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H2O Man

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Wed Jun 5, 2024, 02:44 PM Jun 5

My Prediction. [View all]

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"And there assume some other horrible form,
which might deprive your sovereignty of reason,
and draw you into madness? Think of it."
William Shakespeare; Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4.

Horatio's warning that the ghost could transform into a savage beast that drives Hamlet to insanity has been ignored by the maga cult. I suppose that most of them are unfamiliar with both the play and its author. You and I, on the other hand, are watching a Shakespearean play unfolding on the big stage.

The felon -- formerly known as the defendant -- is a sociopath. A reading of the first of my three interviews with Ft. Bandy Lee documents this. As such, growing up in a comfortable, wealthy environment, he did not experience stress. As an adult businessman, filing for bankruptcy, he knew he had his daddy's forune to draw from, and felt no stress. The lack of stress was not because he was a genius, with a very big brain (did I mention his uncle was a professor?), but because he is a human that operates on the lizard brain.

Look at the felon's eyes. What do you see? Look closely at two pits of evil (in the psychological sense, rather than religious). In general, I learn as much about a criminal by studying their eyes as I do from listening to their words plus watching their body movements. This is in large part of learning forensics from two legendary investigator uncles.

However, every day between now and July 11, we will do well to watch everything the felon says and does publicly, as well as read his rambling posts on his web site. For the defendant is experiencing stress for the first time in his adult life, and he does not know how to deal with it. Being paranoid by nature, he fears the possibility of being incarcerated. In his mind's eye, he sees his best option as the threat of violent revolution in the streets of America if that happens ..... and thus he will continue to make threats, at an increasing pace.

As it gets closer to July 11, the hard core of his cult followers will become more excited. The christian nationalists will behave in sexually aroused ways, believing they are experiencing the divine. But the non-hard core registered republicans will find it increasingly difficult to support him. His enablers and apologists in the House and Senate will feel the growing weight of the ball & chain the felon has attached to their ankles. Some will step back, though not fully away. Marjorie Taylor Greene will do something akin to shaving her hair and slicing an "X" on her foreskin, er, forehead.

The felon was tossed into the deep, dark waters of his mind by the jury's verdict. He does not know how to tread water, much less swim. Enjoy the show!

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My Prediction. [View all] H2O Man Jun 5 OP
Omg, this is a thing of beauty! Well done! Joinfortmill Jun 5 #1
Thank you! H2O Man Jun 5 #13
I with you and he's already broadcasting it without saying stand back and standby... MartyTheGreek Jun 5 #2
Has he met the public? birdographer Jun 5 #5
His pubic H2O Man Jun 5 #15
I'm thinking that H2O Man Jun 5 #14
Yes, it has the potential to be highly entertaining! ShazzieB Jun 5 #35
K N R Faux pas Jun 5 #3
Thanks! H2O Man Jun 5 #16
Wonderful post Auggie Jun 5 #4
Thank you! H2O Man Jun 5 #43
Does he play the accordion? Is MAGA his little monkeys? bucolic_frolic Jun 5 #6
A failed human, he. H2O Man Jun 5 #44
"The christian nationalists will behave in sexually aroused ways" Bundbuster Jun 5 #7
Right! H2O Man Jun 5 #45
It might be even simpler. usonian Jun 5 #8
MAGAt judges have been sprinkled through the system like stepping stones for the corrupt. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 5 #17
A couple weeks back, H2O Man Jun 5 #46
Profound malaise Jun 5 #56
Am loving the show malaise Jun 5 #9
Right! H2O Man Jun 5 #47
good one DENVERPOPS Jun 6 #66
K & R jalan48 Jun 5 #10
Thanks! H2O Man Jun 5 #48
Your welcome. Great post. jalan48 Jun 5 #54
Popcorn and champagne for the show! lastlib Jun 5 #11
Yes! H2O Man Jun 5 #49
When the conviction was announced, I popped my first cork in 30 years. lastlib Jun 5 #52
At my house, BlueTexasMan Jun 6 #74
I am glad he's scared Saoirse9 Jun 5 #12
I think that H2O Man Jun 5 #50
He can try Saoirse9 Jun 6 #79
While Trump's uncle WAS a professor, it is important to remember that like Donald, PatrickforB Jun 5 #18
Interesting. H2O Man Jun 5 #57
The Corkscrew Industry (of which I am associated with) begs to differ with you. We are not in favor of anything .... Stuart G Jun 6 #64
The Trump family is crooked as a corkscrew. James Trump worked for MIT as a professor. PatrickforB Jun 6 #70
Bravo, H2O Man gademocrat7 Jun 5 #19
Thank you! H2O Man Jun 5 #58
This is better than what I think babsbunny Jun 5 #20
But, he is paranoid DENVERPOPS Jun 5 #31
Didn't Ivanka H2O Man Jun 5 #59
He will never behave properly because he can't. Warpy Jun 5 #21
He belongs in a prison, for life. DENVERPOPS Jun 5 #33
Naw, his penthouse in NYC will do nicely Warpy Jun 5 #39
You want him to suffer, am I right? DENVERPOPS Jun 6 #65
I want this country to get a breather Warpy Jun 6 #78
That would be great. H2O Man Jun 5 #61
Very good! H2O Man Jun 5 #60
Great post, H2O! peggysue2 Jun 5 #22
Well said! ananda Jun 5 #23
Fucking brilliant summation of what's to come! Glamrock Jun 5 #24
There's not a one of them that he doesn't have the goods on....That's why we won't see ANY "stepping back".... Sogo Jun 5 #25
You have to know DENVERPOPS Jun 5 #34
I still believe *rump will melt Uncle Joe Jun 5 #26
Can we amend that prediction... Orrex Jun 5 #27
Haha malaise Jun 5 #51
Works for me. Except he's drowning in a pit of his own waste now... CoopersDad Jun 6 #71
I'm ok with that as well! Orrex Jun 6 #76
I agree and believe we will finally get our cup runneth over with schadenfreude on such a level that the world has Solomon Jun 5 #28
+1,000 malaise Jun 5 #30
The psychological aspects of cult sexual imaging and messaging Voltaire2 Jun 5 #29
I think the fundagelicals are so sexually repressed... TSExile Jun 5 #53
fundagelicals malaise Jun 5 #55
I can't take credit for that... TSExile Jun 6 #69
"watch everything the felon says and does publicly" Talitha Jun 5 #32
K&R ancianita Jun 5 #36
Quicksand ampm Jun 5 #37
He will not have any additional stress from more court cases as right-wing judges have ensured indefinite delays. Lonestarblue Jun 5 #38
I find Trump to be less sociopath and more narcissist. Igel Jun 5 #40
Great post! Wild blueberry Jun 5 #41
How will the felon manifest his drowning? Martin Eden Jun 5 #42
His eyes ... I have looked closely too, they're reptilian. live love laugh Jun 5 #62
You are watching someone physically and mentally deteriorate before your eyes. Aussie105 Jun 6 #67
Dying one cell at a time in a malaise Jun 6 #72
He deserves prison for life, but at BEST he'll get PROBATION. oldsoftie Jun 6 #68
Nicely written! CaptainTruth Jun 6 #73
Most excellent! Goddessartist Jun 6 #75
A very good an insightful post! BobTheSubgenius Jun 6 #77
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