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TFG did make a valient point about their common sense: they booed an wannabe tin pot dictator of the stage. marble falls May 26 #1
Sawthat 3auld6phart May 26 #2
Here's the original Guardian link ornotna May 26 #3
Thanks for this. Rawstory is unreadable.. enough May 26 #8
Thanks, I appreciate the link. dmr May 26 #33
There's not enough lipstick in the world for this pig but watch them try! LOL What's the spin from Trump brewens May 26 #4
I'm seeing more and more libertarians musette_sf May 26 #6
I'm amazed he hasn't been spewing about it on "Truth" Social yet. tanyev May 26 #5
Sure, how about a Libertarian for Secretary of Homeland Security! Shermann May 26 #7
B------t !?! dweller May 26 #9
Bigamist? Bigot? nt ArkansasDemocrat1 May 26 #10
Yeh dweller May 26 #12
Batshit crazy? MLAA May 26 #11
That's it dweller May 26 #13
With all due respect... Hugin May 26 #14
Mmm, I'll take a vowel. Dave Bowman May 26 #23
Ha ha ha! karin_sj May 26 #15
Two words, Bull & ___t IbogaProject May 26 #26
Back to speaking to brain dead zombies Johonny May 26 #16
Wasn't He Last Night? ProfessorGAC May 26 #34
Libertarians are close cousins in the BatShitCrazedLoon family tree. NoMoreRepugs May 26 #17
Keep getting your 3% every year. Lol. He just lost every one of them! Quixote1818 May 26 #18
he kinda mansplained to them samnsara May 26 #29
The Libertarians might have resented tax payer funded Secret Service detail confiscating their kazoos & rubber chickens Attilatheblond May 26 #19
Let them continue... Trump's digging a pretty deep hole. yardwork May 26 #37
Libertarians were immune to his charm and star power Warpy May 26 #20
They couldn't resist grabbing him by... Attilatheblond May 26 #21
.... CatWoman May 26 #31
"Their finest hour." Words I never I'd hear said about the Libertarian Party. shrike3 May 26 #32
I've no use for the party nor the platform either. But I do think the Democratic party could do with B.See May 26 #36
Actually, the Bronx rally was a bit of a frost Warpy May 26 #38
I totally agree!! TSExile May 26 #41
Last night's speech was amusing LetMyPeopleVote May 26 #22
Too good malaise May 26 #24
Thank you for posting this. dmr May 26 #35
Or the time... TSExile May 26 #40
Yes! I forgot about that! dmr May 27 #42
The only thing missing was flying tomatoes. Or maybe a shoe or two. flashman13 May 26 #25
Where are the zoo monkeys when you really need them,... magicarpet May 26 #27
The M$M is acting all aghast Blue Owl May 26 #28
Loved it when he got all pissy with them. Kingofalldems May 26 #30
Hillary... Cha May 26 #39
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