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55. Those look great! Tacos are slowly coming to France, though the Lyon 'tacos' have been here for awhile
Fri May 24, 2024, 06:18 AM
May 24

Lyon 'tacos' are extremely weird.

Please change the behavior of the "hide smilies" button! CrispyQ May 23 #1
Yes, please! intrepidity May 23 #9
I'd like smilies to open at the top of the smilies page, right now it opens to the bottom ms liberty May 24 #56
Yes, that too! CrispyQ May 24 #62
Please make the text box on the reply screen a bit smaller... Wounded Bear May 23 #2
How about a jacuzzi? Dave Bowman May 23 #3
Grovelbot got one for itself years ago 😀 underpants May 23 #5
Lol, lucky him. Dave Bowman May 23 #12
See who rec'd a post underpants May 23 #4
I like the anonymity. When the rec'cer is visible, it becomes ecstatic May 23 #21
Or folks spamming the recs for visibility or to sway readers in a contrarian way. ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 24 #50
I second this suggestion canetoad May 23 #23
Along those same lines, I would like a column to see the reply recces... Hugin May 24 #59
Ya beat me to it, my reply #70. ON EDIT, well just re-reread "retain anonymity" cancels out! UTUSN May 24 #71
Yes! But on the POSTS! - The names on the OP recs are there, clicking on "Info". UTUSN May 24 #70
Ability to create folders in the inbox. Mosby May 23 #6
Following entire posts vertically use to be easier. pwb May 23 #7
FB feature I like: When posting a news link the headline appears blm May 23 #8
I'd love the ability to save drafts of posts - nt Ohio Joe May 23 #10
Great idea! It would be very useful. Dave Bowman May 23 #13
Make selection of the post sort column sticky Disaffected May 23 #11
a warning icon for those posts that lead to paywalls or sign ins required, subscriptions required. clickbaits all nt msongs May 23 #14
How bout we just make the DU Lounge the only forum? BWdem4life May 23 #15
K&R for, great cartoon! UTUSN May 24 #74
Hi EarlG sheshe2 May 23 #16
I have a question, perhaps it could be a request Niagara May 23 #17
Probably the latter! True Dough May 23 #28
These are awesome looking, True Dough! Niagara May 23 #39
... littlemissmartypants May 24 #48
Don't you worry, I have a pair for you too! True Dough May 24 #58
Hahaha! littlemissmartypants May 24 #69
Make Bluesky posts embed here blogslug May 23 #18
As a bookmark junkie... I would love a way to mass delete them. chowder66 May 23 #19
Yes! Abolishinist May 24 #77
The ability to attach pictures to DU directly from our device... Talitha May 23 #20
I was going to suggest the same thing MagickMuffin May 23 #25
I think I read in the past Nittersing May 24 #65
Support for .webp images canetoad May 23 #22
just change .webp to .jpg Celerity May 23 #31
Strike me pink! The old xls trick canetoad May 24 #72
yw! Celerity May 24 #73
Sometimes it's as simple as changing the file extension... JoseBalow May 23 #36
That does not always work GenThePerservering May 23 #42
That's right, it does not always work JoseBalow May 23 #43
Africa forum. Maybe sub heads for countries or east/west. cbabe May 23 #24
Please don't make me give X any clicks..Have it open WhiteTara May 23 #26
Much of that is dependent on how the OP chooses to post tweets. littlemissmartypants May 24 #47
Give Omaha Steve's Act Blue Forum some real estate on the front page, OAITW r.2.0 May 23 #27
Too sleepy to think of anything Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all hard work you put in on this 👍 electric_blue68 May 23 #29
Taco tuesdays. Eko May 23 #30
it is taco Friday here in Sweden Celerity May 23 #37
Then to be inclusive we should have Taco Tuesdays and Taco Fridays. Eko May 23 #38
Those look great! Tacos are slowly coming to France, though the Lyon 'tacos' have been here for awhile GoneOffShore May 24 #55
A way to organize bookmarks Lars39 May 23 #32
Oh, I love this suggestion. Good one. nt crickets May 24 #64
A small request that will be easy to do and inconsequential to most Stinky The Clown May 23 #33
Supposedly, green is the color most visible to the human eye. littlemissmartypants May 24 #46
Ignoring a user goes both ways JoseBalow May 23 #34
Two-way "ignore" would be good. Think. Again. May 24 #52
Yes. I would like the feature back that lets one just click on a phrase/sentence niyad May 23 #35
Bring back "Unrec" A HERETIC I AM May 23 #40
NOoooooo!!!!! - upthread was going to ask a poster not to scuttle suggestions & here I am UTUSN May 24 #75
No no no, please don't do this Hekate May 25 #80
Millennials/Zillennials/Gen Zers Forum please Celerity May 23 #41
Bookmark...I'll be back. littlemissmartypants May 24 #44
Test. littlemissmartypants May 24 #45
A couple of things... Behind the Aegis May 24 #49
Scavenger hunt and $5 entry fee. Winner takes half. applegrove May 24 #51
Make the Ignore function more global sorcrow May 24 #53
When engaged in a long discussion with multiple people... Think. Again. May 24 #54
The ability to expand/collapse threads would be nice. Also, regarding the "New in (x) Forums" sections ... sl8 May 24 #57
Tags on posts Mr. Sparkle May 24 #60
Please Archive old Journals Kid Berwyn May 24 #61
Is it time to make recs kick a thread yet? intheflow May 24 #63
View thread posts in chronological order The Revolution May 24 #66
A "quick view" modal window opening mode for posts... TygrBright May 24 #67
A couple more forum suggestions: cbabe May 24 #68
Would you please--PLEASE--extend the dark mode NanaCat May 24 #76
I'll endorse this, because I also have photosensitivity and getting the dark mode was a real help Hekate May 25 #81
Bug report Whatthe_Firetruck May 24 #78
Could you implement the advanced search function for our inboxes and sent mail JudyM May 25 #79
OK, I understand the reason(s) for not doing so, Abolishinist May 27 #82
Also India forum. Other 'left out' countries? cbabe May 31 #83
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