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And whatever the verdict bdamomma May 29 #1
"TOTALLY EXONERATED!" durablend May 29 #6
If he receives anything short of the death penalty, he will claim total vindication. 11 Bravo May 29 #25
Yep! Guilty means innocent to Magats. GreenWave May 29 #28
Pic? cilla4progress May 29 #2
From another thread underpants May 29 #9
The schadenfreude is cilla4progress May 29 #11
I like the purple bags of un recirculated blood* under his eyes that show up as his make up wears off Botany May 29 #15
I've always assumed SomedayKindaLove May 29 #20
You might be right and then he has his under eye areas painted by hand. Botany May 30 #34
Oh good a pic... Thanks! TSF should be wearing Cha May 29 #29
And he's probably been up all night PatSeg May 29 #3
Playing by the rules is draining as compared to cheating. Shermann May 29 #4
Was watching one of the cable channels with photos of trump siting with his attorney Silent Type May 29 #5
Karma "K"oming? hlthe2b May 29 #7
Yup republianmushroom May 29 #13
If only Meadowoak May 29 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Wednesdays May 29 #10
Definatly looking drained. GOOD!!!!! electric_blue68 May 29 #12
The more miserable he is, the better the world can feel. Stroke out mofo, stroke out. Comfortably_Numb May 29 #14
Not until election eve. nt oasis May 29 #16
totally agree nt et tu May 29 #19
He can stroke out the day after Election Day. Dulcinea May 30 #35
he made a somewhat telling comment this morning mnmoderatedem May 29 #17
Probably overslept Warpy May 29 #18
All that due process he's paid for has also cost him his health. He looks WAY older than Biden. ancianita May 29 #21
Trump looks like death, yortsed snacilbuper May 29 #23
Ewwww, he's ugly enough to give a person nightmares! Talitha May 29 #24
An Arrow T-30 stapling gun loaded with 1/2 inch staples,... magicarpet May 29 #30
"Rich Corinthian leather... alterfurz May 29 #31
LOL ancianita May 29 #32
Hmmmm MFM008 May 29 #33
Contrast that with these guys. ancianita May 29 #22
More like Jilly_in_VA May 29 #26
Right? And ancianita May 29 #27
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