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Tue May 28, 2024, 04:02 PM May 28

Trump's Ugly, Hateful Attacks on Media Suddenly Take a Dangerous Turn [View all]


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On Sunday, Donald Trump posted video of a man raging and cursing uncontrollably at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough outside what appears to be an airport in New York. This generated a flurry of attention on social media, with some pointing out that Trump’s fury at Scarborough has a history dating back to the Morning Joe host’s public turning against Trump, which includes Trump falsely suggesting Scarborough murdered a young MSNBC intern.

Scarborough and the whole Morning Joe crew have been stern Trump critics for years, but I’d like to focus on something beyond Scarborough here: The video’s declaration that if Trump wins the presidency, “liberals” are “done.”

As the man delicately puts it:

He’ll get rid of all you fucking liberals. You liberals are gone when he fucking wins. You fucking blowjob liberals are done. Uncle Donnie’s gonna take this election—landslide. Landslide, you fucking half a blowjob. Landslide. Get the fuck out of here, you scumbag.

By posting this video, Trump appears to be endorsing that sentiment about not only Scarborough but about liberals generally. Shouldn’t that be pretty big news in and of itself?

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I don't know... birdographer May 28 #1
He posted the video though mahina May 28 #3
Yes, they rage everywhere every day. tanyev May 28 #4
Why is Secret Service allowing TSF to do this ? Traurigkeit May 28 #8
They're fascists and want to overthrow the government. onecaliberal May 28 #9
That is too easy an answer Traurigkeit May 28 #10
Pence didn't trust the SS for good reason. Irish_Dem May 28 #29
Because that is not their job? Their job is to protect his body, not police his foul mouth. Hekate May 28 #11
Thought above all - protect the sitting president - which TSF ain't Traurigkeit May 28 #12
As I understand it, there are separate teams. ShazzieB May 28 #22
Agree with you 100% in theory. Shipwack May 29 #44
Freedom of speech? littlemissmartypants May 28 #25
We ignore this at our peril. shrike3 May 28 #7
What do you suggest we do about it? Magoo48 May 28 #15
Other than vote, there isn't much individuals can do about it. shrike3 May 28 #16
Idk either. We keep using the tools which confuse them: Magoo48 May 28 #18
That's as good a suggestion as any. shrike3 May 28 #20
We live in Trumpistan birdographer May 28 #26
I am in the Catskills. Woodwizard May 29 #41
God bless. And watch your back. n/t shrike3 May 29 #42
buy a gun, learn how to safely handle and operate it. -nt Hieronymus Phact May 28 #23
Since the government agency that should investigating threats refused to do a single thing to protect people, onecaliberal May 28 #35
That's a whole lotta blowjobs! PCIntern May 28 #2
My father worked in profanity the way other artists would work in clay or oils. Probatim May 28 #17
That sounds like the description of BlueMTexpat May 29 #36
It was a direct quote stolen from the movie. Probatim May 29 #39
I'd say I'm more of a... Hugin May 28 #5
Landslide for Trump? Hah LiberalFighter May 28 #6
Trump posted it because he can't come out and say it himself. He also knows that sickos everywhere flying_wahini May 28 #13
Liberty, liberal. twodogsbarking May 28 #14
Poor Drooling TSF.. he's mad at "Liberals" 'casue they don't like him. lol Cha May 28 #19
"cause they don't like him!" Ding Ding Ding! speak easy May 28 #32
TSF needs Adoration and Cha May 28 #33
During the 2020 campaign, Trump posted a video of one of his MAGA supporters in Florida openly promoting white supremacy LymphocyteLover May 28 #21
It wasn't "a young MSNBC intern," it was a female staffer in Scarborough's congressional district office. sop May 28 #24
Trump's hatred, threats, intimidation are now seen as normal. Irish_Dem May 28 #27
It's outrageous how Trump's constant threats of violence and acts of intimidation have been normalized. sop May 30 #45
Yes it is quite alarming that everyone dismisses Trump's threats of violence and dictatorship. Irish_Dem May 30 #46
Is Joe S a liberal now? BoomaofBandM May 28 #28
"Suddenly"? He has been this way since his rallies in 2015. Same violent rhetoric. Evolve Dammit May 28 #30
maybe uncle donnie is just intrigued by the notion of a blowjob. sounds to me like uncle donnie should just orleans May 28 #31
Any liberal, in our definition or Teump**'s soldierant May 28 #34
This Isn't Sudden, But It Is Dangerous... Mr. Mustard 2023 May 29 #37
It should be JustAnotherGen May 29 #38
That's what I don't get about the media fawning over him now kimbutgar May 29 #40
They are telling us exactly what they intend to do if they get the chance. We need to quit deluding ourselves. hadEnuf May 29 #43
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