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20. I haven't watched CNN in years because they got rid of hood people.
Sat May 25, 2024, 03:45 PM
May 25

I liked Soledad O’Brian’s morning show and others that took facts seriously.

They are clearly in search of a compromise that pleases no one. unblock May 25 #1
Unsurprised. I thought when they were looking to make a change. bullimiami May 25 #2
Very good suggestions senseandsensibility May 25 #4
I think a lot of people would. Sick of bullshit and tired of being treated like morons. bullimiami May 25 #9
Well said. I share your opinion Raven123 May 25 #16
CNN used to be 24-hour news wallpaper for me Shermann May 25 #3
I used to like CNN, but gosh, over the last 5 or so years, they have gone downhill faster than my sled. No more. SWBTATTReg May 25 #6
Just curious senseandsensibility May 25 #7
Acosta, SWBTATTReg May 25 #10
Amanpour is especially fantastic. orange jar May 25 #12
I love her and her interviews too as well. SWBTATTReg May 25 #15
Erin Burnette is respectable, but is more of a straight newsperson than an editorialist Shermann May 25 #32
No BBC News on your flex pack? mwooldri May 25 #26
For those who want the details... WarGamer May 25 #5
That many 25-54 yr olds are watching Fox? orange jar May 25 #8
What stands out from your post senseandsensibility May 25 #11
good catch... and that's not a bad thing. WarGamer May 25 #14
I honestly don't know how they're in business Sympthsical May 25 #30
another 4 years of drumpf having everyone run to cable news to see what horrors he has wrought today Takket May 25 #13
While I'm sure that if cheato wins (crossing myself and knocking on wood) senseandsensibility May 25 #17
Though I don't get US TV here, I suspect the same thing. DFW May 25 #19
All the networks deserve to have their lowest ratings ever. Boomerproud May 25 #18
I haven't watched CNN in years because they got rid of hood people. Lonestarblue May 25 #20
I loved CNN when Ted Turner owned it. It hasn't been Meadowoak May 25 #21
I agree Haggard Celine May 25 #34
So will they "double down" with more conservative BS??!! Hummmmm PortTack May 25 #22
Left them in 2015. Joinfortmill May 25 #23
Deleted Joinfortmill May 25 #24
They don't like that it will be easy to beat Trump again. pwb May 25 #25
"CNN International is way better than the CNN we get domestically." sop May 25 #27
CNN International is available in the US. OneBlueDotS-Carolina May 25 #31
Censoring references to the "Big Lie" and going full-MAGA might have something to do with it. Kid Berwyn May 25 #28
I cut the cord two years ago. lpbk2713 May 25 #29
I have been watching less of MSNBC and CNN, I am just sick of hearing doc03 May 25 #33
When you try and play both ends against the middle, you lose both as well as their respect. elocs May 25 #35
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