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29. Yes. Their ideology has not substantially changed...
Thu May 23, 2024, 01:21 PM
May 23

since Edmund Burke and Joseph De Maistre were writing about what became modern Conservatism in the late 1700's. They were defending the ideas behind monarchy and aristocracy. Knowing that kings and queens were literally losing their heads, they sought to redefine but reinforce the ideas of natural hierarchy but without the absolute, hereditary aspect of it. Monarchy for a modern world of Capitalism. Naturally, WEALTH and business should decide, especially since the nobility already had a monopoly on Wealth.

They have always thought a certain special people should be allowed to live as they wish, even as they were trying to impose a more strict set of rules for the rest of us in order to maintain the "natural order" of things that funnily enough, favored them.

The danger of soul-sick patriarchal repube fascism is real BoRaGard May 23 #1
I'm waiting for another Bob Barr situation. He got busted by Larry Flynt for paying for his wife's abortion. brewens May 23 #2
The problem is, exposing the hypocrisy does no good. They're proud of it Walleye May 23 #4
The experts on fighting against religious fanatics are NanaCat May 23 #26
I've been an atheist for 60 years at least. Not ashamed of it Walleye May 23 #31
Perhaps 20 to 30 years ago... Caliman73 May 23 #23
Please NanaCat May 23 #27
Yes. Their ideology has not substantially changed... Caliman73 May 23 #29
Control of women is their goal.. keithbvadu2 May 23 #3
Not just control, punishment. Cruelty is the point Walleye May 23 #5
Exactly. GB_RN May 23 #16
Increasing their relative birth rate is the WN goal. The misogynistic collateral damage isn't even an afterthought. Marcuse May 23 #6
Nailed it. /nt spudspud May 23 #9
Trump is "looking at" birth control... hay rick May 23 #7
And His BC Policy... GB_RN May 23 #17
all women- unite and vote! nt et tu May 23 #8
BLUE! OMGWTF May 23 #12
most certainly et tu May 23 #13
Women voters must never take our rights for granted. calimary May 23 #14
and they will keep on trying et tu May 23 #20
Problem is the less educated portion of the population. Especially in rural areas. NoMoreRepugs May 23 #10
As A Lifelong Resident Of Eastern NC... GB_RN May 23 #19
According to the newest Cook poll angrychair May 23 #11
They still haven't learned their lesson insisting on the veracity of their phony crap "polls" BumRushDaShow May 23 #15
I don't disagree with you angrychair May 23 #21
I had replied to you because I did see that you had disagreed with the Cook take BumRushDaShow May 23 #22
Exactly angrychair May 23 #24
I *know* you might remember the days BumRushDaShow May 23 #25
Sigh NanaCat May 23 #30
The Cook Report angrychair May 23 #33
1950s Always Blue May 23 #18
Well GOP women gay texan May 23 #28
We can win this election on this single issue budkin May 23 #32
Yep,.wait for the Women's Health ads JCMach1 May 23 #34
Oh, those poor ladies. Who knew turning the clock back.... Bucky May 23 #35
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