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Thu Nov 29, 2012, 10:11 AM Nov 2012

DU POLL: Will Capitalism as we see it today eventually fail? [View all]

My hunch is capitalism will cease to exist in the 21st century. It does not serve well millions upon millions of people and often is simply a tool for the exploitation of others. Also, the concept of endless growth to succeed in a finite space makes little sense into the future. It often rewards the worst behaviors in mankind.

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Yes, and I fear it will take the planet circling the bowl down with it. corkhead Nov 2012 #1
Yep, I have a similar fear. It will not go down/change or adapt to a new system quietly. One of RKP5637 Nov 2012 #5
What System Will It Be Replaced With? DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #2
Not at this time. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2012 #6
Why does it already have to be operational? LisaLynne Nov 2012 #7
Wouldn't You Want To Try On A Pair Of Shoes Before You Buy Them?/nt DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #10
Who's going to try on those shoes? Why not us? /nt LisaLynne Nov 2012 #12
If You Were Building A Home Wouldn't You Ask The Builder For A Blueprint? DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #15
I'm going to try one more time ... LisaLynne Nov 2012 #16
If Researchers Wanted To Try Out An Investigational Drug Whose Side Effects Are Unknown DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #22
Yeah, I was just going to say that ... LisaLynne Nov 2012 #26
Let Me Give You An Analogy DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #30
I said let's stop with the analogies, lol LisaLynne Nov 2012 #32
Meanwhile, your next door banker neighbor was driving a brand new Lincoln Navigator and coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #50
That's my thought here too, that it's a model for the future, not necessarily operational RKP5637 Nov 2012 #14
Right and I think some people ... LisaLynne Nov 2012 #18
No. Capitalism as we see it today will not "eventually" fail demwing Nov 2012 #3
it's already failed. bowens43 Nov 2012 #4
No. Maybe the American brand of exploitative "top-down" capitalism. But capitalism is strong. jpljr77 Nov 2012 #8
Yes, that is a form of capitalism that could work IMO, modeled such that it benefits all and not RKP5637 Nov 2012 #19
We're a lot closer to a much better system than anyone realizes, I think. jpljr77 Nov 2012 #24
Don't You Think Some Folks Here Are Looking For More A Fundamental Departure From The Present System DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #29
Yep, I think it will/could improve as long as the ship is steered in the right direction. You make RKP5637 Nov 2012 #31
This is a start LeftInTX Nov 2012 #48
Yes, because its inherent assumption is that growth can continue forever. nt Nay Nov 2012 #9
As for example in housing ... Often we hear build, build, build ... but does that mean we RKP5637 Nov 2012 #33
It began with a seemingly limitless supply of natural resources Cresent City Kid Nov 2012 #58
The kind of capitalism.. sendero Nov 2012 #11
As we see it now? Near-pure capitalism is already a massive failure. HughBeaumont Nov 2012 #13
Sad, but quite true. The current model is gutting the country much as corporations that benefited RKP5637 Nov 2012 #35
We won't end capitalism. Mother nature will shut it down for us. Selatius Nov 2012 #17
Sadly, for the most part, it seems to me humans often only react to catastrophic RKP5637 Nov 2012 #37
Radical free market capitalism is finally failing gollygee Nov 2012 #20
It will fail because it is not sustainable libtodeath Nov 2012 #21
What Would A Solidly Socialist Economy Look Like And Where Is It Practiced?/nt DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2012 #23
Maybe we can start one libtodeath Nov 2012 #27
I thought it already failed when we bailed out the banks. Ganja Ninja Nov 2012 #25
I thought it failed before FDR saved it Eyes of the World Nov 2012 #28
It already has failed, we're just looking at the long decline. PDJane Nov 2012 #34
The beauty of capitalism in a democratic republic is the pendulum swings. RomneyLies Nov 2012 #36
I hope so, I think we might be seeing the beginning of it swinging back ... more and RKP5637 Nov 2012 #38
Sadly, the past three decades have seen the pendulum swing waaaaaay to far to deregulation RomneyLies Nov 2012 #40
A mixed economy works when the wrong people aren't in charge... Comrade_McKenzie Nov 2012 #39
+1 Daniel537 Nov 2012 #43
Dewey quote: flamingdem Nov 2012 #41
Capitalism, per se, will always be around Daniel537 Nov 2012 #42
Capitalism existed in the Soviet Union. RomneyLies Nov 2012 #45
It IS human nature. You're right. Obviously since it's been around for so long. randome Nov 2012 #46
I always steal wallets at the scene of an accident leftstreet Nov 2012 #49
Capitalism is not part of human nature. white_wolf Nov 2012 #59
Bring the day. Brickbat Nov 2012 #44
The current form of predatory nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #47
Yep, predatory, exactly!!! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2012 #52
Capitalism has already failed n/t leftstreet Nov 2012 #51
The problem isn't capitalism, it is unregulated, uncontrolled capitalism Marrah_G Nov 2012 #53
Here's the thing... frostfern Nov 2012 #54
Excellent analysis IMO! Thanks! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2012 #57
It has almost reached it's limits. bluedigger Nov 2012 #55
And I sincerely hope it takes the 'Captains of Industry' down with it ... n/t RKP5637 Nov 2012 #56
Capitalism as we know it is a failure for most and our world TheKentuckian Nov 2012 #60
Any system that must constantly grow to survive cannot sustain in a finite environment. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #61
It's all going over the cliff, eventually, and will sadly take billions of people with it ... n/t RKP5637 Nov 2012 #65
Read Richard Wolff's "Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism." Ron Green Nov 2012 #62
Thanks for the book suggestion! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2012 #64
yes, no doubt about it nydem14499rsgx Nov 2012 #63
We hope it will be for the better for the majority of people, but if RKP5637 Nov 2012 #66
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