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4. tRUMP is out of control, he's right. And what gets me, while quite a few republicans also realize that tRUMP is
Sun May 26, 2024, 01:34 PM
May 26

out of control too, not enough of them feel this way, think that he's their God Figure. Makes me sick and I want to puke.

At least, tRUMP morons...you could have picked someone smarter and more able, and not the POS that tRUMP is.

But hey, you aren't willing to listen to the tons of your friends (what few you still have) who repeatedly told you that tRUMP is a diseased maniac, unfit for the highest office in the land.

Oh well. I've given up on dealing w/ cretins like tRUMP and his morons, don't even want to be with them in the same room as me, and I'm going to watch proudly as Pres. Biden, who does care a hell of a lot for this Country and us (and it's very obvious that he does indeed care for us and the Country) stomp, stomp, stomp tRUMP to pieces.

And tRUMP and his fragile ego will be crushed to pieces by overwhelming anti-tRUMP voters as people are finally, finally able to vote and release their long pent-up anger and hatred of tRUMP, and shut up the moron once and for all.

I think that the recent Libertarians howling in anger and hatred of tRUMP when he showed up, thinking that he would get a good reception, finally, finally showed just a snapshot of how people view him (they HATE him, I HATE him, and most everyone, I think, HATE him...maybe, just maybe tRUMP might read the room correctly for once, you think?).

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