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Sat Jun 1, 2024, 10:34 PM Jun 1

This is their ONE chance, and they are going all in [View all]

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This 2024 election is the Retrumplicans "kill-shot". It's their silver bullet, wooden stake through the heart, Photon Torpedoes into the ray protected particle vent and underwater rifle shot into a SCUBA tank in a killer sharks mouth, all rolled into one.

The "Unified Reich" has been methodically and relentlessly working to this point since Roosevelt defeated Hoover. They are NOT going to give up their nefarious plans for some quaint ideal like the "rule of law".

They know that they either seize power NOW, or face the fate of the Whigs.

The demographics of the country are against them. The young people want nothing to do with them. The majority of women (those opposed to a crotch grabbing moron) are done with them.

Hell, in 32 years they have won the popular vote for president ONCE!...ONCE!!!!!

Oh! And that ONE TIME was after the worst terrorist attack on Americans in our entire history happened, on their watch!

They only have the limited power they have now due to meticulous gerrymandering, voter suppression, and some arcane, asinine system that says the 600K people in Wyoming get the same Senate representation that 40 million Californians receive.

Oh, and they have power due to the "Press".

It's fucking madness!

That craven, orange Nazi fuckstick gave some rambling shambling "press" event following his conviction on 34 felony counts that could only be described as FUCKING insane!

And, what does the "press" do? They treat it like it should be fucking taken seriously. Are you fucking kidding me?!!!

Why? It can't be what they claim. It can't be "well, we have to cover him because millions follow him"

Really? President Biden got 8 fucking million more votes than that crazy asspickle and has millions of supporters. he can't get a damned word in edgewise.... despite being the most powerful man on the planet with real serious shit going on.

The "press" foists this asshat on us, and normalize fascism from the Retrumplicans, because they know that you and I, and the folks coming home from a day of work, turn on the tube as we're making dinner, see that ignorant buffoon at a podium and wonder; "what stupid Nazi/KKK fever dream is he going to spew now?"

Next thing you know, some annoying women screaming a stupid song at the top of her lungs is trying to sell me Allegra.

It's not news. It's infotainment.

I don't know how we fix it. But, I do know that I am tired. It is exhausting! Democrats aren't perfect, but the people in blue states need some help.

It's time for the people in Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Wyoming, Ohio and other red states to reject this fascist shit.

Retrumplicans won't change a damned thing, until they start losing elections in those states.

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Shout it from the roof tops..... magicarpet Jun 1 #1
Absolutely damn right, my dear maxrandb! Couldn't agree more. nt CaliforniaPeggy Jun 1 #2
Make it viral. blm Jun 1 #3
K&R spanone Jun 1 #4
Republicans, aka Russiapublicans, are the oligarchs puppets. It's a symbiotic relationship. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 1 #5
Take the frickin "claim" that Donnie Dipshit "raised $54.2M in the 24 hours after his convictions" maxrandb Jun 2 #20
Do what I do for my mental and physical well being gab13by13 Jun 2 #26
Well said NBachers Jun 1 #6
Perfect. rubbersole Jun 1 #7
Righteous Rant! MN2theMax Jun 1 #8
Agree. If it isn't stopped then we'll have no way to fight back erronis Jun 2 #22
My fear is mountain grammy Jun 1 #9
This!!! 0rganism Jun 2 #13
My fear is they got something BIG up their sleeve. (courts involved) bluestarone Jun 2 #32
Their desperation is worrisome SomedayKindaLove Jun 1 #10
I wonder if they are setting up for another coup attempt of some sort. hadEnuf Jun 2 #11
This righteous rant is a thing of beauty. Joinfortmill Jun 2 #12
THIS is the most powerful and important post I have ever seen on DU and I am here every fking day! OMGWTF Jun 2 #14
Pretty fucking brilliant take down. OverBurn Jun 2 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author Prairie_Seagull Jun 2 #16
Propaganda press. chouchou Jun 2 #17
I think the right, and even the far right, will have many more chances. DontBelieveEastisEas Jun 2 #18
There was a DUer who recently posted a quote from Hitler that chilled me to the bone maxrandb Jun 2 #21
From my mind to your keyboard - excellent Bundbuster Jun 2 #19
Most excellent post! K & R Emile Jun 2 #23
Rec this times 1000. kairos12 Jun 2 #24
You are Maxing it loud and clear! 👍 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸 🔊🔊🔊 electric_blue68 Jun 2 #25
My favorite band, and do these lyrics resonate for our current time? maxrandb Jun 2 #30
Well, hopefully NOT the shotgun part!... electric_blue68 Jun 2 #31
Was fortunate to see The Who twice when all 4 members were still alive maxrandb Jun 2 #36
When did you see them back then? electric_blue68 Jun 2 #38
Both in Cleveland maxrandb Jun 2 #43
I went to re-listen to it... electric_blue68 Jun 2 #48
😄 i totally ge what Pete's saying! "Thunderfingers" electric_blue68 Jun 2 #39
Time to do away with the electoral college and go to popular vote. republianmushroom Jun 2 #27
Having lost the demographics, they can only win by cheating, so that is what they are resolved to do. Martin68 Jun 2 #29
They can also win by finding a movie star with charisma and getting lucky with an event that moves a few voters. nt DontBelieveEastisEas Jun 2 #40
A mad push by the Christian Taliban to hold dominion over all of us. Christian dominionist are the Hotler Jun 2 #33
The movie NETWORK said it all Traurigkeit Jun 2 #34
k and r BoRaGard Jun 2 #35
Preach! Tell it! ancianita Jun 2 #37
That resonates. Righteous! 👍 Evolve Dammit Jun 2 #41
Outstanding rant. I'd like to share it on my socials. The Polack MSgt Jun 2 #42
DU is for sharing. Use however you like maxrandb Jun 2 #44
I will credit "Maxrandb" and google will do the introductions then. Thanks for the reply cousin The Polack MSgt Jun 2 #45
WHY? "The "press" foists this asshat on us, and normalize fascism from the Retrumplicans..." live love laugh Jun 2 #46
I read your post twice. I have no words. llmart Jun 2 #47
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