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36. I've no use for the party nor the platform either. But I do think the Democratic party could do with
Sun May 26, 2024, 06:10 PM
May 26

more of that kind of fire and venom in responding to this CLOWN. You see, here's the deal:

Trump went into the deep blue Bronx and had a surprisingly good day. Mobs of counter protesters didn't show up, or pitch tents, or nothing like that, you see.

He even had Black and Latino plants among the attendees and on stage. The former spewing bullshit talking points about some old Biden comment re Black voters,

but when confronted by journalists about Trump's anti-Black positions, including re the CP5, they grew hostile and dismissive because they hadn't been SCHOOLED on the proper responses to those kind of questions, you see.

So having left the Bronx with neither a whiff of tar nor feather (figuratively speaking of course) he figured he'd do the same with the Libertarians,

even again trying to pre-stage his appearance by planting (paid?) supporters, all up front of the bus and shit, to give a phony-ass impression of support.

You know. Like those one or two "Blacks for Trump" he always have planted behind him within the camera's eye.

Only the Libertarians weren't having it. Homey didn't play dat. .

TFG did make a valient point about their common sense: they booed an wannabe tin pot dictator of the stage. marble falls May 26 #1
Sawthat 3auld6phart May 26 #2
Here's the original Guardian link ornotna May 26 #3
Thanks for this. Rawstory is unreadable.. enough May 26 #8
Thanks, I appreciate the link. dmr May 26 #33
There's not enough lipstick in the world for this pig but watch them try! LOL What's the spin from Trump brewens May 26 #4
I'm seeing more and more libertarians musette_sf May 26 #6
I'm amazed he hasn't been spewing about it on "Truth" Social yet. tanyev May 26 #5
Sure, how about a Libertarian for Secretary of Homeland Security! Shermann May 26 #7
B------t !?! dweller May 26 #9
Bigamist? Bigot? nt ArkansasDemocrat1 May 26 #10
Yeh dweller May 26 #12
Batshit crazy? MLAA May 26 #11
That's it dweller May 26 #13
With all due respect... Hugin May 26 #14
Mmm, I'll take a vowel. Dave Bowman May 26 #23
Ha ha ha! karin_sj May 26 #15
Two words, Bull & ___t IbogaProject May 26 #26
Back to speaking to brain dead zombies Johonny May 26 #16
Wasn't He Last Night? ProfessorGAC May 26 #34
Libertarians are close cousins in the BatShitCrazedLoon family tree. NoMoreRepugs May 26 #17
Keep getting your 3% every year. Lol. He just lost every one of them! Quixote1818 May 26 #18
he kinda mansplained to them samnsara May 26 #29
The Libertarians might have resented tax payer funded Secret Service detail confiscating their kazoos & rubber chickens Attilatheblond May 26 #19
Let them continue... Trump's digging a pretty deep hole. yardwork May 26 #37
Libertarians were immune to his charm and star power Warpy May 26 #20
They couldn't resist grabbing him by... Attilatheblond May 26 #21
.... CatWoman May 26 #31
"Their finest hour." Words I never I'd hear said about the Libertarian Party. shrike3 May 26 #32
I've no use for the party nor the platform either. But I do think the Democratic party could do with B.See May 26 #36
Actually, the Bronx rally was a bit of a frost Warpy May 26 #38
I totally agree!! TSExile May 26 #41
Last night's speech was amusing LetMyPeopleVote May 26 #22
Too good malaise May 26 #24
Thank you for posting this. dmr May 26 #35
Or the time... TSExile May 26 #40
Yes! I forgot about that! dmr May 27 #42
The only thing missing was flying tomatoes. Or maybe a shoe or two. flashman13 May 26 #25
Where are the zoo monkeys when you really need them,... magicarpet May 26 #27
The M$M is acting all aghast Blue Owl May 26 #28
Loved it when he got all pissy with them. Kingofalldems May 26 #30
Hillary... Cha May 26 #39
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