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Nice to see we're moving closer to Sunni vs Shia in the US... WarGamer May 25 #1
I wasn't the one wearing my identity in public Aviation Pro May 25 #3
I just added an edit... WarGamer May 25 #4
Uncalled for comments FHRRK May 25 #31
100%. Someone was expecting praise here .. stopdiggin May 25 #11
How it used to be dpibel May 25 #12
The PutinGOP wants the US divided and at war with each other. Irish_Dem May 25 #13
Yes Indeed... WarGamer May 25 #20
Exactly bdamomma May 25 #49
Putin wants the US to break apart like the USSR did. Irish_Dem May 25 #55
This Us vs Them dichotomy has been nornalized and exasperated by the likes of the Tangerine Fuhrer Menace. magicarpet May 25 #35
You intimidated him, and nonverbally! Good for you, my dear Aviation Pro! Keep doing it. nt CaliforniaPeggy May 25 #2
Just as an aside... what's good about intimidation? WarGamer May 25 #5
There's not much that's good about intimidation. CaliforniaPeggy May 25 #8
so wearing clothing (or hat) is to be interpreted as 'intimidation' ? stopdiggin May 25 #16
Only if you let it intimidate you. They can try, but we don't have to accept it. nt CaliforniaPeggy May 25 #21
the point is - if we get to the point where stopdiggin May 25 #23
Not to sound too "pacifist'y"... WarGamer May 25 #17
Joke on religion Whatthe_Firetruck May 25 #33
These people hate democracy, hate the US, love fascism. Irish_Dem May 25 #19
A lot of purity Dems who think we can hug it out FHRRK May 25 #32
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 25 #46
Fighting back is not sneering at a Republican womanofthehills May 25 #48
Irish_Dem bdamomma May 25 #50
Yes quite appropriate sentiment for Memorial Day. Irish_Dem May 25 #54
Hell no bdamomma May 27 #65
Yes. No one else will save us. Irish_Dem May 27 #66
Why intimidate people? womanofthehills May 25 #47
I'm not nice to people who want to murder me NanaCat May 26 #62
What do you think would have happened Demobrat May 25 #6
That's the point, the beanie is a symbol and cudgel for them Aviation Pro May 25 #7
Excellent point. Kingofalldems May 25 #9
Exactly! The downward glance is perhaps an admission Quakerfriend May 25 #15
Downward glance is submissive and acknowledges who the alpha is duckworth969 May 25 #27
Good for you letting that MAGA motherfucker know that there is real opposition to their shitstained tactics. SoFlaBro May 25 #36
I have ArkansasDemocrat1 May 25 #51
I think I would probably just laugh Demobrat May 25 #59
They wear those hats to signify northern light May 25 #10
Welcome to DU! mahina May 25 #52
I think a lot of them wear those hats because they wanna be validated, accepted as one of the 'cool kids' Attilatheblond May 27 #67
On my walks when I come to a house with a Trump sign Irish_Dem May 25 #14
Good for you, A Pro...it's time that these idiots truly know what their standing is among most of the rest of America SWBTATTReg May 25 #18
Yes! Because most of 'em believe THEY are the majority and that is part of why they don't accept that TSF lost 2020 Attilatheblond May 27 #69
This is an invitation to violence Ontheboundry May 25 #22
'posturing in the park' stopdiggin May 25 #24
machismo voguing Celerity May 25 #41
Turning a blind eye to what is plainly before your own eyesight is wrong. Tarzanrock May 25 #25
Thank You! NoRethugFriends May 25 #26
I agree 100% odins folly May 25 #30
Can't we just be nice,... magicarpet May 25 #42
Post removed Post removed May 25 #28
Love it malaise May 25 #29
Man, I wish I'd seen that. Joinfortmill May 25 #34
You are amazing! sarisataka May 25 #37
good use of sarcasm Celerity May 25 #39
Terrible use of sarcasm Aviation Pro May 25 #45
Aviation Pro, I am so old I remember most DEM voters griping that DEM office holders weren't fighting the right! Attilatheblond May 27 #73
Stories like this one are quite entertaining, though. Jedi Guy May 26 #64
Good for you FHRRK May 25 #38
Don't Worry, magicarpet May 25 #43
You da Pro DoBW May 25 #40
When they go low MFM008 May 25 #44
Conservatives I worked with, knew and liked, Arne May 25 #53
I stand in solidarity with Aviation Pro. GreenWave May 25 #56
I like your mom! JustAnotherGen May 25 #58
A few years back JustAnotherGen May 25 #57
This right here says it all mountain grammy May 27 #72
Nicely done! Talitha May 25 #60
I give Trumbilles Hell every time i pass their house and he/she are outside. czarjak May 25 #61
Weird flex, but okay. N/T Jedi Guy May 26 #63
In what state? LiberalFighter May 27 #68
Florida Aviation Pro May 27 #70
Biden Harris campaign seem to think they can win Florida LiberalFighter May 27 #71
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