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23. In late 1945, no one in Germany was a Nazi, supported them, cheered them on and more. Until our soldiers found...
Wed May 22, 2024, 11:39 AM
May 22

in every home, a clean rectangular spot on a wall where Adolf's picture hung.

Not me Fiendish Thingy May 22 #1
Glad you feel that way bluestarone May 22 #5
His family? They are not him. Silver Gaia May 22 #38
I'm inclined to see it from your perspective PatSeg May 22 #60
A narrow defeat won't destroy the cult. lastlib May 22 #55
We shall see Fiendish Thingy May 22 #66
Once that Criminal family is removed from power . . . CaliforniaPeggy May 22 #2
I hope so, but I'm not that optimistic InstantGratification May 22 #27
If he is put away the cult will become more intense Woodwizard May 22 #53
Yes, their brand is badly damaged. If tRump loses as he should, it will be worth even less. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 22 #45
Nope...I don't. Demsrule86 May 22 #3
They're not going to give up John Shaft May 22 #4
I tend to agree - particularly in light of Project 2025. Probatim May 22 #31
If we win in November it is not over. It is just the beginning. hadEnuf May 22 #32
My feeling about Trump is that he is the current face of our Oligarchy. jalan48 May 22 #6
Yea, never ending curse. bluestarone May 22 #7
trumpism will go on after trump loses but none of his loser family will ever get elected. brush May 22 #8
Disagree about Barron intrepidity May 23 #68
Nah, it's pretty obvious that his mother hates trump and is a big influence in his life. brush May 23 #70
The TFG family didn't start this mess, they're just tools for the Christian Right within the GOP. Hotler May 22 #9
Agree! bluestarone May 22 #11
Donnie is just the most obvious and annoying symptom. He's not the disease. unblock May 22 #10
Yes, they learn as they go. bluestarone May 22 #13
This reminds me of how in 2016 the Internet was flooded with alarums and panic about betsuni May 22 #12
Sounds like you really don't mind having them around. Think. Again. May 22 #16
"Sounds like you really don't mind having them around." betsuni May 22 #19
"Like" has nothing to do with "having them around". LakeArenal May 22 #20
Dump can die a horrible, painful death and take his MAGA turd to hell with him Blue Owl May 22 #14
I do feel the same way... Think. Again. May 22 #15
Not worried about the family but the stench MOMFUDSKI May 22 #17
Correct peggysue2 May 22 #18
I think when Trump loses by a bigger margin, LakeArenal May 22 #21
In late 1945, no one in Germany was a Nazi, supported them, cheered them on and more. Until our soldiers found... machoneman May 22 #23
Not the family, but RW Fascism will always be lurking ThoughtCriminal May 22 #22
As long as he can grift his followers Tesha May 22 #24
I don't think we'll be dealing with Trump's family Progressive dog May 22 #25
Not much will change until he travels to the great beyond. LonePirate May 22 #26
No. H2O Man May 22 #28
Being optimistic, I think the bottom could fall out of TFG support if he loses again William Seger May 22 #29
Well, politics is a never-ending battle Wednesdays May 22 #30
None of his kids have the skill set, intelligence or charisma. Irish_Dem May 22 #33
And soon, they won't have the money.... lastlib May 22 #58
I am thinking there might be some money in off shore accounts. Irish_Dem May 22 #62
Yes Trump is just a puppet. Irish_Dem May 22 #64
Once someone has power Mz Pip May 22 #34
If you are talking about his children, I don't think so, none of them are smart enough to do anything. Escurumbele May 22 #35
He will continue to stir up outrageous shit even if he loses. Diamond_Dog May 22 #36
Agreed, but wryter2000 May 22 #37
That's how cancers work. They don't just disappear. You have to root them out of your system, every nook & cranny Bucky May 22 #39
I agree to a point, but the documents case will squash the rest of Magas into permanent silence. flying_wahini May 22 #40
Creeping FASCISM. nt TeamProg May 22 #41
I'm not going to lie, it sucks, but, DT will be dead soon. 58Sunliner May 22 #42
Just to add here bluestarone May 22 #43
If SCOTUS should rule that way Orrex May 22 #46
Trump leads a fanatical KKKult of ignorant racist fuckheads Orrex May 22 #44
I am so tired of them. LisaM May 22 #47
I'm more worried about Trump's numerous and extreme supporters. I think Trump, if he is not in prison, will be seriously Martin68 May 22 #48
There will come a time in our future where no one will admit to once being a Trump supporter. FSogol May 22 #49
declining small dollar donors? WordsFromOurSponsor May 22 #50
In the 1920's JustAnotherGen May 22 #51
Take a good hard look at his spawn Warpy May 22 #52
Trump will lose, BUT EarthAbides May 22 #54
The traitors are useful idiots for the most part - TBF May 22 #56
One of my fears is that Prairie_Seagull May 22 #57
Whatever happened to Rush Limbaugh.? delisen May 22 #59
Down here as far south as you can go Arne May 22 #61
After the fad ended, not many people admitted to ever having bought a Pet Rock. Torchlight May 22 #63
The Dimmer Twins will certainly remain fixtures in the RW Mediascape. maxsolomon May 22 #65
Nobody in his family is as much of a drug as Trump is to applegrove May 23 #67
Absolutely. Blaukraut May 23 #69
The trump family doesn't worry me half as much as the Supreme Court going forward... Wounded Bear May 23 #71
Oh yea for sure! Just think for a moment, what if this SC decided to (i'll throw it out there) bluestarone May 23 #72
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