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25. We're witnessing the US becoming an authoritarian theocracy
Sat May 25, 2024, 07:31 PM
May 25

The fascists aren't even being subtle anymore.

What a shock. I see nothing, I know nothing, etc chicoescuela May 25 #1
The reporter confronted Alito senseandsensibility May 25 #2
Then the reporter needed to go to ALL of the MOMFUDSKI May 25 #7
Yeah I wonder Cha May 25 #11
Probably some kind of NDA? Nictuku May 25 #16
Wanted to keep getting a paycheck? nt Shipwack May 26 #50
I've been a Post subscriber for years, and their reporting has definitely moved to the right. Lonestarblue May 26 #47
I've noticed the same. I still subscribe but sometimes... yardwork May 26 #49
Thanks for that insight senseandsensibility May 26 #58
Alito probably has friends high up at the Post. shrike3 May 26 #57
More proof that good Women avoid pukes. pwb May 25 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author COL Mustard May 25 #20
I didn't read pwb's post that way. Chellee May 25 #30
That ain't that. Iggo May 26 #55
Cowards! Boycott the s.o b.s. Joinfortmill May 25 #4
I haven't purchased a Washington Post newspaper since Bezos bought them. Prof. Toru Tanaka May 26 #53
Another piece of fact about how MSM is in The GOP hands. There is NO free press, just free to be purchased. Traurigkeit May 25 #5
George Carlin said it best: wolfie001 May 25 #31
I know! And a huge majority of republican voters don't read anything...much like trump. BComplex May 26 #51
Maybe they decided the flag thing wasn't such a big deal. Did anyone think Alito was decent before the flag. Silent Type May 25 #6
Thanks for mentioning that point about an upside down flag: robbob May 25 #15
Us? toad-eye May 25 #19
yeah. I'm not seeing this as quite the scandal that some are stopdiggin May 25 #27
The scandal is a justice supporting insurrection. Hermit-The-Prog May 25 #33
I don't need the situation explained stopdiggin May 25 #40
Pull at every thread lame54 May 26 #42
Context matters -- at the time, Alito was clearly supporting lies about the election. Hermit-The-Prog May 25 #32
Did he do anything in decisions before SC regarding the suits challenging the election that helped trump? Silent Type May 25 #36
WTF? Democrats are responsible for Alito's anti-democracy stance? Bye. Hermit-The-Prog May 25 #38
That's what you got out of my comments? Silent Type May 25 #39
No, the truth is none of this would have happened intheflow May 26 #43
Corporate McPravda Kid Berwyn May 25 #8
You said it BoRaGard May 26 #45
The geniuses at WaPo didn't Cha May 25 #9
Ah yes, this must be part of the "liberal" media that I hear so much about on AM radio. progressoid May 25 #10
Where there is smoke there is fire...what else are they sitting on? diva77 May 25 #12
Bezos bury a story about his buddy Alito...shocking JT45242 May 25 #13
This is so on the mark Farmer-Rick May 26 #48
"they had known about the flag since at least January 20, 2021" - I have been saying that here BumRushDaShow May 25 #14
All of M$Greedia is compromised malaise May 25 #17
We're witnessing the US becoming an authoritarian theocracy redqueen May 25 #25
It's seriously hard to process malaise May 25 #26
Peckering at the Post. yonder May 25 #18
At this point it's more a like loud firecracker Uncle Joe May 25 #21
Let's hit 'em in the wallet $$$$$$ multigraincracker May 25 #22
kick blogslug May 25 #23
Let's Boycott 1 company that we can associate with the BRIBES Captain Zero May 25 #28
this is the third try at posting a response.. mountain grammy May 25 #24
I'm canceling my subscription to wapo rwild1967 May 25 #29
I'd say we have a ruling class in this country and they look out for one another. jalan48 May 25 #34
....Democracy dies in darkness,,, EastBayGuy May 25 #35
" Last week, many of us learned from The New York Times..." brooklynite May 25 #37
Last week you dismissed that anyone was burying this story mountain grammy May 26 #56
Great article LetMyPeopleVote May 26 #41
Corporate media FAILs the American people BoRaGard May 26 #44
congress has to turn blue- et tu May 26 #46
I was wondering about that Deep State Witch May 26 #52
"Democracy Dies In Darkness" budkin May 26 #54
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