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A serious metaphor malaise Jun 2 #1
Fingers and toes crossed for what I hope is the metaphor jrthin Jun 2 #5
Hi there sis malaise Jun 2 #29
It's God's will??? leftieNanner Jun 2 #27
Looks so malaise Jun 2 #31
Also called dramatic foreshadowing... GreenWave Jun 2 #57
Ha malaise Jun 2 #66
I thought the same thing, but LeonidPlanck Jun 2 #64
L9l malaise Jun 2 #72
"hands and feet of Jesus" k55f5r Jun 3 #100
Tell Jesus to get off the phone dalton99a Jun 2 #2
Jesus takes the wheel. TheBlackAdder Jun 2 #95
It really should've crashed into a dumpster fire and I also hope everybody is OK mahina Jun 2 #3
...it appears Jesus did NOT take the wheel. bigtree Jun 2 #4
maybe Jesus did IbogaProject Jun 3 #106
He did, but the stigmata made his hands slippery and he lost his grip. Sky Jewels Jun 3 #108
Jesus! Eclipse! Probatim Jun 3 #110
Didn't Jesus take the wheel? tanyev Jun 2 #6
Jesus gave the wheel amd brakes to the guy he hired to take over his hands and feet. Ping Tung Jun 2 #28
JESUS SAVES but hope the bus company has adequate insurance bucolic_frolic Jun 2 #7
I think they pissed off Jesus. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 2 #8
Exactly. Jesus probably doesn't appreciate BlueKota Jun 2 #82
You shall not have strange gods before me. pwb Jun 2 #9
RepuliFundies blow that off all the time BoRaGard Jun 2 #26
In the olden days they would have worshipped BlueKota Jun 2 #83
Looks like Jesus was pissed his name was on it. spanone Jun 2 #10
Perhaps irony is not dead... Wounded Bear Jun 2 #11
clearly God is angry that this flase prophet is horning in on his gig Takket Jun 2 #12
Always happens The Bopper Jun 2 #13
🏆 Think. Again. Jun 2 #19
The hands and feet of Jesus? That reminds me of a sick joke -- OMGWTF Jun 2 #14
Didn't know Jesus had a lead foot Blue Owl Jun 2 #55
It is trashy looking bus--even before the crash. riversedge Jun 2 #15
This is a meme waiting to happen! Dulcinea Jun 2 #16
Biden put that light pole there. Rigged. Fixed. JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2 #17
Too good Traurigkeit Jun 2 #61
Soros paid for it all, natch. Sky Jewels Jun 3 #109
Of course!! TSExile Jun 3 #114
What a riot MagickMuffin Jun 2 #18
Might by symbolic of what happened to his campaign after that conviction. ...nt Jarqui Jun 2 #20
I wish it was--or will happen. riversedge Jun 2 #34
... A parked empty bus covered in signs supporting Donald Trump reportedly rolled down an incline struggle4progress Jun 2 #21
So that means a busload of Trump cultists are now stranded in Staten Island. tanyev Jun 2 #24
This! colorado_ufo Jun 2 #51
Obviously, Jesus released the brake, put it in neutral, and gave the abomination a push. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2 #36
Now that I know no one was hurt, I can enjoy the irony! colorado_ufo Jun 2 #53
Of course you are assuming DENVERPOPS Jun 3 #105
The driver is the........ riversedge Jun 2 #22
Damn, God must hate them. Emile Jun 2 #23
Is THIS a sign? A portent? Jesus took the wheel? Attilatheblond Jun 2 #93
Aside from the light pole, nothing of value was lost. durablend Jun 2 #25
Bwah! Blue Owl Jun 2 #56
Trump is like the hands of Jesus. Qutzupalotl Jun 2 #30
Ouch!! BComplex Jun 2 #63
Unless he Traildogbob Jun 2 #32
I am a little slow today. How does one crash into a light pole that is to one's niyad Jun 2 #33
See post #21 above. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2 #40
That still does not explain how it crashed in the side like that. niyad Jun 2 #60
