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5. What everyone seems to miss
Sat May 18, 2024, 09:07 PM
May 18

Why are we here? The reason nothing matters to Republicans today, laws, ethics, morality freedom, democracy, rights, etc. stems from the election of Barack Obama. This seems to bypass the thought process of everyone that is not a Republican, because we believe that there is still good in people. I have to agree that there is still good in people, even those who have bad intentions and a disregard for what is decent and right. In my wildest dreams and because of the history of this country would I have perceived that a black man would be elected President of the United. Never, never, never, but it did, and therein lies the problems we are faced with in this country. I am not saying that things were not bad before he was elected because politicians have always been corrupt, I am saying the degree of lawlessness has reached for one particular party a level that is unimaginable to rational thinking and people who still believe in right and wrong, freedom, and democracy. We all in some way or another have heard about Trump and how horrible of a person he is, yet the very people who disdain him deeply, allowed him to take the office of the Presidency. The only reason for this is because of the black man sat in for many Americans the most sacred place in this country. Therefore, we see before our eyes a total dismantling of all the norms, rights, morals, and freedoms that we know and are accustom to. I know I will receive backlash for this post, but think about where we are for a moment. There is a guy who is standing trial, and has lost 2 civil trials, but is still considered as the Republicans parties nominated candidate for President of the United States. They don't care, the house has been desecrated by a black man and it will never ever be the same. The MSM will not state this fact, nor will the pundits, analysts, or any of the historians. So we have a Supreme Court judge flying a flag upside down in his front yard, mind you he walked past this flag pole everyday while it was up and says that he knew nothing about it blaming this on his wife and no one is calling an emergency meeting in Congress to drag him and the Chief Justice before Congress to explain this. You wonder why they are taking away voting rights, civil rights, women's rights, and wanting to destroy our democracy? To them these things don't matter anymore, they never expected in their lifetime that a black man would become President of the United States of America.

How far we've fallen [View all] JMCKUSICK May 18 OP
If a liberal justice would have did this, they would have been asked to resign. period. nm mikewv May 18 #1
Some people and orgs ARE calling for his resignation. Here's one example: spooky3 May 18 #2
Had NYT published this in January 2021 things might be very different now. Kid Berwyn May 19 #20
We've known Alito is a white winger since he was appointed. The flag thing isn't a new revelation. Silent Type May 18 #3
Exactly. I'm so f*ing outraged. Joinfortmill May 18 #4
What everyone seems to miss Dlpger61 May 18 #5
While I can't agree with your premise, JMCKUSICK May 18 #6
I do recall what Karl Rove said Dlpger61 May 18 #8
You are right. I missed that. Demobrat May 18 #7
Racism pure and simple. 1000% agree. FalloutShelter May 18 #10
Nor do I. B.See May 19 #23
Two words: "paragraph breaks". elocs May 18 #12
Excellent post oasis May 18 #16
No joke! ananda May 18 #9
House won't impeach and 2/3 of Senate wouldn't vote. Kablooie May 18 #11
Reality is a harsh master. DU too often prefers a good fantasy. n/t elocs May 18 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author B.See May 19 #22
Where is our President on this? OzzieDog May 18 #14
The president is being advised by very experienced, well-connected associates. They have a thousand factors to Martin68 May 18 #17
Yeah, you are missing what Biden said and in a most disagreeable way. I suggest you consider taking some of the advice Demsrule86 May 19 #18
No worries about our" cognitive dissonance'.. and IF Cha May 19 #21
When you say "no one is insisting he resign" I assume you are referring to people who have some Martin68 May 18 #15
He won't resign. And in fact, many have already called for this...elections are important. The court is for life. And Demsrule86 May 19 #19
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