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Katrina pretty much exposed Libertarianism as a farce underpants May 26 #1
the recent tornados onethatcares May 26 #2
Yep. But then again, so does pretty much everything else, too! Orrex May 26 #28
Ron Paul was the king of earmarks. TwilightZone May 26 #3
Back in the 1980s, I worked for a state medical society. Ron Paul would send these handwritten, mimeographed screeds Silent Type May 26 #31
You learned your lessons well.......... MyOwnPeace May 26 #52
After working with doctors for over 40 years with some it is very true. .nt mitch96 May 26 #69
Just remember... COL Mustard May 27 #74
Ben Carson. jimmiles May 27 #75
It's perhaps the most idiotic political movement in American history. paleotn May 26 #4
they share much with the "constitutionalists": ret5hd May 26 #7
So they're fighting for the right to be a baby duhneece May 26 #61
Donald J Trump, Scumbag Traurigkeit May 26 #66
"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: sop May 26 #10
'Libertarian reluctantly calls fire department' sop May 26 #5
I don't even know if I'd consider them to have a real platform orange jar May 26 #6
They have more in common with the GOP than with Democrats, Ocelot II May 26 #21
Yep. orange jar May 26 #25
The freedom to be racist Diraven May 27 #73
Except they're very anti-abortion. yardwork May 26 #8
Actually they aren't. I guess they'd have to be called either neutral Ocelot II May 26 #12
However... ProfessorGAC May 26 #20
The NC Libertarian platform used to be very anti-abortion. yardwork May 26 #22
Yeah, TN libertarians are pro forced birth too Farmer-Rick May 26 #29
That's an interesting point about the fetus being an adult! yardwork May 26 #48
The Missouri ones are also in favor of forced birth xmas74 May 26 #40
Isn't that typical?! yardwork May 26 #47
Yeah, that's especially weird, because their big hero, Ayn Rand... keep_left May 26 #38
Best description I've seen of libertarians CousinIT May 26 #9
that is excellent. stealing for future use. ret5hd May 26 #11
Excellent description PatSeg May 26 #14
My three cats took offense at that. ChazInAz May 27 #78
Here's their economic "policy", straight from the horse's ass . . . hatrack May 26 #13
"to be provided in a voluntary manner" ... Justice matters. May 26 #15
"provided in a voluntary manner" nuxvomica May 26 #16
Sounds like some fantasy world, doesn't it? PatSeg May 26 #17
Libertarians revere Ayn Rand... GiqueCee May 26 #24
The funny thing (not) DENVERPOPS May 26 #33
Yup... GiqueCee May 26 #43
Yes................. DENVERPOPS May 27 #80
"Since all persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor" Traurigkeit May 26 #67
I have a couple of old Libertarian friends Ishoutandscream2 May 26 #18
He most likely went to public schools, got some scholarships along the way. Irish_Dem May 26 #26
He sure did Ishoutandscream2 May 26 #45
I noticed quite a few of the insurrectionists were the same way. Irish_Dem May 26 #50
Not to mention driving on taxpayer-funded roads.... AZ8theist May 26 #63
Exactly. Driving on roads, street lights, fire and police, snow removal, US mail. Irish_Dem May 26 #64
I cannot pass up this golden opportunity... GiqueCee May 26 #19
This cartoon says it all, I think: Ocelot II May 26 #23
Love that cartoon Farmer-Rick May 26 #30
Earlier this week SocialDemocrat61 May 26 #27
Assuming you are referring to the conversation you and I were having, Abolishinist May 26 #62
Thanks for the history SocialDemocrat61 May 26 #65
"Libertarianism" sounds good, sounds like 'freedom'. And it is sort of: TeamProg May 26 #32
Just people that don't want to pay taxes TheFarseer May 26 #34
People love to hate the government until they personally need the government. flashman13 May 26 #35
Libertarian Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, frogmarch May 26 #36
Here is part of the Libertarian Platform in 1980 ... aggiesal May 26 #37
IOW Jilly_in_VA May 26 #54
I can't get past their inability to comprehend variable tax rates. jaxexpat May 26 #39
I have a libertarian friend that I actually like ismnotwasm May 26 #41
Most people do. brooklynite May 26 #42
They are also very proficient at providing policing, medical and firefighting to those cities they built. By hand. BobTheSubgenius May 26 #44
The number libertarians who are retired military with a government pension nakocal May 26 #46
Didn't know Libertarianism had a "platform" malthaussen May 26 #49
I have spoken to a few. MOMFUDSKI May 26 #51
Libertarians are Republicans The Wizard May 26 #53
The libertarian platform in a nutshell Salviati May 26 #55
Yeah they want to make all public roads private Jacson6 May 26 #56
Libertarians remind me of nothing so much as toddlers/preschoolers... 3catwoman3 May 26 #57
Libertarianism in a nutshell... JoseBalow May 26 #58
Ayn Rand cashed her Social Security checks Captain Zero May 26 #59
I knew an ER doc . TNNurse May 26 #60
They have a platform? moose65 May 26 #68
Lol Lemon Lyman May 26 #70
Whenever I meet a libertarian garybeck May 26 #71
Libertarians are idiots. SunSeeker May 27 #72
Grafton NH and libertarian bears Voltaire2 May 27 #76
Did Trump even bother to show up with a proposal or promise that would appeal to those idiots? Biden wouldn't brewens May 27 #77
I admire how they travel only on roads of their own paving Blue Owl May 27 #79
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