Just making a wag from looking at it Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2 #80
Makes sense to me! ShazzieB Jun 2 #87
Okay, I can see that. I am curious about how steep that incline was, because, niyad Jun 2 #90
Let Trump heal the bus. kingvitamin Jun 2 #35
The moment he touches the bus... Dave Bowman Jun 2 #89
Unless the bus Ojerly Jun 2 #37
"Trust Jesus?" Looks like nobody's paying much attention Warpy Jun 2 #38
Happy 22nd DUnniversary. niyad Jun 2 #52
Thankee. I never seem to keep track of this stuff Warpy Jun 2 #77
Maga No Vaccines, But ten times the Meds. PurgedVoter Jun 2 #39
Can we get an AMEN, people? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2 #41
That's a shame. Liberal In Texas Jun 2 #42
Oh the Hume Hannity! Blue Owl Jun 2 #50
The symbolism is priceless - "Trust Jesus" on the front of a wrecked bus! Lol. n/t SpankMe Jun 2 #43
Jesus took the wheel. Old Crank Jun 2 #44
Thank you Jesus! nt Xipe Totec Jun 2 #67
😆😆😆 sheshe2 Jun 2 #45
Did Ginny pay for the bus? fierywoman Jun 2 #46
Trump also walks on water: NameAlreadyTaken Jun 2 #47
And can walk through a flotilla of fire.... Blue Owl Jun 2 #49
Dump is my co-pilot Blue Owl Jun 2 #48
Shouldn't have made that hard right turn. Emile Jun 2 #54
who NJCher Jun 2 #58
"Trust Jesus" Conjuay Jun 2 #59
I hope Ginni only leased that bus gab13by13 Jun 2 #62
This was a wreck before it was a wreck. Arne Jun 2 #65
I guess Jesus was rebelling. pandr32 Jun 2 #68
K&R CountAllVotes Jun 2 #69
Fucking Staten Island. Traurigkeit Jun 2 #70
Soon, he'll be passing himself off as Father Divine's re-incarnation DFW Jun 2 #71
A sign from God over the dumpster fire that will happen to country if Trump becomes president again? cstanleytech Jun 2 #73
Trump: "This is what happens when you trust... FailureToCommunicate Jun 2 #74
The trashy #Trump bus is now being toward away-photo...... riversedge Jun 2 #75
This is priceless! Should be viewed everywhere! LuckyLib Jun 2 #94
Did he die? canetoad Jun 2 #76
No but they are rendered homeless now. Kalifornia9 Jun 3 #112
"I am pro life" and "Trust Jesus" bus slams into lamppost. Irish_Dem Jun 2 #78
Wow that looks like some serious damage. BlueKota Jun 2 #79
How many clowns 🤡 were injured? live love laugh Jun 2 #81
Looks like Jesus is on President Biden's side. BlueKota Jun 2 #84
It's a sign. Jesus wants you to STFU! 4lbs Jun 2 #85
With a bus like that, if there's an accident, the driver is the first one there. Probably an assclown that had brewens Jun 2 #86
What a fantastic way to end the weekend. Passages Jun 2 #88
Jeebus drank too much of that wine from water. yellowcanine Jun 2 #91
Hands and feet? GiqueCee Jun 2 #92
Can you sue a light pole? twodogsbarking Jun 3 #96
Probably the closest any one of them will ever come to illumination. BobTheSubgenius Jun 3 #97
Apparently, Jesus wasn't driving. louis-t Jun 3 #98
leave the driving to us poozwah Jun 3 #99
a bad omen perhaps?????? AllaN01Bear Jun 3 #101
WOW, this was a couple days ago, wasn't it ??? DemocraticPatriot Jun 3 #102
Looks like Jesus decided they should not go so they need to heed their sign appleannie1 Jun 3 #103
a sign from above BoRaGard Jun 3 #104
Is it bad that I can't stop laughing? Sky Jewels Jun 3 #107
"Trust Jesus!" Martin68 Jun 3 #111
Sometimes Karma is beautiful! Fla Dem Jun 3 #113
Why is he even campaigning in NYC? It isn't to help him win. It's his ego stabbing back at his lindysalsagal Jun 3 #115
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