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88. Ignored knowns aren't unknown-knowns?
Mon May 20, 2024, 06:54 PM
May 20

"You're either with us or you're against us." Bush's Brain is missing.

All the clues lead in this direction. Baitball Blogger May 20 #1
Among others peppertree May 20 #33
Ignored knowns aren't unknown-knowns? czarjak May 20 #88
True. We know there's a lot we don't know. peppertree May 20 #90
Agreed. citizen blues May 20 #109
Fuck these guy's brains! HUAJIAO May 20 #101
Hey I'm big oil and I don't agree. Yoyoyo77 May 21 #113
And no wonder, Big Awl! peppertree May 21 #140
We already knew this. The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. onecaliberal May 20 #2
Yeah, I don't get it. yagotme May 20 #3
This is just the attorneys wanting to get a multi-million $ pay day. n/t Jacson6 May 20 #36
"New" evidence. yagotme May 20 #66
Yes we knew it from the beginning. Irish_Dem May 20 #10
No Shit ID DENVERPOPS May 20 #35
Old man Bush BigMin28 May 20 #40
Every so often after 9-11 some group photo from the Reagan years would pop up, & if the names were attached Hekate May 20 #43
I know it is mind boggling. Irish_Dem May 20 #56
"How does Liz Cheney fit into your narrative? Is she angry that another group hopped onto her father's power grab" FoxNewsSucks May 20 #71
Yes some sort of deal was cut. Irish_Dem May 20 #72
Not sure about her DENVERPOPS May 20 #75
Yes all of them. Irish_Dem May 20 #81
Superb analysis Charging Triceratops May 21 #126
Good point about Lindsey Graham: maybe it's the other guy, not Lindsey. yardwork May 21 #129
Do you really think that Linsey Graham would k55f5r May 21 #130
they cd b threatening him. mopinko May 21 #132
Definitely not, but if somebody very powerful cares.. yardwork May 21 #133
Lindsay has deteriorated considerably. Irish_Dem May 21 #138
I don't trust Liz Cheney or any of the former Reagan/W people. yardwork May 21 #121
And back then, you were put in a dark hole if you dared discuss that NoSheep May 20 #64
Bush's torture chambers were a crime against humanity. Irish_Dem May 20 #82
An the media were all either complicit of duped Charging Triceratops May 21 #127
No one has seemed to connect the common theme of involvement through out that 40 years of those same individuals: B.See May 20 #85
Yes Trump is just the logical conclusion. Irish_Dem May 21 #115
It actually goes back much further.... bobalew May 21 #116
That's what I thought Bettie May 20 #111
15 of the 18 Cosmocat May 20 #14
The reality was DENVERPOPS May 20 #96
Yep Cosmocat May 20 #107
The fact that the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia does not mean they had the backing of the Saudi government. Martin68 May 20 #50
They didn't have the backing of the Iraqi government, either. Aristus May 20 #78
I was responding to onecaliblral who wrote, " We already knew this. The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia." Martin68 May 20 #99
Bush and Cheney managed to convince enough people the Iraq was responsible Aristus May 20 #106
I believe the main rationale for the invasion of Iraq was imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Afghanistan was invaded Martin68 May 21 #118
YES! Doesn't anyone remember "Fahrenheit 9/11?" Grins May 20 #110
Yeah, exactly Farmer-Rick May 21 #119
The Atlantic is an excellent source librechik May 20 #4
The evidence may have been hidden, but it was suspected by a lot of us FakeNoose May 20 #15
How about the bin Laden family being allowed to leave the US? Ritabert May 20 #59
If the Bin Laden family members were in on it, they would have left the US before the attack FakeNoose May 20 #74
The fact that they left immediately DENVERPOPS May 20 #97
Wish I could read the entire article. Mme. Defarge May 20 #51
There is a link to it with no pay wall NoSheep May 20 #68
Great! Mme. Defarge May 20 #83
I've always thought they had to be. There's only one conspiracy theory I've entertained about 9/11 underpants May 20 #5
Post removed Post removed May 20 #28
This, underpants Hekate May 20 #38
Actually DENVERPOPS May 20 #42
I remember that underpants May 20 #54
This article appears to back you up. yardwork May 21 #122
The OBL cocktail underpants May 21 #125
the guy who supposedly piloted flight 77 into the Pentagon could barely fly a Cessna. So yeah, makes sense. LymphocyteLover May 21 #136
RIP Senator Bob Graham Nictuku May 20 #6
I would bet $2 billion they were behind this. colorado_ufo May 20 #23
Saudi family from Sarasota Florida vanishes weeks before the GOP allows the 911 attacks suegeo May 21 #139
Duh! OMGWTF May 20 #7
You took the word right out of my mouth. surfered May 20 #29
Unlike Trump, who declassifies documents markodochartaigh May 20 #8
Once again, God bless Joe Hekate May 20 #37
