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"But the camera angle was unfair!" dalton99a May 24 #1
"I was in the pool! I WAS IN THE POOL!" Cuthbert Allgood May 24 #27
Looks to be no more than 1,000 people with @ least 100 starting to slip away from Trump's talk Botany May 24 #41
Subtract the press and security...What's left? mpcamb May 24 #42
I counted @ least 15 secret service people and you can be sure that they are @ least 25 plain clothed .... Botany May 24 #44
Half the African-Americans there were Captain Zero May 25 #82
Dasha Burns doesn't report them. LiberalFighter May 24 #58
THANK GAWD that ramp wasn't too steep for Dementia Don..... AZ8theist May 24 #64
... and with a lot fewer fleas. What I like is the hidden long flat ramp so TFG doen't need to be coddled up or down. marble falls May 24 #2
The Trump Tilt(tm) "/" is clearly visible... Hugin May 24 #5
What are those 2 rows of beige things in front of the ramp? IcyPeas May 24 #12
Five members of the Surpreme Court? marble falls May 24 #14
I believe they are US flags. Hugin May 24 #16
They're mandatory with TSF ChazInAz May 24 #29
My guess is a phalanx of spineless MAGA congress members rurallib May 24 #17
American flags. Whatthe_Firetruck May 24 #70
Yeah, I saw that, too. I can just see Baron von Bullshit lumbering and shuffling up it Stinky The Clown May 24 #39
Still way too many people edisdead May 24 #3
Yes, especially if you hear some of that speech PatSeg May 24 #18
Curiosity Seekers Traurigkeit May 24 #51
Yes, that occurred to me PatSeg May 24 #59
An interviewed local saw Lisence Plates from NJ, PA, GA, TX.. electric_blue68 May 24 #19
wonder if those were paid to show up? AllaN01Bear May 24 #21
I thought that too Beck23 May 24 #24
Perhaps, and maybe some really deep-in drumphfers... electric_blue68 May 24 #25
I don't think the question is "....IF..."... Think. Again. May 24 #31
and how many got stiffed ? AllaN01Bear May 24 #32
Yup! Think. Again. May 24 #33
There's a significant number of people who follow him from rally to rally. GoCubsGo May 24 #40
They are dead heads Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 25 #75
Free beer and pork rinds brings in the crowd. twodogsbarking May 25 #83
Yup! The Bronx is mostly Hispanic and Black people OMGWTF May 24 #34
Did they have a parking lot for RVs? Tom of Temecula May 24 #61
How many were actors? kwijybo May 24 #68
Overhead view of Trump rally in the Bronx shows the crowd was much smaller than MAGA world is boasting about. LetMyPeopleVote May 24 #4
Looks like your tweet disappeared. Was it this video? Nevilledog May 24 #23
Looks like a high school football rally spanone May 24 #6
I agree. Haggard Celine May 24 #72
👍🏼 spanone May 24 #73
Meh, everything is pre-planned, gab13by13 May 24 #7
That ramp FDR4President May 24 #8
How many of those people were bused in from elsewhere? Lonestarblue May 24 #9
EXACTLY!! bluestarone May 24 #11
See my post #19. Out of State'rs electric_blue68 May 24 #22
please see my comments upstream.:) AllaN01Bear May 25 #84
Neeeds 30ft. of ramp to get to the stage that's 48" above the ground. Shame he's still walking free. nt Hotler May 24 #10
Oops wrong poster electric_blue68 May 24 #20
ADA requires 1' travel for 1" rise kwijybo May 24 #69
That's less than a thousand people. Happy Hoosier May 24 #13
No wonder they were posting a picture of Paul Simon's free concert of 30 years ago Norbert May 24 #15
Wow Beck23 May 24 #26
If Mr. Simon finds out , this will not turn out so good for campaign's legal budget. Traurigkeit May 24 #60
Oh, where was this?! Truth Social, X, Faux News? electric_blue68 May 24 #28
TwitterX Norbert May 24 #50
Got it. 👍 electric_blue68 May 24 #53
Being the Bronx, most of those people probably showed up just to give Trump the Bronx Cheer. sop May 24 #30
Maybe 1,000 -1,500. MAYBE. niyad May 24 #35
Yep, I figured 1250 to 1400. For sure under 2000. nevergiveup May 24 #48
I take no comfort in these low turnouts for his rallies... albacore May 24 #36
8.804 millions people live in New York City. nevergiveup May 24 #37
Why, that's nothing a fresh Sharpie can't fix! LudwigPastorius May 24 #38
holy crap. a million people DoBW May 24 #43
Taylor Swift can't draw those kinds of crowds. LOL nt Quixote1818 May 24 #45
Looks smaller than my high school assembly BSdetect May 24 #46
I've never seen so many people! North Shore Chicago May 24 #47
Lol, I bet that most of them are already lobotomized. Dave Bowman May 25 #77
High school football games have more attendance. republianmushroom May 24 #49
New York City has access to too many helocopters for a LIE to stand up to hard evidence. Traurigkeit May 24 #52
When was the photo taken? former9thward May 24 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author dpibel May 24 #57
Dasha Burns on MSNBC senseandsensibility May 24 #55
Probably a whole lot of that crowd was people who live in the neighborhood and decided Vinca May 24 #56
TSF LIES about Every Fucking thing. Cha May 24 #62
They'll just claim these aerial shots were taken SomedayKindaLove May 24 #63
Those are all extras for a staged production Seeking Serenity May 24 #65
Remember Sean Spicers crawfishing after the 2016 inaugural crowd BOSSHOG May 24 #66
Will you just look at that MASSIVE crowd? ProudMNDemocrat May 24 #67
I thought I read elsewhere that the space only held 3500 people to begin with. n/t thesquanderer May 24 #71
Almost nobody was there. Wolf Frankula May 25 #74
Captain Pantload's Pathetic Crowd Blue Owl May 25 #76
I've seen bigger picnics. Dave Bowman May 25 #78
The quinceaneara of my BIL's niece NanaCat May 25 #79
Loving the ramp! Aussie105 May 25 #80
Still in denial -- or engaging in outright mendacity. no_hypocrisy May 25 #81
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