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Eff you M$NBC [View all] malaise Jun 3 OP
And yet so many of us still contribute to their ratings. ananda Jun 3 #1
I am not a fan of their day time line up malaise Jun 3 #3
I rarely turn on the TV during the day PatSeg Jun 3 #46
Now that he"s finally a felon malaise Jun 3 #53
Yes, it has taken a lot of pressure off PatSeg Jun 3 #58
You know bdamomma Jun 4 #96
Who was the host? I only watch after Tur and the earlier right leaners are done. brush Jun 4 #101
Anna Navarro n/t malaise Jun 4 #102
This is because MSNBC is owned by Comcast. You know how I feel about the legal PatrickforB Jun 3 #57
i think the think tanks slightlv Jun 3 #60
Well written explanation of how Farmer-Rick Jun 3 #64
I just bdamomma Jun 4 #97
Terrific post with upbeat final oasis Jun 3 #85
i dont have cable. only see snippets on yt. mopinko Jun 3 #4
Exactly...I refuse to watch... PortTack Jun 3 #29
I quit watching on 11/9/2016. They were as obsessed with Trump as any organization. 33taw Jun 3 #35
I quit in 2015 Kurovski Jun 3 #76
So what are you watching? ificandream Jun 4 #90
I watch some clips of various stations on YouTube. I cut DirecTV about a year ago. Mostly, I read online. 33taw Jun 4 #91
I like their nighttime lineup MustLoveBeagles Jun 3 #68
Absolutely anybody else would have been allowed his original plea deal. Just plain WTF. marble falls Jun 3 #2
Thank/Blame the fucking bastids REPUBLICANS !!! M------------ Traurigkeit Jun 3 #55
I don't care for coverage by Ana Cabrera and Jose Diaz-Balart LiberalFighter Jun 3 #5
I wasn't familiar with Ana Cabrera until recently PatSeg Jun 3 #49
There's only one real journalist and that's Rachel jimfields33 Jun 3 #83
Nonsense NanaCat Jun 4 #88
Wasn't Rachel on bdamomma Jun 4 #98
The weekend daytime MSNBC lineup is eons better than the weekday one. TSExile Jun 3 #6
Good point malaise Jun 3 #7
Yes!! TSExile Jun 3 #8
Ayman had Mehdi on last night malaise Jun 3 #9
Yes, that was great!! TSExile Jun 3 #14
Oh shoot!!! bdamomma Jun 4 #99
And the evening lineup on week days is excellent. ShazzieB Jun 3 #48
I agree PatSeg Jun 3 #50
No one does it better than Lawrence, Chris, and Rachel soldierant Jun 3 #73
My husband loves Nicolle Wallace (he has good taste in women, ahem) CTyankee Jun 3 #75
Yes, I like Nicolle as well PatSeg Jun 3 #79
Yes, I like Nicolle as well PatSeg Jun 3 #80
Yes, I like Nicolle as well PatSeg Jun 3 #80
Yes I like Nicolle PatSeg Jun 3 #78
I can't watch anyone for two hours at a time soldierant Jun 3 #84
I've become the same way PatSeg Jun 3 #86
I've become the same way PatSeg Jun 3 #87
K&R spanone Jun 3 #10
I totally agree... FarPoint Jun 3 #11
I switched to the T20 cricket World Cup malaise Jun 3 #16
Now... FarPoint Jun 3 #26
We make the same switches malaise Jun 3 #30
The upcoming Paris Olympics will help a bit... FarPoint Jun 3 #33
Indeed malaise Jun 3 #34
I want him to be treated exactly the way Don Junior or Eric Trump would be The Mouth Jun 3 #12
Back in 2017 I wrote to ... ancianita Jun 3 #13
That was great malaise Jun 3 #15
Meant for you! ancianita Jun 3 #17
Not sure they care malaise Jun 3 #19
What?? You're a voting American, right? Either way, you're still a viewer, so of course they care! Imagine ancianita Jun 3 #23
Nope malaise Jun 3 #24
Cool. Duly noted. ancianita Jun 3 #25
Was that over the "stop the hammering" debacle? TSExile Jun 3 #18
Whatever it was about it was some 'pretext' in his latest contract re-negotiation. I wrote it in mid-May of that year. ancianita Jun 3 #20
Got it. TSExile Jun 3 #21
Check this malaise Jun 3 #45
HAH! Great one! Good catch, thanks! ancianita Jun 3 #61
It was one of his best and there have been many malaise Jun 3 #74
Yes, it was. ShazzieB Jun 3 #51
It was a big deal on DU at the time. ancianita Jun 3 #63
I see. ShazzieB Jun 3 #70
Yep, it was more than a rumor then. I'm with you. I love him the best, though Nicolle comes in a close second. ancianita Jun 3 #71
I stick with FSTV The Grand Illuminist Jun 3 #22
Great choice. mjvpi Jun 3 #42
Thom Hartmann comes on at noon. gab13by13 Jun 3 #27
They are trying... quickesst Jun 3 #28
TURN IT OFF onecaliberal Jun 3 #31
Why do I see more complaints here about MSNBC than Fox? ificandream Jun 3 #32
Seriously? Criticism of liberal media bs isn't allowed? And who are the Fox trolls again? ancianita Jun 3 #36
I didn't say criticism of liberal media isn't allowed. But MSNBC is not the problem. Fox and the RW media is. ificandream Jun 4 #89
MSNBC, being as corporate owned as FOX, can still succumb to interpretation not grounded in fact, ancianita Jun 4 #92
I think part of the problem is that pundits on all cable news are improvising as they go and get their tongues tied. ificandream Jun 4 #93
They have producers and technicians for their shows. They have scripts. The problem is that the issues ancianita Jun 4 #100
The amount of hate-watching people do continues to boggle me. Blue_Adept Jun 3 #40
Yup. ificandream Jun 3 #44
Manipulated, incomplete, shallow, and corporate censored is always a threat. Magoo48 Jun 3 #52
same old same old state of stupid Jun 3 #37
MAGAT beware Goldenlight Jun 3 #38
Bothsiderism is really past its freshness date. I so look forward to reality being reality again at some point. NoMoreRepugs Jun 3 #39
M$M desperation Blue Owl Jun 3 #41
The desperation isn't with the MSM. ificandream Jun 3 #47
Daytime News Roy Rolling Jun 3 #43
Who in particular? Rachel Maddow? Nicolle Wallace? Their guests? Is it a time zone problem? Hekate Jun 3 #54
The morning and early afternoon crew malaise Jun 3 #56
Ah, it is a time zone problem then Hekate Jun 3 #59
No MSM for me duckworth969 Jun 3 #62
MSNothingButCommercials? flvegan Jun 3 #65
I think the comparison is very useful, if hypocritical and false. It makes is much harder for Trump and his MAGA cult Martin68 Jun 3 #66
Question, does Jr. own any guns ? republianmushroom Jun 3 #67
Both Him and Eric Deep State Witch Jun 3 #69
Hunter Biden is basiclly a George W. Bush with better politics prodigitalson Jun 3 #72
I liked 3 things about George war bush. He didn't buy into hatred of immigrants coming here Silent Type Jun 3 #77
It's incredibly useful to compare the two. Akakoji Jun 3 #82
Why bdamomma Jun 4 #94
Jared's money from the Saudis malaise Jun 4 #95
MSNBC is nothing to write home about, wasn't Katy Tur on Trump's list of reporters for positive stories? dem4decades Jun 4 #103
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