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Stinky The Clown

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32. Notjust today. She's been doing this for a while now. And it wasn't even her time.
Tue May 21, 2024, 05:58 PM
May 21

She did it during Chris Jansing's time (as evidenced by he sitting in the middle of the set, not Tur.

Tur is interrupting everyone on MSNBC [View all] senseandsensibility May 21 OP
She exhibits... 2naSalit May 21 #1
She is horrible. Mickju May 21 #17
I do too. 2naSalit May 21 #19
Why is she still on TV Johnny2X2X May 21 #2
Yes - but that was a Democrat peppertree May 21 #16
Maybe she gets paid for each talking point she spouts. Irish_Dem May 21 #3
It is weird the way she seems almost desperate to get her points senseandsensibility May 21 #27
Yes I read this as there is quite a bit of pressure on her to perform. Irish_Dem May 21 #36
(In Russian accent) "Either convince or we plant Kompromat" n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 May 21 #40
Simple reply is that Trump is bad at judging key people to work for him andym May 21 #4
It's a scandal angrychair May 21 #5
Yes, apparently they are not going to address it at all senseandsensibility May 21 #20
When I ran for City Council my "staff" was my wife and I with a binder from the FPPC . . . Journeyman May 21 #6
You were/are honest. Sorry, that was your downfall in politics Traurigkeit May 21 #23
TFG's legal team clearly called the wrong defense witness Raven123 May 21 #7
From what I read, his lawyers didn't want to, but TFG insisted on calling him. TheBlackAdder May 21 #11
Tur just now cut Andrea M oasis May 21 #8
She's impatient with Andrea. Daytime B team. lindysalsagal May 21 #9
To be honest I would be impatient with Andrea too. LiberalFighter May 21 #12
Yes and she's developed this nervous laugh and smile PCIntern May 21 #10
MSNBC ready to fire her? LiberalFighter May 21 #13
I wish Rebl2 May 21 #39
like with Lindsey and Stefanik, someone has something on her Skittles May 21 #31
Not that ignorance of the law is an excuse, but even then, it shows him to be either incompetent or evil unblock May 21 #14
I was listening in my car. Patton French May 21 #15
She such a trumper maga t. Doesn't try to hide it at all. brush May 21 #18
Makes me wonder if some strategic phone calls were made... calimary May 21 #21
No. She looks very plain Jane. tavernier May 21 #35
Cheato was fully staffed and very up to date during the 2016 campaign. He had Putin and Koch's best and brightest Ford_Prefect May 21 #22
He had more than enough help senseandsensibility May 21 #24
The troubling bit in all this is if none of her colleagues had the balls to put the evidence before her, of her OnDoutside May 21 #25
I about lost it when she said to the panel that "trump gets a bad rap for not listening to his lawyers, but he's been Comfortably_Numb May 21 #26
Katy Tur and her nauseating concern for Trump's "feelings"... agingdem May 21 #41
In their twisted world it just may be a source of pride. I can't watch her now. I swore off Magat Haberman way back Comfortably_Numb May 21 #42
I turn the channel for Andrea and Katy happy feet May 21 #28
MSNBC is loaded with mewling refuKKKchickens bringthePaine May 21 #29
Maybe Katy's auditioning for communications director in TFG's administration. LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 21 #30
Your last sentence has the ring of senseandsensibility May 21 #33
Lousy journalist in my opinion Rebl2 May 21 #38
Notjust today. She's been doing this for a while now. And it wasn't even her time. Stinky The Clown May 21 #32
Tur is obnoxious and completely full of herself dlk May 21 #34
To bad Rebl2 May 21 #37
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