What's always flummoxed me... rubbersole May 20 #9
LIHOP CaptainTruth May 20 #34
LIHOP Mme. Defarge May 20 #52
I've always believed LIHOP since the beginning... Wounded Bear May 20 #100
Read my post DENVERPOPS May 20 #47
Didn't we all know this on, like, the afternoon of the 11th? Sky Jewels May 20 #11
Damn big clue. colorado_ufo May 20 #24
This one is so important. Yes, we did know very quickly ad there was an entire culture against pointing out the obvious. NoSheep May 20 #94
The other big clue was that an intact passport of the pilot Mohammed Atta was found amid all the the pulverized rubble. TheRickles May 21 #117
I remember that. Sky Jewels May 22 #141
Heck, we've known that since 2002. catbyte May 20 #12
Well, it was a $6 Trillion mistake that was a real money maker for some folks. jalan48 May 20 #13
Do you remember DENVERPOPS May 20 #80
Yes, I remember how they sold it and how the media supported the Bush Administration's decision to go to war.. jalan48 May 20 #92
Yea, DENVERPOPS May 20 #95
I think I read Tony Blair joined the Carlyle group as well. jalan48 May 21 #112
And anyone who questioned the Bush administration, PatSeg May 20 #105
K & R Bookmarked - must read! FakeNoose May 20 #16
... Nevilledog May 20 #21
Republican Legacy Wanker in White House FAILED to do his job BoRaGard May 20 #17
That assessment depends on how he and Cheney defined his "job" Hekate May 20 #46
And less than 1 week after 9/11 w bush met with Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar whose wife was ... Botany May 20 #18
Bandar was so close with the Bush Family that Barbara Bush called him "Bandar Bush" ... Hekate May 20 #30
August 6th 2001 P.D.B. This 9/11 was no surprise to w bush and Cheney Botany May 20 #65
"The global war on terror was a based on a mistake." surfered May 20 #19
It wasn't based on a mistake. It was based on a well crafted lie supported by those who saw Carter's attempts at peace Ford_Prefect May 20 #41
Believing Judith Miller at the NY Times, fed lies by Scooter Libby, surfered May 20 #69
Increasingly to me it seems that we the people are nothing but pawns Dan May 20 #20
been that way since we climbed down from the trees rurallib May 20 #57
... Celerity May 20 #76
They play hard rock? keithbvadu2 May 20 #87
punk/post punk, with electro influences, plus that sax Celerity May 20 #89
A deep hole, but if you want more read Chris Hedges and Danny Sjursen. LT Barclay May 20 #102
The assesment wasn't wrong based on what they had ToxMarz May 20 #22
In Vietnam, we got in the middle of a civil war. In Iraq, we unleashed one. surfered May 20 #25
Oh, we knew. Most of us always knew Warpy May 20 #26
Ya think?! Damnation. Hekate May 20 #27
No shit sakabatou May 20 #31
This isn't news JohnSJ May 20 #32
Before it happened we knew about the 2 hijackers at the FL flight school... CaptainTruth May 20 #39
FBI had been informed Seinan Sensei May 21 #123
And they are still among us, stirring up sh*t. marybourg May 20 #44
Well, doesn't this get . . . Richard D May 20 #45
And then the Trumps/Kushners giving them Joinfortmill May 20 #49
Was I Supposed RobinA May 20 #53
Vastly unsurprising. (nt) Paladin May 20 #55
That day was.. sagetea May 20 #58
We were never going to complete military strikes on SA Buckeyeblue May 20 #60
New? ismnotwasm May 20 #61
Anybody who took any time... orwell May 20 #62
Duh. We know. SamKnause May 20 #63
Getting closer....closer....... Think. Again. May 20 #67
Well, f**king DUH!! returnee May 20 #70
You don't say! Solly Mack May 20 #73
The War on Terror was not based on a mistake, but a willful ignoring of the evidence. Aristus May 20 #77
. dalton99a May 20 #84
you mean MORE evidence Skittles May 20 #86
"New"? lol ... MIHOP and out of it we got the Patriot Act. nt TBF May 20 #91
Yeah. And who ran the Saudis? Kid Berwyn May 20 #93
NSS. . . Most of us here knew that from the beginning. One small niyad May 20 #98
The Democrats united behind Bush; if it had been a Democratic President, the pukes would've impaled him or her. NBachers May 20 #103
Anybody with a brain knew this on 9/12/2001 !!! HUAJIAO May 20 #104
Duh. The Terrorist State HandmaidsTaleUntold May 20 #108
From the most fanatic, BlueMTexpat May 21 #114
It was not a mistake. It was deliberate. yardwork May 21 #120
Too many here are just repeating all their debunked crackpot theories ... TomWilm May 21 #124
I can probably say only one thing HarryM May 21 #128
Never forget OSama Bin Laden was related to and tightly linked to the Saudi royal family and its $$$ JT45242 May 21 #131
and so was GW Bush LymphocyteLover May 21 #135
NO SHIT!!!! Arrgghhhhh LymphocyteLover May 21 #134
like i asked at the time- what did the prez know, and when did he know it? mopinko May 21 #137
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