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21. Amazing pictures
Wed Jun 5, 2024, 10:51 AM
Jun 5

It's so damn depressing that Nazis were defeated 80 years ago, and now republicons have become Nazis and fascists.

Seldom seen 6/6/44 photos [View all] KS Toronado Jun 5 OP
Kick dalton99a Jun 5 #1
A very deadly time in world history KS Toronado Jun 5 #4
You mean they bombed willamette Jun 6 #72
Imagine being a photographer on that day underpants Jun 5 #2
Yes, I was wondering who were the photographers PatSeg Jun 5 #16
My uncle was a photographer during the war... MiHale Jun 5 #34
I can understand wanting to destroy the photos PatSeg Jun 5 #37
Awesome pics. If these don't move you check your pulse. There will NoMoreRepugs Jun 5 #3
Just a rhetorical question... WarGamer Jun 5 #44
My dad survived that battle, many didn't. When Emile Jun 5 #5
Head guy at our local machine shop survived Omaha beach on D-Day KS Toronado Jun 5 #8
I somehow talked my dad into watching Saving Private Ryan. Dem2theMax Jun 5 #60
My dad was staying with us for a couple weeks. Emile Jun 5 #62
I cannot imagine what he felt while watching it. Dem2theMax Jun 5 #63
K n R Diamond_Dog Jun 5 #6
Donald Trump's relatives could have been there... on the cliffs above the beach. keithbvadu2 Jun 5 #7
Donald Trump declared these Americans to be "suckers and losers" Captain Zero Jun 5 #28
Agreed. "Suckers and losers" my ass. Seinan Sensei Jun 5 #39
Thank you for these images of that awesome but terrible assault landing. FailureToCommunicate Jun 5 #9
friend of mine had shell shock( ptsd) he got over it and through it, many did not. AllaN01Bear Jun 5 #11
My godfather was a 'bit' eccentric. Captain Zero Jun 5 #30
to be honest... on 6/6 the mission was never in danger. WarGamer Jun 5 #46
It certainly WAS in danger; at one point Sen Bradley considered calling it off. oldsoftie Jun 6 #69
Here's the thing... WarGamer Jun 6 #73
K & R . . . Journeyman Jun 5 #10
K&R...nt Wounded Bear Jun 5 #12
My grandfather was there Johnny2X2X Jun 5 #13
Thank you for sharing. A fitting tribute to our men and women of the Armed Services, of WWII. SWBTATTReg Jun 5 #14
Thanks for that. We've visited Omaha Beach where my wife's father came ashore at 17 years of age. surfered Jun 5 #15
KS Toronado.... Upthevibe Jun 5 #17
Thank you Botany Jun 5 #18
Just found this color one. KS Toronado Jun 5 #19
What a great collection of photos.Thank You. ratchiweenie Jun 5 #20
Amazing pictures FoxNewsSucks Jun 5 #21
Members of the GOP funded Hitler IbogaProject Jun 5 #35
Thanks for posting this. Mr. Evil Jun 5 #22
Kick! Stunning thread jmbar2 Jun 5 #23
I was 18 days old on this day. nevergiveup Jun 5 #24
Thank you for posting. We should never forget. scarletlib Jun 5 #25
i saw a doc that had 'tanks' they made to remove the different beach sefences years ago. caot kangaroo was a flag man on pansypoo53219 Jun 5 #26
Amazing photos. greatauntoftriplets Jun 5 #27
Just got to say thanks for posting this. My connection was my late Father-In-Law rurallib Jun 5 #29
Delayed for a year because Churchill hoped the Nazis could defeat the Soviets first peppertree Jun 5 #31
Antifa!!!! getagrip_already Jun 5 #32
Anti-Fascists VIOLENTLY Disrupting White Supremacists!!!!! keithbvadu2 Jun 5 #49
Thank you for posting! CaptainTruth Jun 5 #33
Thank you for these moving photos Wild blueberry Jun 5 #36
The unselfish generation. They are owed so much. republianmushroom Jun 5 #38
Saving Private Ryan tomorrow night 8p on TCM Emile Jun 5 #40
My uncle was a US Army medic assigned to Graves Registration Bluejeans Jun 5 #41
Thank you for posting these amazing pictures LetMyPeopleVote Jun 5 #42
Wow. Amazing. Joinfortmill Jun 5 #43
What A Post! ProfessorGAC Jun 5 #45
That 2nd paratrooper photo... all those baby faces Bucky Jun 5 #47
My father was a heavy machine gunner and landed on Omaha Beach. elocs Jun 5 #48
PTSD Ksout Jun 5 #66
Today's republicans would be sharing intel with their fellow Nazis. keithbvadu2 Jun 5 #50
excellent! jtb653 Jun 5 #51
Best post ever in my 20 years here Bundbuster Jun 5 #52
WOW, you're being awfully generous , Thanks KS Toronado Jun 5 #54
My great uncle was the commander drmeow Jun 5 #53
All good historical pics except one piece of bullshit propaganda buried in the middle. Uncle Joe Jun 5 #55
To see the American, British, and Canadian Flags flying there to this day is incredible. MomInTheCrowd Jun 5 #56
Thank you for taking the time and effort to compile brer cat Jun 5 #57
Of the 16+ million US veterans of WW2 VGNonly Jun 5 #58
The pictures are all very moving, especially senseandsensibility Jun 5 #59
Thank you for posting these pictures. Dem2theMax Jun 5 #61
A wonderful collection, thanks! Abolishinist Jun 5 #64
Amazing photos Bayard Jun 5 #65
Jesus, only 4 got the medal of honor? All 160,000 should have gotten some kind of medal. SunSeeker Jun 6 #67
Last rites photos... BEFORE the mission JT45242 Jun 6 #68
My Cousin Vinny was there (yes, I have a cousin Vinny) Javaman Jun 6 #70
My father was in the 82nd Airborne Danascot Jun 6 #71
We owe those brave souls so much ... Cassandra325 Jun 6 #74
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