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Yeah, that would be a deal breaker for me! 50 Shades Of Blue May 22 #1
Dumped? bucolic_frolic May 22 #2
yeah that's a deal breaker. WarGamer May 22 #3
Exactly. TSExile May 22 #13
It's not really just politics, it's Sky Jewels May 22 #38
that is so true. barbtries May 22 #43
Perhaps the Fascist Tri-Fecta. One Party, One Religion, One Reality. OAITW r.2.0 May 22 #52
One leader! speak easy May 22 #63
Thank you! Blue Owl May 22 #4
Since he was a "good Catholic" I told him Trump is satanic. kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #9
Of course they can't handle strong, outspoken women!! TSExile May 22 #16
You're better off Katcat May 22 #19
And that's another deal breaker. soldierant May 22 #21
well yeah. barbtries May 22 #44
Prey to Jesus, vote for Barabbas. It's the new Catholicism I suppose. iscooterliberally May 23 #83
It would be a relationship ender for me also kimbutgar May 22 #5
Otha Fish Celerity May 22 #30
I hear ya.. I dumped a friend of 20 years in 2021 because Cha May 22 #6
People who believe lies NanaCat May 22 #22
* All religions, by definition mwb970 May 23 #77
Disagree. nt kch22 May 23 #81
I know TSF refers to Tr*mp, but what does it stand for? geardaddy May 23 #86
Malaise coined (or at least introduced to DU) the phrase "The Slob Father" The Polack MSgt May 23 #92
Excellent! geardaddy May 29 #101
It refers to "That Sick Fuck" that Pres Biden Cha May 23 #95
Thanks! geardaddy May 29 #100
In retrospect-- viva la May 22 #7
Just that he was Catholic. kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #10
anti-vaccination is another red-flag issue viva la May 22 #31
Identified as cats? They had to be Trump supporters because cats are evil. If she said dogs, I would have been offended. Wonder Why May 22 #12
Cats may be evil i the minds of Magats. soldierant May 22 #23
Dogs are the evil ones NanaCat May 22 #25
Nah, dogs aren't evil lonely bird May 22 #42
My cat would punish you with love bombs for saying that. wnylib May 22 #35
Haven't you ever heard the saying that herding Democrats are like herding cats? kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #54
So dogs are trumpsters? Interesting hypothesis. Marcuse May 23 #82
Kudos for the cartoon! Prof. Toru Tanaka May 23 #84
I'm Pretty Sure RobinA May 23 #94
Good point. Like a cultist, a dog will cede its autonomy and follow a human dictator into the gravel pit. Marcuse May 23 #98
It's insidious how much... Think. Again. May 22 #8
"They Live" Great movie. SupportSanity May 22 #32
is the movie any good? barbtries May 22 #45
It's a good movie, not high budget, not too serious... Think. Again. May 22 #49
I remember the first part of that movie Warpy May 22 #51
I can deal with collleagues/social friends who are--as long as no politics are discussed. But date one? hlthe2b May 22 #11
Yeah, that's pretty much where I am. (FYI: I'm a male.) Trust_Reality May 23 #68
Saved yourself orangecrush May 22 #14
what gave him away?, bumper sticker? wanted u barefoot and pregnant, toilet roll positioned under roll? Shellback Squid May 22 #15
OH NO - Don't tell me you cancel cultured him!!1! NBachers May 22 #17
Yeah, That's A Hard No. GB_RN May 22 #18
I had a girlfriend dump me once for not being liberal enough. Aristus May 23 #87
My ex has a RW live in boyfriend. captain queeg May 22 #20
i had a 4 yr affair w a 'married' trumpkin. mopinko May 22 #24
Good call. TomSlick May 22 #26
I ghosted one. He was great in every way but that and it was a bridge too far. littlemissmartypants May 22 #27
I say right on my dating profile I'm only dating Democrats. Rizen May 22 #28
I'm afraid that is the case these days. There is just no "tolerant middle" in the GOP any more. Hekate May 22 #29
A uni pal invited me to her family reunion NanaCat May 22 #33
Your post is worth reading twice! If there was a Post of the Week feature, I'd nominate it! NBachers May 22 #47
bleach blond, bad built, butch body? DoBW May 22 #34
I'm holding back because they're out there. SarahD May 22 #36
Refer him to some conservative dating sites. keithbvadu2 May 22 #37
I'm so glad I retired from dating in 1974. DFW May 22 #39
it's a dating barrier for most people BlueWaveNeverEnd May 22 #40
yeah. barbtries May 22 #41
There are things I really don't want to know about other people Warpy May 22 #46
I cut ties with some really old friends over that. D23MIURG23 May 22 #48
He's back - claiming he no longer likes Trump. kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #50
Don't trust him!!! TSExile May 22 #53
Maybe I should go out and troll for some more Repub. men! kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #57
Either that or they are good liars SomedayKindaLove May 22 #64
Florida. It used to be a swing state... kerry-is-my-prez May 23 #69
And from me too, be careful. Trust_Reality May 23 #71
Sounds like something Trumpster might try. If he can change his beliefs so easily, how shallow is he? marble falls May 29 #102
Yeah. my politics and music were problematic, especially at the end. OAITW r.2.0 May 22 #55
Would I be evil if I used them for meaningless sex? getagrip_already May 22 #56
If you want to get to a Repub woman, tell her you're rich and want kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #58
doubt it would work..... getagrip_already May 22 #60
What an awful shock. How long did it take to find out? Doodley May 22 #59
2 dates..... kerry-is-my-prez May 22 #61
well, at least you didn't ... you know.... RussBLib May 23 #67
Nope... thank god! kerry-is-my-prez May 23 #70
Definitely a dealbreaker. Martin68 May 22 #62
He was a doctor who was doing pro bono work so I figured he was a good guy. kerry-is-my-prez May 23 #72
They hate affordable health care. Martin68 May 23 #89
You have chosen.... wisely Xipe Totec May 22 #65
I recently "dumped" my oldest friend Rachel M at 6 pm May 23 #66
In 2016, one of my few cousins, and my only male cousin said he was ashamed of me Trust_Reality May 23 #73
In my family, almost all the uncles and aunts were Repub kerry-is-my-prez May 23 #90
Who knows? anamnua May 23 #74
That's what I did with my ex. He was outraged when he read kerry-is-my-prez May 23 #91
I hope you took a hot shower and used a bar of Lava soap to clean his stench off. nt FHRRK May 23 #75
I would not want a relationship with a trump cultist. mwb970 May 23 #76
Anyone else recall "Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York"? PCIntern May 23 #78
when my dtr met, and eventually married her significant other, the first thing samnsara May 23 #79
Good for you. amuse bouche May 23 #80
Good for you. Liking TSF is just a symptom of other things that are wrong about a person. Generally. wiggs May 23 #85
Words to say before the hostess takes your drink order: How about that Trump?! SupportSanity May 23 #88
If you want a good fucking screening question, try "How do you feel about 'Black Lives Matter'?" Their shit comes out. SoFlaBro May 23 #93
Recommended. H2O Man May 23 #96
dog love is unconditional toad-eye May 23 #97
Oh that's such a shame... Bucky May 23 #99
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