ensure the check has cleared before ANY work is done! /nt sdfernando Jun 9 #55
On the EXACT same day, the NYT runs this fucking bullshit article: "Biden Loves to Tell Tall Tales. We Cut Them Down..." SoFlaBro Jun 9 #20
"Electrocution or shark"? Sounds chopped up with how incoherent the train of thought is, but it is fucking unedited. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #23
For those that don't want to watch him. This is the verbatim transcript of these comments. I have no fucking words. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #28
Oh Dear Goddess, he is repeating that insane shark/battery story again??? niyad Jun 9 #43
Jesus jack-in-the-box Christ, he's told this story before?!? That dumb shit is lodged in that brain for retelling. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #49
Yes, months ago. I do not remember when, exactly, and am not in the mood niyad Jun 9 #77
These candid, off the cuff moments reveal a lot about the level of real intellect the person really has. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #81
Geez, not QUITE hot enough for many of them to die of heat stroke. DAMN!!! niyad Jun 9 #33
I prayed to the sun god for just another 3 or 4 degrees hotter for their dumb fucking MAGA hats. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #36
We tried. Looks like those spells need a bit more tweaking. niyad Jun 9 #39
Orange Fuckface claims to care about them and a "breeze" SoFlaBro Jun 9 #42
Don't make the mistake of casting against a normal human. haele Jun 9 #70
That is a most excellent point. Even as much as I loathe and despise him, niyad Jun 9 #82
No one's ever asking the question Chili Pepper Jun 9 #37
It is something no intelligent adult would ever think to ask another adult. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #46
You know what? I have not the slightest bit of sympathy for those niyad Jun 9 #29
They still line up to do work for him where the contract is lavish and the fucking pay is nonexistent. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #45
Why would anybody subject themselves to this? ColinC Jun 9 #30
Because they are FUCKING NUTS!!! niyad Jun 9 #35
Because they FEED off the venom and hate B.See Jun 9 #40
This hateful shit nourishes and enriches MAGA's tainted fucking soul. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #54
Trump calling ANYONE a dumb SOB Chili Pepper Jun 9 #31
Imagine what MAGA would say if Biden called Robert Hur a "dumb son of a bitch". SoFlaBro Jun 9 #38
Good job, bad job, it doesn't matter...Trump stiffs EVERYONE. Remember the undocumented... keep_left Jun 9 #44
I guess according to him, they did "a shitty job". He's fucking garbage. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #47
LMAO!!! What an evil demented POS LymphocyteLover Jun 9 #50
Orange Asshole claims he is clear headed and drug-free. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #52
projection-- this time from Joe Biden to himself LymphocyteLover Jun 9 #80
And a psych test. And an exorcism. niyad Jun 9 #83
I predict a full-bodied shit show for the debate. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #85
IF it actually happens, I am going to have to read about it here, as there is niyad Jun 9 #86
That Orange Shitbird will have to walk back half of the fucking bullshit and deny the other half. SoFlaBro Jun 10 #92
totally agree with you gopiscrap Jun 9 #51
Now he wants the military to "revolt" for him at the voting booth. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #53
Soldiers pledge Oath to The Constitution not to any person or position. Traurigkeit Jun 9 #78
Trump's speech in it's entirety. Emile Jun 9 #57
I've never seen someone whine and whine and complain so much. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #60
I have. But the person was about 3 1/2 years old. niyad Jun 9 #84
Please, please contractors push back hard and show they set up exactly the the campaigns specifications brewens Jun 9 #59
Someone should start a PAC representing all the contractors he's stiffed over the years like those Swiftboat assholes. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #75
Trump loudly proclaiming that he needs a teleprompter. keithbvadu2 Jun 9 #63
Why are the goddamn prepared comments just as shitty and fucked up as the off-the-cuff remarks? SoFlaBro Jun 10 #96
Orange Jesus knows that his nasty mouth excites the MAGA base. walkingman Jun 9 #65
How's everything out of his filthy fucking cakehole so stupid, racist, ignorant, violent, disgusting, or vile? All of it SoFlaBro Jun 9 #76
Go sit down in your own shit and shut up you fat fuck loser Blue Owl Jun 9 #66
Orange Bastard was extra-unhinged today out in that sun and heat. Must have overdone the self-medicating. SoFlaBro Jun 9 #67
A combination of free association and trying to be a bad Vegas Loung Comedian. no_hypocrisy Jun 10 #87
Imagine trying to survive heat stroke to listen to that distilled sack of horseshit go on and on with that fuck shit. SoFlaBro Jun 10 #91
So presidential ! kentuck Jun 10 #89
That dumb orange scumbag dropped some shitty turd sound bites that made the fucking circuits. SoFlaBro Jun 10 #90
The microphone is not loud enough, so you cannot read the teleprompter? niyad Jun 10 #94
This is like the third fucking time he has had these problems. Part of his goddamn shitty schtick coma now. SoFlaBro Jun 10 #95
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