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8. Israel has a chance to show it's a good civilized nation by following the rule of law
Fri May 24, 2024, 11:34 AM
May 24

or they can choose to show the world that they are not what they claim to be

The choice is there, as will be the reputation they earn from their actions

It is at least positive politically and diplomatically. David__77 May 24 #1
It wont stop them. ilovegamers43 May 24 #9
No, it won't. Still, it is a favorable factor. David__77 May 24 #11
I am for peace ilovegamers43 May 24 #12
Israel has transformed into a unique brand of fascism. Eyeball_Kid May 24 #2
I agree obamanut2012 May 24 #5
Israel is at war and genocide is being misapplied elias7 May 24 #6
It is unsurprising that figures like Bolsonaro and Orban are ardently pro-Israel. David__77 May 24 #16
Only votes against were Nanjeanne May 24 #3
k & r -- thanks for posting obamanut2012 May 24 #4
Good malaise May 24 #7
Israel has a chance to show it's a good civilized nation by following the rule of law RAB910 May 24 #8
If they were not "civilized" PCIntern May 24 #10
I think you're right not to expect plaudits for calling your opinion and supposition a "fact" muriel_volestrangler May 24 #13
First of all it's not tens of thousands PCIntern May 24 #15
If only the Israeli government had the morals of an average DUer, the world would be a better place muriel_volestrangler May 24 #17
It was quickly apparent how little value they placed on the lives of non-combatants in Gaza. David__77 May 24 #18
Well they ask for a thousand Palestinians for PCIntern May 24 #19
Well, yes, the Israeli state *is* determining the value of lives. muriel_volestrangler May 24 #20
I have little of what you call conscience PCIntern May 24 #21
Well said malaise May 24 #24
The Republicans have invited a guy on the run from the ICC to speak to congress. Ping Tung May 24 #14
I hope that is not a joint session. That would be terrible politically. David__77 May 24 #22
I think it is. Ping Tung May 24 #27
Unless I missed it, there hasn't been an ICJ case brought the resulted in a Court ruling. brooklynite May 24 #23
Not sure if I understand your grammar, but this is part of the case brought by South Africa muriel_volestrangler May 24 #25
When will they order Hamas to turn themselves in? RandySF May 24 #26
This would give Netanyahu a chance to back out without looking like a surrender by Likud ... marble falls May 24 #28
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