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Thu May 23, 2024, 07:10 AM May 23

The ONLY thing I want to hear from Jim Comey is; "I'M SORRY"!!! [View all]

Little pissant is apparently on some kind of rehabilitation tour, or he's hawking some stupid FUCKING book.

Unless that book is 600 pages of handwritten "I'm Sorry!!" from page 1 to 600, I don't want to see it.

If he wants to elaborate, I'll be fine with Chapter Titles like:

"I'm sorry I single-handedly brought this nightmare on America"

"I'm sorry I destroyed 240 years of American Democracy".

"I'm sorry I didn't have the balls, guts, backbone, courage, spine, honor, integrity, fortitude or strength to stand up to rogue prosecutors and FBI agents in the Southern District of New York"

"I'm sorry I cut the Clinton Campaign off at the knees 5 days before the election".

"I'm sorry I was so concerned about the integrity of the FBI that I turned it over to a fucking fraudulent, fuckstick, serial rapist."

"I'm sorry for the thousands, or hell, probably millions of women that will bleed out on the table, die from sepsis and be forced to stay in abusive relationships because of my cowardice".

"I'm sorry I've enabled the prospect of supreme court sanctioned political assassinations and CONCENTRATION CAMPS to become normal issues in presidential campaigns".

Short of these, AND MORE APOLOGIES, I give not one-fuck about what Jim Comey has to say about ANYTHING!

I don't want his opinion on American Democracy.

I don't want his opinion on justice and law.

I don't want to hear about his fucking faith.

I don't want his opinion on politics, the rule of law, court cases, the FBI, DOJ, or MOST OF ALL, honor, courage and integrity.

If he wants to now rejoin the ranks of civil society, fuck him to hell and back.

If he strips naked, rolls in ashes, puts on sackclothe and sets himself on fire, I might glance in his direction, but short of that, he can just shut the fuck up.

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🫡 blm May 23 #1
K&R betsuni May 23 #2
Agree completely - Alice Kramden May 23 #3
ita. I'm not real sure I even want to hear "I'm sorry." He needs to STFU. brer cat May 23 #4
I would be willing to sit and listen to someone ask HAB911 May 23 #5
+1... it's his fault..nt mitch96 May 23 #60
Comey was well aware of Russia's involvement in the Trump campaign and in our nation's 2016 .... Botany May 23 #6
Yes Comey deliberately interfered with a US presidential election. Irish_Dem May 23 #8
I think Trump had kompromat on Comey Botany May 23 #14
Yes either bribes or blackmail. Irish_Dem May 23 #17
Oh, I didn't know about the hug... electric_blue68 May 24 #67
Comey only brought the emails up Johonny May 23 #18
I've hated and distrusted Comey ever since. calimary May 23 #39
The EC was tweaked by Manifort and the Russians. Sogo May 23 #41
Hear, hear!!!!!!!!! BigmanPigman May 23 #58
whatever he says, good or bad; has no worth. Javaman May 23 #7
And I don't appreciate almost every MSNBC host in having him on ToxMarz May 23 #9
I absolutely agree. He's singlehandely responsible for trump. The coward... brush May 23 #55
I turned off Nicole yesterday for having this nation destroyer on her show. lark May 23 #10
Hear, hear!!!! lark May 23 #11
I totally agree BUT radical noodle May 23 #12
I really didnt hear his sage advice. tavernier May 23 #24
yup Skittles May 23 #63
Who is not sorry either n/t radical noodle May 24 #65
I think comey was "extremely careless" in his handling of the case and adherence to government policies. unblock May 23 #13
Since he obviously doesn't have a conscience DENVERPOPS May 23 #15
Perfect Seinan Sensei May 23 #16
What I want to hear from Comey is how he deliberately held a press conference knowing that the FBI had nothing new. Lonestarblue May 23 #19
I am getting sick and tired montanacowboy May 23 #20
K&R and thank you mountain grammy May 23 #21
Comey has nothing to say that I want to hear. Paladin May 23 #22
K & R Grumpy Old Guy May 23 #23
100% I can't believe he's out there selling a book Tribetime May 23 #25
He is hawking his book. MOMFUDSKI May 23 #26
Finally a book to ban....Oh wait....That's Comey's group. LakeArenal May 23 #27
Well stated - agree completely! walkingman May 23 #28
I agree with every word!!! CrispyQ May 23 #29
I love how you put that. Arne May 23 #30
And THAT says it all! /NT sdfernando May 23 #31
K&R Hiawatha Pete May 23 #32
fuckin-a. Make this a letter to the Editor and send it to major papers. NYT? Hotler May 23 #33
I change channels when Comey comes on LetMyPeopleVote May 23 #34
+1 oasis May 23 #40
I would love to hear an "I'm sorry" from every Democrat or person on the Left who chose NOT to vote for Hillary elocs May 23 #35
I despise them more than I do the MAGA crowd NanaCat May 23 #37
K&R Bayard May 23 #36
He did it twice. LisaM May 23 #38
He was on Nicole's show on MSNBC JustAnotherGen May 23 #42
Fuck sorry. SamKnause May 23 #43
Comey was a more important factor in that election than all other factors combined. (eom) StevieM May 23 #44
My feelings exactly DeeDeeNY May 23 #45
I respect Comey. H2O Man May 23 #46
One of the worst interference in the political arena ever. He should have waited the now standard SWBTATTReg May 23 #47
It wasn't even an ongoing investigation. He announced it reopened based on literally zero new evidence. unblock May 23 #52
The only thing that I want to hear from James Comey is markodochartaigh May 23 #48
Obama appeasement nowforever May 23 #49
I agree to a point, but having him say Trump is a danger may get us some votes Quixote1818 May 23 #50
Fantastic post. Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto and double ditto. brush May 23 #51
I would accept... Think. Again. May 23 #53
The Supreme Irony of All This Is That. After Handing the 2016 Presidential Election to Trump, panfluteman May 23 #54
Goddamn right. The Unmitigated Gall May 23 #56
same Evolve Dammit May 23 #57
fuck him. Who the f is his target audience? ecstatic May 23 #59
there is NOTHING he could say or do now to rehabilitate his image in my eyes Skittles May 23 #61
+1 SunSeeker May 23 #62
Nicole Wallace fawning over him, yesterday, was nauseating dlk May 23 #64
The Brand. The Brand. The Brand. czarjak May 24 #66
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